4 Tips To Raise Wild Ducklings At Your Backyard

Backyard is much popular as place any pet in the home. Not every animal can place inside home moreover the animal which has smell which really bothering the whole housemate. Some situation also not supported to place an animal inside the home like limited space, baby, and some people who had allergy of feather.

Literally backyard selected because that’s the place that outside your home but you still can watch it. Even outside home can increase the chance to any predator to come, basically if you can install the some added security system to avoid it.

Wild duckling is the technic that usually used for people who have wide backyard so the duck can move and explore their area. This usually has main character such like small duck house but close with pound.wild-duckling

This technic makes the duck able to looking their own food around the area so the duck can live for free and no lost their natural life. But still if you decide to pet something you must still protect them as whatever they are living free. Here are some tips for you who want to pet duck with this technic.

  • Free from any predators

When you use this technic make sure that you already blocked the system that would be entered by any predator moreover if the back of your home is like jungle, you need to make protector like spread the salt to avoid predator like snake. Basically some predator like snake and wolf can enter your backyard so be careful of it. Make sure that the water ways is small so any predator can inside by that way. And also, make sure that the wall of the backyard is high enough so something like wolf can’t enter and it also avoid the duck to escape.

  • Enough food

The positive thing when you practice this technic is you don’t need to put their food in a container or any place but you can spread it out around the backyard as random as the wide. It more give you advantage if you choose the powdery food because it would be easy to eat by them without any changing the shape. Not like wet foot that will dry and not tasty anymore if you spread it out around the backyard. This is automatically makes your backyard dirt because not every food that you throw the yard is ate by them. So throw it as enough as they needed would be better.

  • Clean pound

You still have to clean the pound even you let the duck as free. Moreover if you practice this technic, the leg of the duck that already touch the ground will make the pound dirty. So this technic would little bit disadvantage for you who feel so lazy to clean the pound. Well you must more often to clean it.

  • Cleanliness environment

Spread the food and the leg that touch with ground before getting pound are the main highlight if you want to use this technic. If you want to still use this technic without any more effort to clean both pound and the yard, so the options are two. You can still place the food in container, or second limiting the area of the duck so the duck can only step the grass. Usually people are using grass as their base for the yard so the dry grass would more free from any ground. But still, it will useless if the raining season is coming. At least this option is will covering you during the summer right? And therefore, you must more clean the environment during raining season because the air of rain would bring some disease. So don’t blame the season.

That’s all some tips for you who want practice this technic to pet the duck. Basically there are some positive and negative affect of any technic so does this technic. The positive is you can let them as they are. They are animal which want to living free without any cage or feels like locked and to facilitate that thing, this technic would be great. But the negative is you can’t control them as ours. You know when people put something into their own, they want to own it as much as they can moreover if pets the duck, we usually has purpose to earn something like eggs or meat and to find them it would harder to fine. Wild duckling makes the duck spread randomly and hide their egg away. So it would challenge you.