How to Stimulate Newborn Puppy to Pee and Poop

newborn-puppyHello there fellow dog lovers!. How are and your dog doing?. We hope that you guys will be healthy as a horse always everyday and more. Hey, have you tried to let your male or female dog to mate thus breeding a puppy?. Well, you should try one as it will make your dog to be happy psychologically and come on newborn puppy? Isn’t it the cutest adorable thing on earth?. A new puppy from mommy dog and daddy dog. Surely, they will be ready to cheer up your day and make your life more colorful.

Let us give you a proof how a puppy and companion will not only give your dog to be happy but also will make your life more colorful and cheerful. Writer has a friend who owned a single dog. Earliest time the dog is cheerful, barking happily, and love to play with her owner everyday. Writer’s friend tend to walk her out everyday after college, yup everyday, mostly just walk in the park.

However, one day her dog did not shown any sign of passion to play anymore even for walking. No food will move her, the vet says nothing wrong with her medically, and the worst part was the dog become so much aggresive to her own owner. She started chewing sofas and many things she can chews.

After that, writer’s friend decided to bring her to a vet again, the vet says nothing wrong, but alas, her dog might be lonely. Knowing that, writer’s friend decided to bring home a female companion to company her dog’s day. Then, after a quite moment, the dogs love her new companion and decided to mate with her.

After a few mating sessions, a grateful news come, the female dog was pregnant, what a wonderful news indeed. Then, after a 2 months, she began to give a birth to 4 puppies. What she did after that, she quickly secure the female and neutering the male, yeah for your information dog is an animal and they don’t have a strong love relationship like us, especially a male dog will lose interest to a non-virgin female dog.

However, writer’s friend was considered new into puppies . She didn’t know anything about raising puppies. She thought the mommy will take care of them by breastfeeding and teaching them basic dog insticnt; she just simply assure the mommy to be well fed and to be comfortable enough. Then, a problem came, when all the puppies poo together, there were a single puppy that does not want to poo; it is indeed weird and probably will cause medical problem.

Knowing that, she decided to bring the unable to poop puppy into a vet, and the vet said that puppy mostly has difficulties to poop even to pee; they need a stimulation to help them poo and pee; however, mostly the mommy will stimulate her own puppies but sometimes she just a dog and forget to stimulate one puppy. From that story, animallova would like to give you  the best simple tips straightly from vet on How to Stimulate a Newborn Puppy to Poop and Pee. So check it out!.

Helping Them Pee and Poo

Not like us, puppy need help to pee and poo, especially on the bowel part of their body because they don’t have yet any control for that part of their body. Yup, we need to do some bowel movement exercise to stimulate them to pee and poo. Usually, the mommy will do all the work but sometimes she is just a dog after all; the mommy usually will lick around the anal area.

However, don’t worry we will not suggest you to lick your puppy’s final pipe as it would be disgusting and ridiculous. The first thing you must do is give the puppy a tummy massage until she feels the satisfaction of being rubbed on the tummy, do this for at least five minutes. Then, you can continue “licking” puppy’s final pipe by rubbing it with cotton ball or you could rub it with a warm moistened towel. Rub gently around the pipe and the pee, rub them upside-down for at least 5 minutes.

However, 10 minutes of rubbing the pipe and pee will not be enough. You need more than that, as 1 time of 10 minutes of rubbing will not do anything good. You need to do it more frequently, which means that yes having a puppies could be considered as having a baby, so you need to look after her carefully; you need to spend your time watching your puppies breast-feed and after the feeding then you must do the rubbing once again. Do this until your puppy is able to poop. Be wary though, you must make sure that she is able to poo, so you must watch them poo by your own eyes. You know, if you don’t you might be confused by other puppy’s poop.

Congratulations! You have successfully stimulated your puppy to Pee and Poop. Now it is offical, you are exactly like a mommy dog for your puppies so prepare yourself to have a touching moment later on with your own dog. Your bonds will be strong each day and one day you could feel the sensation of having a dog like in that Hachiko’s story.

But remember, you must prepare for possible outcome, there are many problems that await for both of you. There are many threats waiting ahead for your dog such as medical disease, accident, your dog got lost, or even like Hachiko story. Just simply don’t forget to pray for your family and your dog, pray for protection from such tragedy and may God allow you to be happy forever with your grateful family along with your loyal long-life companion, your beloved adorable dog. So, don’t give up, love your dog always, and more. Good luck!.

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