6 Effective Ways to Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster

Basically, broiler chicken is the fastest grow chicken racial. This chicken usually used for profit business. Even though the farmer unused for some formula to grow it fast because broiler chicken quick-grow naturally, but some farmers are used some strategies to makes broiler chickens grow faster. This strategy is formulated to makes broiler chicken grow faster and absolutely this formula is different with vaccine formula. As we know that farmers has forced to produce a ton of meats in short time. Short time here means that how the farmer grow the broiler chicken sooner than grow time generally. For the farmer, the faster for broiler chicken to harvest, the more good progress for the farm. We think it is impossible to grow it fast without any strategies.

We can’t guarantee for the result because basically it is depend to your broiler chicken condition and progress. Obviously the healthier your broiler chicken progress and condition, it is increasing the opportunity the successful. There are some factors that you should considered besides the condition of your broiler chickens like diseases-attacked, consistency, and the characteristic of the broiler chicken itself. This strategies are really needed by some farmers both beginners and seniors. Here are effective ways to make broiler chicken grow faster.

1. Cage expansion

This concept adapted by the development of broiler chicken. The more broiler chicken grow, it will need more space to its movement. So the cage expansion is straight with its growth. This process can start since the chicks is 3 days old, and getting wider per 3 days. Until 10 days, the cage is full space and ready to fills as maximum.

2. Air ventilation

The ventilation management gets the oxygen as much as possible to the cage. Moreover, since 3 days old the cage of the chicks, ‘open and close the ventilation’ should be practice to the chicks. This thing reminds that broiler chicken is able to grow quickly with small heart and lungs so it needs good oxygen circulation. This senior farmer usually doesn’t want to practice this way because they assumed that the chicks will getting cold if they opened the ventilation.

3. Feed and drink

Place the suitable between food and drink and broiler chicken to avoiding competition each internal broiler chicken. The greedy broiler chicken will takes other broiler chicken feed directly. It makes unbalancing grow in one cage. Imagine from 100 tails broiler chicken that should be harvest on time, but the broiler chickens that ready to be harvest just 90 tails. That also caused by high-competition to feed in internal chicken. It is absolutely harm for farm and decreasing the profits.

4. Avoiding give too much antibiotics amino acid

You don’t need to give broiler chickens too much antibiotics. As we know that antibiotics help us to avoiding the chickens from disease. But we must remind that the disease will attacked the sick of broiler chicken. If our broiler chicken is health, we don’t need to give it more antibiotics. The antibiotic has its own effect. We have to priority the internal support of development. The important thing is how the farm provides the broiler chickens which health and has high-quality. Same with antibiotic, the farmers doesn’t need give the broiler chicken too much amino acid. Basically amino acid used to makes the broiler chicken grow faster. But, as like forced-growth, it also has its own effect like high opportunities to infected some diseases, lameness, or paralyze.

5. Vaccination

Well beside as step to treat the broiler chicken, giving vaccination will optimizing the growth of broiler chicken. The analogy is when something ruined system, we have to remove it right? Same with this thing, vaccination helps us to remove the disease in order to optimizing the process of growth, moreover make it faster. Vaccine is a weakened or already disabling microorganism that causes pain or is imunogenic which means it can stimulate or stimulate immune formation in the body. In the process id administering vaccines or what is known as vaccination can be done by mixing vaccines with drinking water, drop vaccination, and injection vaccination. Before vaccinating, there are a number of things that you need to be considered, here is the following explanation:

  • Good vaccine storage method

Keep the vaccine in the refrigerator with temperatures between 2-8 C. Do store it in the freezer section. Avoid vaccine from heat and sunlight directly. Keep out of reach of children. If the vaccine will be transported to a place that is quite far away, place it in a place that has goo insulation properties to the temperature in the outside environment. The right container is a thermos or stereo foam box, don’t forget to put ice in the container.

  • Situation and condition that need to be considered before administering the vaccine

Look over the type of vaccine to be used, dosage. You better see the expiration table and the time to give the vaccine must be right. Before giving a vaccine, make sure the chicken is healthy. Avoid vaccination during weather or hot temperatures. The maximum temperature allowed is 29 C. as much as possible stay away from using metal containers, it is recommended to use plastic containers. Use new, clean, and fresh water which is free of chlorine, disinfecting, and has a pH between 6,5 – 7,5. Vaccine sites and vaccinations must be cleaned immediately after use. Wash using running water without any additional chlorine and disinfectant. After vaccination, you should immediately give supplements or multivitamins so that the chicken is not easily stressed.

6. Well treatment steps

To makes the growth is optimal and moreover faster, you need the well treatment steps. These steps will guide you about the characteristic over broiler chicken based on its days old

  • First week (1-7 days0

Move the chicks to the heater then give warm drinking water and sugar (day 1). For day 2 and so on you can use ordinary water. Give the initial feed for chicks in the form of small gains or crumbles. The amount of the feed given is at least 13 grams per head or 1,3 kilograms for the needs of 100 chickens. Whereas, the first vaccination will be carry out on the 4th day.

  • Second week (8-14 days)

In the second week, it still requires supervision but it is lighter than the first week. The temperature can be lowered. Feed needed in the second week is 33 frams per chickens or 3,3 kilograms per 100 chickens.

  • Third week (15-21 days)

During the daytime, the heater can be turned off. The amount of feed needed is 48 grams per chicken. The second vaccination is carried out again this week, especially towards the end of the week or near the 21st day.

  • Fourth week (22-28 days)

Heaters can be removed, because at this age chicken feathers have started for dense and enough to warm his body. The feed needed is 65 grams per chicken.

  • Fifth week (29-35 days)

The amount of feed needed is more, which is 88 grams per chicken. Before the age of 35 days, do a sampling body weight again. The ideal body weight is 1,8 -2 kilograms.

  • Sixth week (36-42 days)

At this age, the chicken is ready for harvest. The floor must be kept dry and always maintain the cleanliness of the cage.