How to Raise Broiler Chickens for Profit

Basically raise broiler chickens for profit are similar with raising the chickens regularly. It isn’t has any significant differently. But the main different is the main goal for raise. Mainly there are not any significant different to raise broiler chicken between in farms and self-raise in home. It is only raise in thousand in farm then in self-raise in home. As we know that broiler chicken farms become new profit business which more interest for both young and adult people. This business calls all people to try it out and gain their economy. Here are steps how to raise broiler chickens for profit.

1. Determining capital to increase the profit

Capital is the first thing that is mostly troubled when someone wants to build a business. Especially in the chicken farming that requires a lot of capital. It is better to you to find accurate information from various sources. The capital which is far from reach is the reason many entrepreneurs only have ideas but never make it happen. Adjusting our financial capital with a rational budget plan would be better than too dreaming of making a big effort but only a discourse. Owning your own land and making a permanent cage will be very costly, many people mistakenly implement things like this and many prospective entrepreneurs finally abandon their intentions because their capital has been depleted without any remaining. Learning from that, there are several things that need to be considered in the use of capital to make the business can still be run with existing budget. Here are some things that can be applied for cost saving:

2. Space

To minimum capital, you can rent or borrow the space line to someone. It can be rent or borrow over your family or your neighbor. Well as we know that sell a land or space will decrease your capital quickly. Moreover it will make your capital is sold before it uses for other necessary farm. It is better to you for considering it because mainly business plays with capital cost. Turn back to economy principal that the business must be used for low capital with high profit. We also have some tips for raise farm with limited space.

3. Cage

Build semi-permanent cage is a dream of all farms. But what you will do if you didn’t have high capital to build semi-permanent cage? You can make a cage from bamboo to save more money. We can also rent unused chickens cage from failed farmers. Also, you can buy from farmers who have excess stock of cages. This method is even more economical without renting space and making cages but businesses can still run.

4. Number of chickens

Adjust the number of chickens to be maintained with financial conditions, it doesn’t become a problem raise small-scale at the beginning of the business. But if want a higher amount with minimal funds, we can also become livestock entrepreneurs in a partnership system with seed providers.

5. Pick the right location and well access

The best location for this business is the place which far from settlement. You better considering the comfortable of your neighbor. The broiler farming produces stink which can ruin the smell. Pick the location which isn’t around by settlement but not over far from your house. You can choose the location between rice fields or free space land. It is better if the location is far from settlement, nearly by your house and available with water source. It is important for you to pay attention over the access to your farm. Bad access can impact your business too. Your partner maybe don’t want to be your partner anymore because they hard to access your farm. Even you give them low price, it is be plus point if you treat your partner with nice access to make their job easier. Besides, bad access also impact to your broiler chickens, for example potholes. When the rain is come, the water will fill the potholes. The potholes will trigger some diseases by its puddle.

6. The cage and air circulation

Besides the cage should be near with water source, you must take the regulations to start the business. It is better to make the cage position is stretching from east to west. Install some lamps to light the cage in the night and helps the chicks warm. The location which is far from settlement with none any building around the cage is profitable to air circulation. The wind will get in and out regularly. It makes the broiler chickens get fresh air to reduce the hot temperature. You are also makes and manage the litter and insulation. Don’t forget to give a place to eat and drink for chickens.

6. Choose superior chicks

All types of farm business such as how to raise broiler chicken and choose superior chicks are important factors and determine the success or failure of farm business. Choose the superior chick doesn’t mean you have to choose the big one, but you have to choose the one which high quality. It must be health and fresh. The good quality is also determines the ability to life survive. Also, the quality determines the health mentality. The superior chicks guarantee for quickly raise process and good result. Beside selective for the chicks, make sure the sires also have active movements even thought their bodies are very fat. Also, make sure the feathers are shiny and clean. There is not much dirt in the nostrils and also the ass. And, for the most ideal chicks are 39 grams.

Here are 3 grades of chicks:

  • Grade A

The chicks are provide by high well-known companies by choosing the best chicks products and sold at the most expensive prices. The chick’s weight is not less than 40 grams and health.

  • Grade B

The weight is around 30-40 grams. Grade B is still of high quality because generally all chicks don’t have physical and healthy disabilities, but only lower body weight.

  • Grade C

Grade C is the lowest broiler chickens in grade C or often also known as plain grade, often found these puppies have physical defects in the legs, wings or even in the eyes and other parts. While the weight is also generally lighter and the price is also the cheapest. This grade is often bought by broiler traders as toy chickens that have been colored by their feathers with various attractive colors.

7. Well treatment steps

To makes the growth is optimal and moreover faster, you need the well treatment steps. These steps will guide you about the characteristic over broiler chicken based on its days old

  • First week (1-7 days)

Move the chicks to the heater then give warm drinking water and sugar (day 1). For day 2 and so on you can use ordinary water. Give the initial feed for chicks in the form of small gains or crumbles. The amount of the feed given is at least 13 grams per head or 1,3 kilograms for the needs of 100 chickens. Whereas, the first vaccination will be carry out on the 4th day.

  • Second week (8-14 days)

In the second week, it still requires supervision but it is lighter than the first week. The temperature can be lowered. Feed needed in the second week is 33 frams per chickens or 3,3 kilograms per 100 chickens.

  • Third week (15-21 days)

During the daytime, the heater can be turned off. The amount of feed needed is 48 grams per chicken. The second vaccination is carried out again this week, especially towards the end of the week or near the 21st day.

  • Fourth week (22-28 days)

Heaters can be removed, because at this age chicken feathers have started for dense and enough to warm his body. The feed needed is 65 grams per chicken.

  • Fifth week (29-35 days)

The amount of feed needed is more, which is 88 grams per chicken. Before the age of 35 days, do a sampling body weight again. The ideal body weight is 1,8 -2 kilograms.

  • Sixth week (36-42 days)

At this age, the chicken is ready for harvest. The floor must be kept dry and always maintain the cleanliness of the cage.