11 Effective Ways to Keep off Flea from Biting your Dog

Who wants to be bitten by fleas? No one wants. Fleas and their bites can become annoying and unhealthy problems. Especially, if this attacks your pet dog. The problem of fleas in dogs makes you frustrated. You are afraid your dog will become unhealthy. These fleas will really kill your dog slowly. Don’t worry, you need to be calm and take your time to read this article, 11 effective ways to keep off flea from biting your dog.

The first thing you have to do is to find out the problem from where this bug comes from. After you get it, you can make effective preventive ways. If your dog hasn’t been hit by a flea, you are lucky. However, this does not mean making you ignore cleanliness and prevention. If your dog has caught a flea bite, you should immediately see your veterinarian. Your dog should have a flea medication so he or she does not suffer flea bites.

Flea is more than just annoying pests. They can cause real health problems for your pet dog. But with the following simple ways, you can help protect and prevent your inconvenience from this parasite. Well, here are 11 effective ways to keep off flea from biting your dog. They are being into two themes, namely prevention and treatment.


Prevention against fleas and mosquitoes with ordinary medicines is a must for your dog. Of course, avoiding pests is a good first step. For example, if you are worried about mosquitoes, you can avoid walking with your dogs during dawn and dusk hours to reduce the chance they will be bitten. If you walk at those hours and decide to spray yourself with an insect repellent spray, do not use it to your pet dog. The active ingredient in many insect sprays can cause seizures, vomiting, and irritation in dogs.

Besides that, you need to be vigilant and take better care of your dog during the summer or hot weather. Usually, diseases are carried by insects will be during the summer. Limit the activities of your dog playing outside, especially in bushes or tall grass where insects like to hang out. Usually fleas are going to be like in the dog parks. Please, avoid these areas during the summer months. This step will reduce pests exposure in pets. Here are the following effective ways to keep off flea from biting your dog by doing prevention:

  1. One of the effective methods to prevent mosquitoes is to remove stagnant water. Mosquitoes need water for life and prefer to lay eggs in stagnant water. Look under bushes and behind structures, such as tool sheds and air conditioners, or in used tires or flower pots. Even, upside-down trash cans can collect water and make new homes for mosquitoes.
  2. Clean your yard. If your dog spends most of the time outdoors, you can spray your yard with natural products that control flea larvae on the ground. This natural water product is actually a small worm. It is  a nematode that eats flea larvae. The nematodes will work quickly and in 24 hours so your grass will be 90% free of flea larvae.
  3. Keep your dog’s bed clean. Buy animal beds that can be separated from the sheath. You can wash it with hot water. Wash it once a week during the summer. Make sure your floor and carpet are clean to help prevent infestation.
  4. Give your dog a healthy diet with garlic and yeast. A healthy diet will improve your pet’s immune system. Garlic and yeast will make the skin less flavorful for parasites. Consult your veterinarian about the right amount of garlic and yeast to feed your dog, based on its weight and type.


By preventing fleas in your home and yard, now is the time to care for your dog lovingly. There are several treatments available in this article.

  1. Fleas stick to the skin for breastfeeding, but they can be found crawling on feathers when they first settle into pets. Perform a quick and regular check on pets when walking outdoors. Separate your pet’s hair by hand to examine the skin or use a comb to comb the hair. Use a flea comb to scrape it (dip it quickly in a glass of soapy water to drown the small tick). Repeat every day, because new lice may just hatch from the previous eggs.
  2. Bathe your pet dog. Apply an anti-flea shampoo with thick soapy foam for five minutes on your dog’s fur. This will drown and kill the parasite. It is recommended not to bathe your dog too often because it can dry the dog’s skin. Even so, bathing is an effective way to reduce fleas. Learn more the article about 3 ways to make your dog loves to bathe easily.
  3. Use lemon spray. Cut the lemon into pieces. Bring to a boil water and cover it overnight. Spray the results into all your dog’s body. Try not to spray this on your dog’s eyes.
  4. Apply lavender oil on your dog’s neck and at the base of the tail.
  5. Try cedar oil. Natural products made from cedar oil have been proven to eliminate fleas and even bed bugs. Made from cedar, cedar oil is effective and safe for animals and humans. Before applying it, it’s good to test this oil first. The goal is only to make sure whether this oil does not cause allergies for your dog. Sipping cedar oil on the body part of your dog that is vulnerable to infestation.
  6. Another treatment is to use apple cider vinegar. This prevention of apple cider vinegar does not actually kill fleas. Only, this vinegar will effectively repel fleas and make them jump from your dog’s body. One way to use apple cider vinegar as a treatment is to add it to your dog’s drinking water. Add one teaspoon per liter of water. Some dogs may feel strange and don’t want to drink the water because of acid. If that is the case, you might be able to reduce the number of doses and gradually add them. Besides, apple cider vinegar can also be made into a spray. Just mix two parts of apple cider vinegar and one part of water. Use this spray on the dog’s coat or you can immerse the comb into the vinegar mixture and set it against to your dog’s fur. Avoid contact with your dog’s eyes.
  7. Use flea powder. In addition to natural shampoos and oils, you can also apply flea powder to your dog.

Overall, those are 11 effective ways to keep off the flea from biting your dog. Remember that one of the simplest ways to keep off fleas is to keep the environment in your house clean. Make your house unfriendly to pests. Carefully clean the house and wash your blankets, blankets, and toys in hot water. Clean the places that your dog likes and things they often play. Washing cloth regularly will help prevent fleas from taking up residence in your home. These acts of cleaning your yard and home regularly or using natural sprays are things to protect from annoying fleas.