How To Know If Your Bunny Loves You

If you have a bunny, how are you to know if it loves you?

People can love easily to bunny. Their cuteness, their size, their charm will triggered people to touch over bunny magically. People who has bunny in their home, actually feel so happy because the bunny can entertains them with all theirs. But not only people can show their love to their pet. As the owner of our pet, we have to understand the loving sign of our pet. It may don’t matter for you, but for some people, get to know to how our pet loves us is great feedback which spiriting us to more love them. We don’t know how they are said to tell us that she loves us. But we can know it from their behavior.

We have to remember that animal has their way to show off their feel. People may not considering, but they can know it if they want to learn. We know that it isn’t easy, but with step by step we will know what they gonna say and let the lesson entertain us. Just enjoy the flow.

Here will tell to you how to know if your bunny loves you:

  • Listen all your bunny’s voice and look around to happiness voice

All the creature of God is always sounding a voice. But did you know that we can conclude the bunny love us or not only by their voice? Basically as we mention before that all animals can show off their feeling, but they have different way to show it. For example is the cat. Kitten shows their love feeling by their behavior which licking their owner or moving their tail. But is it same with bunny? The answer is not. The bunny doesn’t have tail as long as the kitten. If we want to assess that case of their tailed, of course it isn’t fair. We have to know basically habitual between kitten and bunny. So the only way to know their feeling is just by their voice.

Actually, bunny isn’t loud as rabbit. But it doesn’t mean they can shows of their sound. They can show their voice, but of course we have to hear them carefully. The sound is so soft and almost unheard, surely that because they are all small. The sound can louder as their growth, obviously. Also, even though the bunny grows as rabbit, the rabbit sounds are different from the snoring sounds of cats and dogs, which usually use all of their vocal abilities in communication. You can call as with passive-verbal-animal, but surely it isn’t decreases their cuteness.

The sound will show out like when she gritted her teeth gently or made a click-clatter sound when you stroked her at the point she likes, like behind ear or under her chin.

To listening them, you can bring her and take her into your ears to listen them carefully. Always remind that the voice of bunny is so soft and almost unheard.

  • Looking around their non-verbal

Well bunny is very soft animal. It isn’t because their limited ability, but also this is natural habitual of them. Even they already being a rabbit, this species is doing their behavior softly and almost unnoticed. In this point, you maybe don’t get the point of their love, but you will notice how the bunny feels so comfortable and it is the form to appreciate you. The comfortable feel is the one sign that she loves their environment. Logically if they don’t feel comfortable, so it means that she hates all around her and shows bad behavior as manifest of their stress. So when the bunny feels comfortable as sign of their love with what we give over her? The bunny which feels relaxed will lie on their stomach with both hind legs stretched backwards. In addition, similar body language may also appear in the form of squatting with all feet stored under the body and the ears are almost into the head.

And when she meets people her love, she will act like listen to you. The bunny will attack you when she doesn’t feel well. So their passive or listen over you is one of all indication that the bunny loves you a lot.

  • Their active act also can indicated the love

When the bunny act like so active around of you, it means that she enjoys their life beside you. When you see the bunny jumps high in the air or jumping-turning around of your feet, it means that she lives so much well under you. The bunny is also moving their teeth like she is chewing. It is all mean that she is enjoying their freedom and feels so happy. When the bunny shares their happiness over you, surely they love you so much. We will share our happiness only for people we love, right? So does the bunny.

The bunny may lick our hands or face when we touch them, but surely that licking is very different with licking by cat. We must remind that all bunny behaviors are soft, so does their licking. The bunny is soft and slowly, but the kitten is like active licking and they do it for a view times. That means that we are really mean for them. And also, the bunny may rub their chin toward us. That mean is the want to sign us as their territory.

They might call your attention to play together. It is like rub on your feet by her nose, pull your clothes, jumping on your lap, or pitting her body between your feet.

Why is bunny acting like slowly?

Naturally, bunny is animal which as targeted by predator. It isn’t predator, but target. They can scare easily when faced up over the thing which they assumed as threat them. That causes they really ignore people or something around them. That will become worst when the owner can’t understand it and still force them to be closed and physic contact. That will make the bunny stress, hiding, and sick.

It is important to us to don’t caring our bunny, except they love it. As the mentioned above, bunny can scare easily and cause their naturally behavior, they become so soft even passive. When we caring them but actually they won’t it, we have to be careful. Don’t let we make it catatonic. Catatonic is when the bunny become freeze, silence, and act like dying.

The bunny is also living in hiding in their wildlife. They like to hiding over the big pipe or something bigger than their body. So please be aware and respect them when they won’t to touch even to carry. It will be different if you caring a bunny since they were baby. They must be already knew you so it will so easy for adapting with you. This bunny is usually more active with you because they already familiar with you.

As the owner, we won’t to hurting our pet. We obviously want to love them. And to know them well, we have to know their sign by their behavior to understand what will they gonna show to us. For bunny, the things that make you to how to know if your bunny loves you were already explaining above. Hopefully it helps you a lot.