How To Read Rabbit Body Language

Although pet can’t talk to their human owner, they can communicate and express their feeling through body language, including your fluffy sociable pet, rabbit. They will do many expressive moods to show their mood, to let you know their feeling.

Knowing your rabbit body language is important so you know what your pet rabbit’s feelings about you. whilst providing a fluffy and self-satisfaction as your rabbit express how happy they are to be your pet. It can become a sign to tell you that your rabbit has a problem that needs your help. If you neglect you rabbit, they may become lonely and depressed. You can get further insight about rabbit signs of rabbit that feel lonely by reading “Signs that your Rabbit Feel Lonelyarticle. Should your rabbit fall into depression, you can read “Symptoms That Your Rabbit is Depressed

List of Rabbit Body Language

  • Periscoping

The rabbit stand on its hind legA body language that your rabbit is curious with its surrounding also might be preparing itself to do a higher jump over things.

  • Rub Its Chin On Various Object, Including Yourself

Another act of marking rabbit territory. Rabbit scent gland is located under its chin.

  • Running Circles Around The Feet

A part of a mating ritual to charm its mate might be accompanied with continuous grunting.

  • Scattered Droppings

An act of rabbit to mark its territory.

  • Twitching Tail

Spraying urine. Often occurs with intact rabbits.

  • Sniffing

Should you rabbit like to sniff you, it is likely because you have touched some animal or something that incite their curiosity due to its scent. While it can be mean that your rabbit is trusting you as they want to sniff you, it is a sign of investigating as the rabbit is also naturally inquisitive.

  • Binky

Binky is a high jump and kicks in the air followed by shaking head. One of few happy rabbit body language, You can be proud as it shows that your rabbit is happy in your care.

  • Bunloaf

The position of this body language is like “a brooding hen”. In this move, your rabbit show itself do a napping and relaxing,  but still wary of its surrounding depends on how stretched its legs. Quite a common body language when relaxing.

  • Flop

The rabbit will lay down by throwing itself onto its side on the ground. Often mistaken for dead, but it is not. This Rabbit body language is a sign that your rabbit is very happy, relaxed and trust you. However, it also might an expression to show mild insult toward their other not-so-good-friend rabbit.

  • Grooming in Your presence

Another body language that shows you a sign of trust toward you. Rabbit is a fearful creature, so if they can relax and groom itself in your presence, mean you’re not a threat and trusting you.

  • Hard Nudging With its Nose

A body language that said ” Please move away!” or ‘ Could You leave Me be?!” Another sign of trust as the rabbit treat you politely and equal as the rabbit. So please be kind and comply with its polite request.

  • Ignore Your Presence

While it sounds cold, but it is another body language that shows thrust toward yours. Rabbit is always wary of its environment and ready to run away. So, if your rabbit is kinda ignoring you and continue eating, relaxing, grooming in your presence, they will deem your presence is not a threat and the environment is safe for them.

  • Licking The Floor In Front Of Itself

A grooming meant for you… indirectly. High chance of licking you if you reach your rabbit.

  • Licking You

A rabbit body language to say “I Love You”. Pet your rabbit to reciprocate its love.

  • Presenting itself

A body language that your rabbit will stick its had out at you, lay its chin on the ground, tuck its paw beneath the rabbit body, and rub itself toward you to ask for being petted. Comply your rabbit request by stroke its nose up to its forehead.

  • Nudging Softly With The Nose

Body language that tells greeting like “hello” to you. Also usually used for asking for attention or request to be petted. It might also a signal to politely push you away.

  • Tail Held high

The rabbit is feeling excited about getting a new companion like another rabbit or a new toy.

  • Show you its Backend

A Body Language that expresses an insult. You might have displeased your rabbit on your recent action to your rabbit. Did you handle your rabbit too rough?

  • Thumping

Thumping may an act to request attention, but mostly occur when your rabbit expressing its fear, displeasure, and warning others that have seen something that requires other rabbits attention.

  • Lay Flat On The Ground With Ear Flat Against Its Head And Eyes Wide Open

A submissive and expression of fear in the rabbit’s body language. Your rabbit is currently made itself small and appeared not threatening. Your rabbit is scared and ready to bolt to escape.

  • Kicking Backwards

Your rabbit is protesting your recent action as it displeasure your rabbit.

  • Do Lunge Attack With Ears Backward And Raised Tail

An aggressive opening stance, the rabbit follow this with biting. This body language shows that the rabbit is defending its territory. Usually occurs on insecure and territorial rabbits when you intrude its territory, Neuter and spay the rabbit may reduce significantly its aggressiveness.

  • Nipping

Your rabbit is asking for you to move away, with more rudely and forcefully. But baby rabbit might also nip and taste other things to sate its curiosity.

  • Shake its head

Might be an act of being irritated, scent an unknown odor, been disturbed, or been groomed too long.

I hope this article will help you to know and understand your rabbit more through these rabbit body language. Should you need more insight on how to bond to your rabbit through massage, you can read “3 Tips to Massage Your Rabbit” article to guide you further.  Here also how to “7 Tips of How To Pet A Rabbit in Your House”  for tips and guide on how to take care of your rabbit in your house.