How to Gardening Your Rabbit (Easy for Beginners)

Having a rabbit at home means your food storage will be filled by more vegetables and fruits, as that will also become your bunny’s diet. But buying it more than usual as a routine might be a bother for you, since it will definitely cost you more. But have your ever think about having your own vegetables and fruits garden? You don’t have to waste so much energy to go grocery shopping and waste extra money for your bunny’s diet, and it will make your bunny ecstatic as well since it knows the all-fresh snack are available all the time. So here are some tips of how to gardening your rabbit which easy to do for beginners. Bet after this, you won’t have to worry about grocery shopping anymore!

Ways of gardening

There are some ways of how to gardening your rabbit which easy to do for beginners. You can start with pot gardening, which is most people do nowadays. Or you can use some unused planks and build a container for gardening some vegetables. You can make a container garden if you have enough space outside to do so, but if you’re living in a minimum space with no garden, you can have pots in some corners of your house. Whichever method you choose for gardening, important things to note on while doing your own gardening is make sure you have good mixture of soils, with enough aeration and moisture to keep your plants grow healthy. Please choose wisely between those two ways of how to gardening your rabbit.

After you’ve done with setting your garden, next step is choosing the right plant to put into the garden. Since the plants are for your precious hopping buddy, you need to be selective for the plants you want to plant on since some might harm your bunny.

Here are some recommended plants for your bunny’s garden : 

  • Lettuce

Besides it’s an easy vegetable to plant on, it’s also one of your bunny’s favorite. What you have to do when you plant lettuces in your garden is putting the seed into the soil and it will grow into a small plant after four or five days. Of course, you need to make sure you give it enough water daily. You can plant them in container garden or in pots, since lettuce doesn’t need much space to grow. But please take note that lettuce grows better in cooler space. In four-season countries, people plant lettuce in spring or fall. But in tropical countries, people plant it during rainy season when it mostly cooler than usual.

The good part of having lettuce in your garden that it will keep on growing new leaves even after you cut the outer leaves to give to your bunny, which you can do after 45 days planting it. But for some kind of lettuces, you need to remove the whole plant and plant a new seed. Whichever kind of lettuce you choose, at least you don’t have to work too much to take care of it, since lettuce is a quite easy plant to take care of once it has grown.

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  • Bok Choy

Maybe you know this plant as Chinese cabbage, and this plant has some similarity with lettuce in the way you plant it. This plant is also a cool-place-to-grow kind of plant, which means if you live in four-season country, you can grow it in spring or fall. Or you can grow it in rainy season if you’re living in tropical country. And just like lettuce, you can grow bok choy in both container or pot. But unlike lettuce, bok choy needs more time to reach maturity. For around forty days you can finally harvest it, but better be quick since it might go to seed again if you leave it too long.

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  • Carrot

There’s no way you don’t plant this if you have a bunny in your house since this is your bunny’s favorite diet. Beside of it’s your bunny’s favorite diet, this veggie is also easy to grow and take care of. Carrot tends to grow better in cooler place, just like lettuces and bok choy. So, you can wait until it’s the right time to plant them, whether it’s spring or fall in four-season countries or rainy season in tropical countries.

Unfortunately, you need a relatively enough space to plant this one, so pot gardening night not be a good choice if you want to plant this veggie. Container garden is the better choice, though it means you have to put this plant only in a single container and not having other plants in the same container since it might affect the carrot’s growth. If you maintain good care for this plant, you can finally harvest it after two months. And you don’t have to remove anything from the plant since your bunny will eat whole carrot and its leaves as well!

  • Parsley

This plant is also one of your bunny’s favorite, meanwhile you can also use it as dressing in your favorite dish as well. Most people love to plant this one in pots rather than in container since it able to grow well in small space and it looks nice as well if you want to put it as decoration inside your house. This plant might need longer time to harvest, around 70 until 80 days since you plant it. But the good part of planting this veggie is you don’t have to re-plant it since it will regrow its stem after you cut it.

You might need a cool space and enough water to have this plant grows well. It’s much like lettuce and bok choy, but it still able to grow under shades if your place even if the weather is not cool enough. But then, you need to keep attention for the amount of water since parsley needs more water than most plants.

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Cautions in gardening your rabbit

After we plant those vegetables, what needs to be your next concern is how to keep your plants healthy. Most important, you need to keep an eye for any kind of threats like bugs, caterpillars, and other pests. Beside pests, you also need to check that you use the right kind of fertilizer to your plants, since using the wrong one might lead to poorly grown plants. And also, make sure that your plants are grown under control. Meaning, you need to check whether it’s already too crowded or not. If they’re already too crowded you can cut some of its old leaves so the plants won’t have to fight over sunlight and other nutrition they need.

That’s all about how to gardening your rabbit which easy to do for beginners. Please note that those are only some options that’s quite easy to do. If you want to step up the game, you can do even more ways of gardening and with other kind of plants. Have fun!