How To Help Your Rabbit With Gas Pain

The pain gas is the most disease that always gets on the bunnies. There are some factors why the rabbits have these. However,  as their owner, it looks sad if we know that our rabbit has the pain gas,  right?  So,  how to help your rabbit from gas pain and how to cure it?  Perhaps,  we are not the vet,  but some things you could do these to help them.

1. Your rabbit won’t eat

The first sign that your rabbit gets the gas pain, your bunny does not eat. Their appetite will decrease slower and slower. Furthermore, your rabbit looks skinny but their belly looks fat. These are the commons that your rabbit actually get the gas pain. So, how to help your rabbit with gas pain? First, find out what causes a rabbit not eating much but he just acting normal. Find the answer, is he get a gas pain or not?

2. The feces of rabbit

The other signs that you must know are the feces of the rabbit. Check your rabbit’s feces, is your rabbit has a good feces or not? If they are good, then your bunny is not getting the gas pain. However, if the feces seems like liquid or it is not dry. Well, your rabbit gets the gas pain. But how to recognize if our bunny has a normal poop? You should see on how to tell that your rabbits pee and poop normal? This information could help you.

3. Their behavior

Check on your bunny’s behavior too. The gas pain occurs due to digestive disorders, and when this happens the rabbit the gas was buildup in his stomach. If you see that your rabbit is often alone and often separates from his group, it is clear that he gets the gas pain. Well if you just let your rabbit like this, you will see he get an anorexia.

4. Touch the belly

Try touching your rabbit’s stomach, the rabbit’s stomach does look big but actually, he has a gas pain. There are several things that you do to give the first help to your rabbit that is gas pain. First, prepare a bowl of warm water. Then, hold your rabbit’s stomach and massage the rabbit’s belly slowly so that the dirt is pushed out. Do this massage for about 10 minutes and repeat every few hours. This massage aims to get out the feces and take out the gas from the rabbit’s belly. For more information, you could do some of these tips on how to massage your rabbit in a proper way.

5. Take your bunny to the veterinarian

Your rabbit still has the gas pain, try taking him to a local vet around you. You take your bunny to vet, but he keeps biting on you, see on some these effective ways how to stop rabbit’s biting habit. You already in your vet’s place, so then you can ask what causes your rabbit has a gas pain. Please, also talk to the vet about what is the proper treatment for your favorite rabbit. Give specific information about your rabbit, like he has something allergic in some food. Veterinarians will definitely be able to help you. So, tells the detail information clearly, okay.

6. Use proper medicine

How to help your rabbit with gas pain? Use proper medicine is a good choice. Moreover, you have brought your rabbit to the vet and you have been given a prescription for medicine. Read the drug instructions before you give it to your rabbit. However, do we allow to give a medicine without going to the vet? If you have discussed this or searched the internet about tips on how to cure a rabbit and this is highly recommended, this is not a problem. The problem is if we have given the drug but the rabbit is getting worse.

7. Gives health diet

One thing that you should do others is changing the diet of your rabbit. Changes the diet with some health food that much fiber and dry, such as Timothy grass. Timothy grass is the best food for the rabbit. This grass has high in fibers, proteins, and minerals. However, this grass has a soft texture that it can not interfere with their digestive system. The other grass that can treat your rabbits is hay grass, Alfalfa grass, and Gulma grass. How to feed them properly? Gives small portion, do not too much or less. Let your rabbit eat it. For their drink, gives this traditional drink. Grate a ginger and mixed it with some fresh water and add some brown sugar. With these, your rabbit will be healthy soon. While your rabbit in this condition, do not give some fermented food, they have many dangerous effects for your rabbits.

8. Gives an injection to his stomach

Well, if your rabbit has serious in gas pain. This could help your rabbit, how? Give injections to his belly. It allows for taking out the gas inside his belly. But, this medical treatment should do by the vet or someone who knows how to give an injection with a right. Do not do by yourself, remember this. The effect of this injection is faster than with a home remedies way.

9. Keep their cage clean

A clean cage will prevent rabbits from being attacked by diseases, including gas pain. In addition to providing the right treatment, cleaning cages must also be carried out. So that the rabbit can recover completely from the disease. This gas pain is indeed not contagious and dangerous. However, it is better if there is one of your bunnies get gas pain, it should be separated from the others so that the treatment given can be maximum.

10. Recover your bunny

The final step on how to help your rabbit with gas pain is recovered your rabbit with a vitamin. Vitamin is used to increase stamina, increase the appetite of a rabbit, and repair the digestive systems of the rabbit. This vitamin is in a liquid. You can drop a few of these vitamins and mixed in his bottle drink. Every day renew his bottle drink and you must stop to give this vitamin if your bunny if he is already health like as always.

So,  gas pain is a serious disease,  if you do not treat your bunny well.  Then,  it will get anorexia that is really dangerous.  May above tips on how to help your rabbit with gas pain could be useful for you.  Please,  if you see any signs about the gas pain of your rabbit. Quickly to discuss to your vet,  and he will help you how to treat your rabbit. As the good owner of your rabbit, make sure you always give the best of them, okay. Good luck.