How To Keep Your Puppies Safe Playing Outside Home

When your puppies grow to be independent from their mom, they are likely exploring more around the house and they are bonding more with you. They might follow where you go. They might even go outside when you go outside. Here are some tips on how to keep you puppies safe playing outside home.

Some of us, are like a proud mother who wants to show off their little puppies to friends. We like to bring our puppies outside to show how cute they are. However, before doing so, it’s better to be ready and prepared for their little adventures.

We want to avoid any dangers that risk our puppies. There are tons of possibilities that can harm the puppies like diseases and unsecure environments. Hence, it is important to keep your puppies inside to keep them safe. Until they reach the age where they are much stronger. It is better to delay their first outside experience rather than being sorry for rushing them outside

First of all you need to prepare vaccinations to all your puppies.  Usually they can get their vaccination at the age 14 – 16 weeks. And it’s better to wait around 2 weeks before taking them outside. In the meantime, we can let the puppies learning to socialize with other safe dogs which have been vaccinated before. Don’t let the puppies in contact with any other dogs that haven’t been vaccinated before as it is highly risk for the cute little ones. Even sniffing can put them in danger as they can be contaminated with virus. Of course you don’t want this to happen to your puppies, right.

Start introducing your puppies to other safe dogs, to people and let them socializing as at the early age. Let the puppies in contact and learn about their surroundings. What they learn at early age will stay with them for life. Hence, if you want to have a happy and sociable dog which behaves good toward other dogs and people, this is a perfect timing to teach them with skills which will develop into good behaviors.

However, don’t forget that puppies are like human babies. They need lots of sleeps and rests for their healthy growth. Be ensured that this aspect is also tended besides their social needs. It is advised that puppies under three months old sleep up to 20 hours a day. Which means that they only have 4 hours to their activities.  Having enough sleep will make your puppies growing healthy and happy.

Puppies don’t need exercise as much as adult dogs. They only need five-minute exercise multiply month of age. Which means that at 3 months old, they only need 15 minutes to exercise. Don’t overdo as it might cause physical harmful and negative experiences for them.

Before taking your puppies outside for socializing with many dogs and people, it would be better to let them play outside in the yard. It is a much better place for your puppies before they go outside and in contact with many people. While you take them to the yard, make sure that your puppies have a place where they can rest comfortably.

By reading this article about how to keep your puppies safe playing outside home, I hope it will help you how to deal with it and how to prepare the best for your puppies. However, please have a look at these to make your dog keep happy playing indoors playing indoors and stay healthy.

  • Comfortable Place at the Yard

While you are enjoying your time outside and being relaxed, make sure your puppies can play comfortably and safe in the yard. You may want to prepare some places for them like outdoor dog bed so they can rest there. Please keep in mind to consider the temperature where you are living. If the place is very hot, keep your puppies inside during the day and let them out in the evening where temperature has decreased to a cooler temperature for the puppies to be comfortable.

Other than preparing the dog bed, you can also prepare a dog house, pet gates, portable play pen, dog screen door and water fountain for your puppies. All of those will make them comfortable while playing outside.

The dog house will keep your puppies stay cool in the hot weather and warm in the cool weather. While the pet gates will ensure your puppies not to wander around too far away from you and to keep them from escaping. You can also bring out the portable play pen for your little puppies and let them busy playing in the play pen. You won’t be worry to leave them to do something else as they are safe in there.

And if you want them to have free access to go in and out of your house, consider to install a dog screen door for them. You don’t have to open the door whenever they want to go out or in the house. As they have their own access to it.  And last but not least is to have their water supply prepared. Give them water fountain which is very important to keep them hydrated.

When you are prepared with everything to make your puppies comfortable in the yard, you will feel safe to leave them outside without your supervision every minute. You can leave them while you do something else. But check on them once in a while. You are giving them freedom to explore on their own without having the risk of virus exposures.

Exploring your yard is one way to teach them potty training. They are getting used to the concept of choosing their spot to relieve themselves. This will make your life easier to train them. However, taking your puppies for a walk outside should be postpones until and unless they are fully covered with necessary vaccines.

  • Time to go outside

Dr. Ian Dunbar, a well-known veterinarian, an animal behaviorist and a dog trainer, suggested of one hundred people to be in contact by the time your puppy is 16 weeks old. If we want to follow the suggestion that means your puppy need to meet twelve people per week. But can you do it? That’s most problem we are facing unless you throw parties every week for the puppies to meet new people, it will be hard to meet twelve people per week

However, the obstacle you have is about vaccination. If your puppies don’t have the vaccinations yet, better not let them in contact with many dogs as it’s a high risk chance. Wait till they get all vaccines and then take them out to the park or to have morning/evening exercises.  Remember by the time the puppies reach 16 weeks, they will only need around 20 minute exercise, so choose carefully where you will take them out.

It is important for your puppy to have various experiences meeting with different types of people.  People of all ages, all shapes, all heights, all kind of fashions and many things should be introduced to your puppies to develop their socialization sense. Actually early socialization is the best chance for your puppy to make them get used to people. It will prevent in developing fears toward something strange for them. They will grow up into a friendly dog.

And I hope by knowing how to keep your puppies safe playing outside home will become a great solution to give the puppies the best moment in their early age. Do you want to know more about dogs? For beginners, sometime you find it hard to pet a dog. so read these links Easy guide to take care of dog at home for beginners and Easiest ways of caring puppy at home for beginners