7 Duck Breeds Which Are Suitable to Keep as The Pet

Pet duck has so much benefit. Beside can raise for only pet, duck can also raise to business. There is breed duck that can also use as pet but there is also breed duck that only use for breeding and not suggested to pet at home. You may familiar with pekin duck that already popular […]

How to make natural pest control for your garden? do it with these 5 duck breeds

Have you ever heard about duck patrol for our garden pest controls? There are many articles about gardening and gardening stated that duck can be excellent slug pest controls, so we ducks can be a duck patrol, patrolling in our garden for any slug that may harm our plants. It is true that duck can […]

4 recommended duck breeds to raise for meat

Duck is a very useful animal as they can be breed for their eggs, meat, feather, down, for dog herding training and many more. However, the most common purpose to breed duck is for their meat and eggs. Duck egg is very nutritious, contains a lot of protein and rich in fats. Some people claim […]

5 Best Duck Breeds To Farm For Eggs

Raising duck farm for eggs is little bit difference with raising cattle duck. Even they are same as duck but the main goal and the type to earn something of the duck needs different treatment. As we know beside the cattle, eggs are the main profit that we can earn from duck farming. Reprocess of […]