How to make natural pest control for your garden? do it with these 5 duck breeds

Have you ever heard about duck patrol for our garden pest controls? There are many articles about gardening and gardening stated that duck can be excellent slug pest controls, so we ducks can be a duck patrol, patrolling in our garden for any slug that may harm our plants. It is true that duck can eat slugs and therefore keeping our garden clean from any slug and any other pests. Is it true that duck can be effective pest control for our garden? How we can train a duck to be a duck patrol so they can watch over our garden for any pests? Is there any special breeds of duck for this kind of things, and should we raise them from egg to make them good patrol?

To make sure we can have a duck as pest control for our garden, there are many things you need to consider. Choosing the right breeds for duck patrol, training them to be adjusted as pest controls, managing them to make sure they are doing their job and not destroying your plants and also how you should raise them. If you can handle it, raising them as duck patrol will be piece of cake. Firstly we will focus more on what duck breeds should choose for our cute little duck patrol. Here we are on How to make natural pest control for your garden? do it with these 5 duck breeds.

These duck breeds could easily be your duck patrol securing your garden from pests

A duck that is good for duck patrol is ducks that good in foraging. The questions which duck is the best used for pest control is mostly based on opinion. In our opinion, there are 5 favorite duck breeds that you can use as duck patrol to secure your crop in the garden. These duck breeds sometimes used by many farmer and gardener to secure their plants both in the garden and also in a rice paddy. Be mindful, that some of this duck might not be suitable for you, as some duck is suitable only in some region but won’t be suitable in other. So, here we are without any delay 5 favorite duck breeds for duck patrol so you won’t have any more pests problem especially slug.

  • Runner

Runner duck is the favorite duck breed for pest control purpose as they are good forager, have a small body so they won’t trample your plants, aren’t a picky eater and can adapt pretty well in any environment. Runner duck can adapt in cold temperature for at least under 20 Fahrenheit. There won’t be plenty of bugs to find during winter, but you can let them patrol your garden once in a while during winter. Runner duck also won’t depend too much on water, so you can let them forage in the garden for quite a long time.

What makes this breed is favorite is because this breed is fairly easy to find. You can find any hatchery that provides with runner duck breeds. They have excellent foraging skills if you train them well some crew of runner ducks could guard your garden against pesky slugs and any other insects that might harm your crops.

  • Magpies

Bigger than runner duck but they are still excellent forager for your pest control crew. Magpies duck is also a popular duck breed for egg or meat production however they can also be pest control duck if you can train them well. As they grow up, they grow bigger and bigger so you might need to be careful to not let them trample on your plant.

Magpies are also an excellent choice for duck pests control, as they are a very good forager, heavy body build, and will happily accept pellets or any kind of foods you gave them. Magpies are popular duck breed in any part of Europe as they can also be egg laying duck, meat duck and of course pest control duck.

  • Muscovy

Although not the best pest control duck they are quite good for their job. Technically, Muscovy isn’t duck instead they’re bird cousin to duck, more like any other waterfowl like an ibis. Muscovy is a breed of duck that mostly used for meat production or egg-laying duck. Muscovy duckling can also be used as pests control as they can learn to forage for their own foods in the garden until they grow up. However, since they are fairly big, make sure you keep your duck patrol crew in small groups of young ducklings.

  • Campbells

Campbells duck might not be popular like any other duck for duck patrol but they sure can do their job pretty well. You can buy Campbells duckling flocks from hatchery right away, give them daily starter crumbs and let them roam your garden or rice fields. Campbells duck isn’t really big duck so it might be good for your plants so they won’t get trampled.

  • Anconas

Same with any other duck patrol breeds, small body, excellent foragers, not a picky eater and won’t require much feeds or cost to take care. Anconas is a good choice for both pet duck or duck patrol for garden pests control.

Other than duck patrol for pests control, duck can also prove to be beneficial for the garden too. Through their manure and feather, they can fertilize the ground so you will have free fertilizer. Duck is also hardy birds, resistant to many diseases and can adapt pretty well with any kind of weather. Make sure you take care of your duck flocks well, so they will happily do their job for you either for duck patrol around your garden, egg-laying duck or just to keep it as a pet. Take care of them, pet them, feed them routinely, and make sure they are always healthy.

That’s why you might consider keeping duck as pest control for your garden. If you are confused in choosing which duck breed is the best, hope our article on How to make natural pest control for your garden? do it with these 5 duck breeds could help you.