8 Ways on How to Breed your Freshwater Lobster

Talking about sea animals, one of the most met animals in restaurant is lobster. Besides lobster, crabs also has a quiet high selling price which you can read on : How To Profit From Breeding Mangrove Crabs or Introduction To Breeding Mangrove Crabs. Lobster may look like a shrimp in shape but lobster actually bigger and has a stronger skin. Its meat has a sweet texture just like a crab and both yet still different. Lobster is an expensive meal that can be served in any dish. Talking about this animal, do you know this animal in general?

So, lobster in this case is a freshwater lobster or kind of crustacean and couldn’t freeze to the deepest. Most freshwater lobster can’t live in a polluted water, and some of them are an invasive species such as Procambarus clarkii. Freshwater lobster usually classified as Astacoidea and Parastocoidea superfamili. This animal breathe through gills that looks like a feather and eats zooplankton, hydrophyte, and water animal corpse

Lobster can’t live easier in any water or condition. So, if you have been building this business and it can live, it is better for you to keep developing it. One of the most important thing is that you need to be able to spawn male and female eel to produce more. But do you still confused on how to spawn freshwater lobster? Take a look on these points :

How to Breed Freshwater Lobster

  • Pick the right seeds

The first step on mating freshwater lobster that you can do is by picking the right healthy seeds. Pay attention to its activeness and appetite, then you can conclude if that lobster is healthy. So you can take two different gender and mate them

  • Make sure at the right age

Besides health, there is also some factors that you need to pay attention which is age. In a spawning process isn’t any age can be spawned. So as lobster, you need to pay attention on their age. The right age for a lobster to be spawned is around 10 to 12 months, or at least 15 to 17 cm in length.

  • Prepare a place or container

Provides a place for them to spawn, rather in a small pond or any other container. But make sure that your container or place is clean and unpolluted because as we have said before that lobster can’t live in a dirty and polluted condition. So the container should be really clean.

  • Clean fresh water

Because we are using a freshwater lobster, so definitely we need fresh water. Don’t let giving both salt water for it may ruining the whole purpose and end up killing them. That’s why give them a clean fresh water on a container or place that you have prepare.

  • The right container size

In this spawning process, you shouldn’t be kidding. What it’s mean is by giving the inappropriate container, for example it is too small or too big because everything need to be perfect. Most pool size or container is 40 x 40 x 30 cm with 20cm in height

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  • Decide the capacity

Not only for a couple, but you can also do the spawning process with a lot of couples at the same time. With the size written in the previous point, usually you put 4 to 6 lobsters. You need to put it with the right amount, don’t too much or less to prevent lobsters from stress.

  • Create a hiding place

Don’t forget to give a hiding place for your lobster couples, it can be made from PVC with 3inch in diameter and length as long as their body. It is because inside a pool there only be 8 lobsters, so that pool need to be filled with 8 hiding hole, or depending on the amount of lobsters

  • Spawning process duration

The right time to mating the lobsters is at night. Why? Because at night the male lobster will burst out sperm and put it near the upper thigh of the female lobster. Lobster sperm which is white color, a little bit lumpy and dissolve in water. After spawning, the female lobster will left the male and stay in silence in the hiding place that you’ve build.

It seems not too difficult to breed freshwater lobster, you just need sincerity and patience. Maybe it might feel difficult for beginner, but this things will go easier if you do it just like the guides and tips above. If female lobster produce lot of eggs and kids, it is your job to prepare a container or pool for the next breeding process. So, this is the result that your lobster can produce a lot more. That is how to spawn freshwater lobster. Happy trying and goodluck!

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