Outdoor Dangers That Will Threat Your Dog While Playing Outside

Love to see your dog running around freely in your yard? If we pay a close attention to their behavior when they play, it could bring smiles on to our face for feeling the happiness to see them. It will be much better if we play along with them. Be a fool playing around, be an instructor teaching them, be a kid having fun and enjoy the bonding with your dog.

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For your suggestion, be careful to let your dog playing outside. You never know what kind of outdoor dangers that will threat your dog while playing outside. Through this article, I would like to draw your attention on some things to consider while letting your dog out.

1. Heat in the summer

When it is in the summer, hot weather should not be taken lightly as it can cause heatstroke both to human and to animals. It is the number 1 enemy in some place. If the heatwave is in your place, it’s advised for your pets to stay indoors as it is cooler than outside. Install some shades if you take him outside. And don’t forget to prepare plenty of water. Cool water will be more appreciated by your dog. For snub-nosed dogs like pugs and bulldogs, they will have a hard time in being outside. Keep them indoors during the heat and only let them out in early morning or late at night when the temperature is cool

2. Cold in the winter

Hypothermia and frostbite are the most dangerous things during the winter. For Husky owners, you won’t have to worry for your dog in this season as they have their own way to protect themselves as they have double coat. For thin skin dogs, you should pay extra attention to them during this season.

Hypothermia could happen when the temperature falls below normal. The signs of hypothermia as shivering, lethargy and weakness. As it is worsened, your dog will experience stiffen muscle, decreasing of heart beat. Do the first aid by warming your dog immediately and take him to your vet. You can put them in the blanket with warm bottle to rise the temperature.

Frostbite can happen when your dogs are exposed to open air in the winter for too long. It can happen when they are suffering from freezing temperature which makes their blood pumps to the center of the body as their mechanism to warm themselves. For that reason, your dog’s ears, paws and tails can have the frostbite. This condition is not easily seen until several days later. You should be active in checking the dog’s condition. If there is ice crystal formed, don’t take care of it by yourself. Take the pet to your vet to get help.

3. Frozen ponds or lakes

Still another caution during winter. At the beginning of winter when ponds and lakes start become frozen, don’t let your dog to play around those places. The ice might not have formed perfectly to hold their weight yet.

4. Poisonous plants

If you are gardening in your yard, don’t let your dogs near the plants which are poisonous for your dogs.  Here are some plants which usually found in the yard which dangerous to your dogs. They are: autumn crocus, azalea, daffodils, dieffenbachia or dumb cane, tulip, kalanchoe, sago palm, oleander, cyclamen, amaryllis and some others.

5. Dog park

Not all the parks are safe for your pets. You cannot let your dog playing without your supervision. You don’t know what kind of behavior that other pets have. They might injure your dog as they might be too aggressive or too big in size. If you sense something wrong, don’t hesitate to take your dog away and keep him safe.

6. Inside the car

What you think is not hot, can turn into a very dangerous situation to your dog. Never ever leave your dog alone in the car even with your car window rolled down some inches. The cabin inside the car can become an oven space which can roast your dog alive within minutes. If you can’t bring your dog out of your car when you reach your destination, consider to leave them at home. It’s much safer to be home than to be locked inside the car.

7. Electrical wires or fences

Electrical wires or fences are dangerous for your dogs. They don’t understand the alert sign. They can get electrocuted if they chew the cables. And if they ever experienced being electrocuted and if they manage to escape from your yard, they would never want to experience it again by going back home.

8. Busy roads

Don’t let your dog roams freely in the busy roads. Accidents can happen anywhere. Especially if the roads are busy and hectic with high speed cars. Dogs can be run over which lead them to death. Your open gate is an invitation to trouble. Always keep your gate closed and it will keep your dog safer.

9. Heart-worm disease

This kind of disease let a worm lives in your dog’s heart. The carrier of this disease are mosquitos. This is very deadly so don’t underestimate this dangerous illness.  The treatment for this disease is expensive. Not to mention if it works. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all and only give painful experience for your dog.

10. Food

Beware of foods that your dog gets from outside. It could be bad or poisonous. People foods he consumes can cause vomiting and diarrhea. It sometimes can lead him to pancreatitis. If you organize a garden party at home, it’s better to put your dog away from party area as he can pick up any scattered food on the floor. And it’s wiser to let your guests know to not feed your dog with any people food

11. Campfires

Bring your dog to your picnic outside and stay the night at camping area? That would be a great idea to have fun with the family. Remember to keep your small children and your dog, which is considered as permanent toddler, away from the campfires you setup. Both your kids and your dog might be curious about the dancing fires and try to play with it. Watch them carefully and lead them away from that dangerous place.

12. Lack of water

Water is an important substance for your dog especially in the summer. Do not be careless not to provide plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

So, for all of you dog owner, you should at least know about outdoor dangers that will threat your dog while playing outside. Keep them safe, treat them well and they will love you back unconditionally.

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