4 Things That Only Siberian Husky Own

Husky, a wolf-like dog originated from the North. This kind of breed is known for their energy and strength. It is hard not to be captivated with their beauty. Blue or brown eyes come in wolf-shaped dogs. They are very beautiful.

Huskies are the breed that can endure to pull sleds for long distance and for a long time.  And as they have very thick fur, they can bear cold weather and snow. Husky has a double coat, that’s why when they shed, it might be a bit problematic because they shed a lot.  However, this double coat will protect them from extreme temperature. The good thing is that this coat helps husky to adjust their body heat when the weather turns warm.

Through this article, we would like to inform you Things only Siberian Husky Own, therefore you will gain more insight into everything about husky before you own one. And one thing to remember, having husky is not suitable for a dog owner beginner. Hence, let’s take a look and learn more about this cute breed of a dog.

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Siberian Huskies are playful dogs that can tolerate very cold weather, ice and snow. They are loving and also social family dogs. Though from history they are known for a breed to endure a hard work in northern part of the earth, they are a species that can be brought up as your pet at home. Many people who are working in northern areas using huskies as their transport to reach difficult area. They pull sleds for quite a long distance. Not only that, they do it with high speeds too and don’t feel tired easily.

Huskies are considered are playful dogs. They are smart animals and kind of stubborn. And having them will give you some happiness as you will feel like playing with some kind of high energetic mischievous children. This kind of breed comes in medium size built with pointed ears, double layered coat, and broad chest. When the temperature warmer, huskies will shed the fur a lot. This is their way of adjusting to the temperature.

For health treatment, it is fine to clip a Husky’s paw but do not shave his fur as it is their way in adjusting their body heat due to surrounding temperature. Huskies need to have lots of exercises therefore you have to remember to make them exercise more than other dogs. Pay attention to their diet and exercise more because they might have problems with hip dysplasia and eye disease. With such care, their lifespan varies around 15 years old.


Now let me tell you the characters which usually comes from a Husky that you need to know before deciding whether you want to keep a husky at home or not.

1. Problematic shedding

As mentioned before that they shed to adjust to the surrounding temperature, it’s not surprising that your husky will keep shedding especially if you live in a hot climate. You will see his fur here and there even on your body. You might find a ball of fur under your sofa, on your laundry and even on your hair. You should consider having a husky if there is a family member who is allergic to fur.  And get ready to clean the fur with a vacuum, don’t sweep with a broom because it will only move the fur to other places, not making it disappear from your house. You cannot do anything to prevent this shed as it is their nature in their life.

2. Stubbornness

Have you ever face a stubborn people? Then you know what’s the feeling. Huskies are the most stubborn breed among the other dogs. When they have their mindset that something belongs to them, it is theirs. It doesn’t matter if those things are yours, if they want them, then they belong to them.

3. Meals and Diets

When you raise a husky, you will spend an expensive budget for their diet. It’s a no-no to give them cheap food. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to eat cheap food. But cheap food will not accommodate their need for protein and the right diet. If you feed them with cheap food, it is most likely they will have a health problem. They need a very high protein diet.

There are three types of food you can feed your Huskies. They are raw food, dry or wet food, or a combination of these 2 types.  Keep in mind to always read the information on the back of your dog food package if it is a good choice to feed them. Many husky owners now feed their dog with more nutritional and healthier raw foods like chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and vegetables. Choose either processed food or raw diet when you feed them. You can’t feed both types as they are digested differently.

Remember to avoid giving them food which is bad for the dogs, like avocado, alcohol, sweets, sugar, chocolate, onion, garlic, dairy, corn on the cob, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, peaches, plums, raw eggs, yeast dough, fat trimmings, and bones. All those foods are hazardous for your husky.

4. Leadership

You have to be a pack leader. Or your husky will become your leader. They will never obey you unless you are his pack leader. Even if you command him to come, he will only look at you and he will continue doing what he is doing. It’s frustrated right. That’s why you need to be his leader. If you are, he will listen and respect you. You need to train him since an early age to show him that you are his leader. Otherwise, they will do whatever they want to do.

You need to have training and obedience class provided for your husky. This is needed to show the hierarchy to your husky. Then he will recognize you as his pack leader and obey your command.

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Not only that that Siberian Husky owns, there are more things you need to know to take care of him. Please read more below.

The Right Home and Treatment for your Husky

The right choice for a husky to stay is a house with a large and fenced yard. I think you can guess why. A Husky needs a spacious place for him to wander and to exercise. But don’t be surprised to see your yard will be turning into an area like a war zone full of digging. Your husky is very energetic and needs to release it. Unless you can give him plenty of exercises, this behavior of digging will be likely to be lessened.

You must prepare your house with prevention of your husky to escape. Make your yard to be escape proof yard with sturdy materials and add wire or concrete barrier below the fence to avoid them to dig out from that. Another thing to remember, don’t unleash your husky at the park or during the walk. He will likely be running away from you. It doesn’t mean he dislikes you, but he simply wants to explore. Always put on his leash and take control of him. Put his name tag around his collar with your contact information in case he runs away.

Make sure to give him plenty exercise on daily basis. You can make him as your jogging partner. Make him spend his overflowing energy. However, be considerate of him during warm weather as he might be uncomfortable and become ill in this condition. If you are living in a hot place, you should give him plenty of shade outside and might consider letting him inside to have air conditioner breeze. To give him exercise during the summer, find the time where the heat is not too strong. It could be early morning or late evening.

The last thing to remember about huskies is their temperament. They are a smart creature, friendly, playful and easily bored. You should consider other breeds if no one to accompany him more than eight hours a day. He is not the right type for you. They might turn into a destroyer in your home as they are feeling bored and don’t have enough activity to accommodate their needs.

I hope some of the information above regarding things that Siberian Husky owns will be much help for you to decide whether you will choose Siberian Husky as your pet or not.

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Please take your time in understanding what you should know about Huskies. You will be a happy owner of happy Huskies.