8 Ways on How to Cast Ants Out from Cricket’s Cage

Not every people pleased with the existence of ants. Although some myth might say that more ants means more luck. On the reality, the existence of ants just annoyed most people. Moreover if it try to ruin an event or plan. For example, if you have made a cake and place it on the table. […]

4 Types of House Spider and The Benefits

Most people will remind us not to kill a spider, why? Yeah, it is because that not every spider is poisonous and dangerous. Spider house is type of spider that we commonly see, and they would likely to stay at your house. There are also another spider species that are poisonous, but house spider is […]

7 Ways on How to Keep Hamster Odorless

How to make hamster odorless? You might be one of this cute animal owner or you are just so in love with this animal. Yes, hamster is one of the cutest animals, with its thin whiskers which show its uniqueness. There are 7 Kinds of Cute and Unique Hamster in The World. Hamster is one […]

8 Signs of Dying Hamster that are Easy to be Seen

Having a pet at home is really is different, because not most people can do it considering that not every people love animals. One more that you need to know is hamster, which its shape similar to a rat although it is categorized as rat. Hamster is not a rat because both of them are […]

7 Kinds of Cute and Unique Hamster in The World

What are kind of hamsters in the world? There are plenty of it, and there are a lot of species that you might want to know. Talking about hamster, we have discuss on the previous articles on 7 Ways on How to Invite Hamsters to Play and the signs of dying hamster, it really is important […]

7 Ways on How to Invite Hamsters to Play

Hamster? Who doesn’t know this animal? Small cute animal that mostly taken as a pet. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people that consider hamster as a mouse. What you need to know is that hamster and mouse are two different kind of animal, they might look slight the same with its whisker and […]

4 Kinds of Baby Hamster Food Based on Their Ages

Hamster is a cute animal with soft fur. A lot of people say that this animal is a mouse, but the truth is, it is not. It isn’t right if hamster is a mouse, although both of them are rodent animal, hamster isn’t part of pest like mouse do. Beside, hamster is cuter with a […]

8 Meaning of a Cat that Constantly Meow in Front of a House

Cat is one of the most widely loved animal, but however there are also a lot of people who hate it because they might just hate its behavior. There are also a lot of people that rude to this whiskery animal. Even though, there are also a lot of people that want cat to live […]

7 Causes of Cat to Meow at Midnight

Are you a cat lover? It sure an interesting topic to discuss talking about this whiskery animal. In this article we are going to talk about cat that constantly meowing in the middle of the night that you might probably find it often. Cat is one of the most widely meet animal, you can even […]

7 Causes of Kitten to Meow Constantly

Cat is a cute, adorable and silly animal. There are a lot of cat silly behavior that make people pissed off to adore. Are you one of the people who love cats or other way round? You need to know if you hate cats, then this whiskers animal is interesting to have. Moreover this animal […]