How To Make Your Rabbit Relax

They may seem cute, but taking care and understanding them properly is a challenge for us. Rabbit knew for it’s shy and nervous behavior, but there’s certains tips and trick to relaxing them.

On this treat “How To Make Your Rabbit Relax” we will explain the way for it, also in the previous treat prevent your rabbit from feeling lonely you’ll find it a helping way too. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Proper Cage

Give your rabbits comfortable cage so they have room to play and stretch out. Keep it hygienic daily (considerably) to make your rabbits comfortable and healthy, Replace all their bedding and hay, It will helping them to relax. As it owner keeping their cage hygienic would be good for your own healthy too. You dont your rabbits to have a scabies that can affect human. If you couldnt and didnt have anybody to do it for you, at least you could do it once a week. Also cause of its unique behaviour, Rabbit dont like to be exposed all the time, They need place to hide, Give their cage a hiding space, If not it will causing them to stressed out.

2. Let Them Play Outside Cage and Outdoors

Rabbits are crepuscular, In the wild, dawn and dusk are their most active time. In order to make your rabbits relax, you could take them outside their cage on your home or outdoors. While you letting your rabbits play inside your house always remember that rabbits love to bite, so make sure your house are rabbits proof. For older rabbits one to two hours in the morning and early evening would be great for them to play outside their cage. Some say younger rabbits will need the longer time period outside cage. Remember, You could do this on the early morning and early evening.

3. Give Them Companion

Rabbits are social animals and in order to be relax they need companion, at least one bunny. They would get bored if not getting an interaction from human or other rabbits and in long period it can lead your rabbits to depression and withdrawn. They require social life.

4. Right Approach

When approaching your rabbits, wash your hand if you just touching other animals and try not to shock them. Let them know your approaching. If you shocking them, they will run from you. If you approaching them from behind try to give soft voice sign like “cup, cup” before you approaching, so they wont scare of you. Try to approaching them from side or behind without shocking them. You can understand it easily, if you touching them and your rabbits grunting, that mean they on relax and comfortable state. Wearing gloves would be better to avoid being bitten in case if you have a brand new Rabbits pet.

5. Carry Them

Like cats, if they already used to be touched, you could carry them, cuddled and strokes them in your arms, put on lap and play with gently and with right way approach, this will helping your rabbits to relax. Try not to held and carried them to high from ground cause it will make them feel insecure. Some rabbits dont like to be carried, if they being aggressive while being handled it means they not relax and comfortable, if so just put and leave them till you could try it again.

6. Massage Them

When they used with your presense, you could relaxing them by holding gently and strokes top of their head near the base of the ears and keep it that way while pet them. This tips are effective to make your rabbit relax, just like for us human. Massaging is help your rabbits to relax a lot also it can build a chemistry and bond between you and your rabbit, Cause rabbits could recognise their owner by shape, smell and voice. There’s certain way to massaging your rabbits, you can see ithere.

7. Give Them Toy

You could get it in the pet shop, it will help them to relax when they get nervous, try to give it to them, look how their response to it. If they refusing don’t force it.

8. Offer them piece of food from your hand

To make your rabbits relax around you this are the way that will help to build a good connection between you and your rabbit too, offer them piece of their food like carrot and their other diet, do it often then earn your rabbit trust. Avoid to give food that are toxic for Rabbits like rice, bread, tomato, potatoes, chips and sweets.

9. Go to Doctors

When you out of trick to calming your rabbits down, go to veterinarian and do check your rabbit up. Maybe their got a disease like ill. If you have more than one rabbit, Separates the ill one from the other to avoid bad situation. Don’t forget to mind your own personal hygiene too, you dont want to made your lovely Rabbits get ill by your own cause. Make sure you already been vaccinated from rabies in case if you being bitten by your rabbits.

10. Watch Your Behaviour

Rabbits need peace and quite habitat, try to understanding the world in rabbits mind, Like we all know rabbit are prey animal, a yelling, many people in the same room as them, loud sound and screaming could easily scared them. it’s possible for rabbits to die from shock and heart attack. So for you and your rabbit favor, Please behave.

11. No Predators

You dont want to make your rabbit to feel like they being hunted, so separate them from other pet of your like dogs, snakes / reptiles or others pet that are their natural predators, It will help your rabbits to relax.

12. Build Them a Garden to Play

This is just a extra tips, but this doesnt mean it not necessary. Build a garden for your rabbits to running around. Your for your rabbits garden for them dont have to be so big, just use some space on your yards for them to play. Plants on pot or other media you have some vegetables that suit their diet like celery, Carrot, Lettuce or plants and vegetables that match your domicile weather to be a playground for your rabbits everyday.

Also dont forget to fenced your rabbit garden, You dont want to losing your rabbit right? :).