Why Dog Suddenly Stop During a Walk?


Hello there fellow dog lovers!. How are you and your dog doing?. Indeed we always hope you guys will be in a good shape always and no harm shall interrupt your incredible relationship with your dog, obviously we all know that dog is the most loyal pet for human, even adorable cat could not beat their loyalty for us. Which is why having a cat will make you independent whereas having a dog will provide you a new best friend.

However, not like cat, dog requires more care than cat. Having a cat is simple you just need to feed, clean the litter, take them to bath, let them play and all is done; but dog, it is not that simple, dog takes more care than cat as you need to train them to exercise them. One way to exercise dog is taking them for a walk. You don’t need to take your cat to walk with you, but dog it is mandatory for you to take your dog for a walk.

Well taking a dog for a walk is not a piece of cake. It is not an activity that’s going to be easy for you, especially if you are new in neighborhood or if your dog has suffered a trauma before; we guarantee you walking your dog will be exremely difficult. As they may suddenly stop, sit down, then barks literally to anything or anyone who come pass her. Which is why, on this article animallova would like to tell you why your dog suddenly stop during a walk and how to prevent it for good. So check it out!.

  • Trauma

Animal, especially dog also has a feeling just like us. So when someone or something make them angry, uncomfortable, or scared they will get a trauma. No wonder when they meet anything that made them traumatized before during a walk., they will tend to stop and they will either growling or whining to the things that traumatized them.

If you already identified the trauma surely it will be easier for you to prevent your dog suddenly stop during a walk. You just simply need to remember what and why your dog got traumatized. If your dog traumatized because of some big scary dog, then make sure you don’t take a route where a big scary dog is present on that route. Simple right?.

Well, the true trouble is when you don’t ever know that your dog has been traumatized before. You will get shocked as your dog suddenly stop then growling or whining to something that she should not be scared of. You get confused and probably forcing your dog to move along which is a bad actually. Furthermore, this situation will make your dog become more traumatized than before especially if you are not aware and you keep forcing them to meet their trauma without sending them to a rehab.

So, please make sure that your dog has free from any kind of trauma before taking her out for a walk or prepare to face the dire consequences. You could give a home remedies for your dog or simply bring her to your most trusted vet.

  • Comfortable with Particular Spot

Once again dog is just like us, they have a feeling. So they could remember all the good things that ever happened to them or everything that could make them comfortable. Thus, she will be bark happily everytime they see it. Imagine you meet someone that you love very much, indeed you will spend hours and hours just to be with them or when you are in the most place that could make you so comfortable surely that it is difficult to leave this spot. Same goes for the dog, when they see someone or another dogs that she love or a place that hold a great memories for them, they will tend to stop and sit down barking happily to enjoy every moment of it.

So if one day you take your dog for a walk and she sees one of her favorite person, we could assure you she will stop and bark happily for that person. She will give a code to let that person know that she wants that person to pet her. Not only that, if you love to bring your dog to a park and play catch with her there, she will remember that this park is a beautiful place that she spends her quality time with you. If by any chance you take her for a walk and you guys walking to the park, she will suddenly stop and bark happily to you; you could not force her to live as she just simply wants to play catch with you. If this happens, play a catch with your dog for a moment. After five to ten throw you could persuade her to continue walking, just don’t forget to bring her favorite tennis ball during a walk.

  • Hunting Instinct

Yeah hunting instinct, every dog has it. An instinct to kill a prey, especially a smaller animals such as birds, racoons, squirrel, even small cat. When she sees one during a walk, she will suddenly stop, then she will begin to growl, and the hunt begins!. Well it could be troublesome for you the owner as you might get shock and you lost grip to your dog’s leash, hence you must catch your dog before she get lost. If such things happens, make sure that you have a strong grip on your dog’s leash.

Well that is all fellow dog lovers!. You have all known the reasons behind those sudden stops. Not only that, know you will able to prvent it and you will able to walk smoothly with your dog without any trouble. Just remember, dog is your friend so treat her properly. May this article useful for all of us. Good luck!

*Barks away