How to Stop Male Cat’s Marking


Hello there fellow cat lovers! How are you and your cat doing? Hope you guys always be healthy and happy forever and ever. Hey, do you guys have a male cat? Well having a male cat is surely handy as they have zero chances of getting pregnant, so you don’t need to worry about your house turning into a house full of kittens. Male cat also usually more couragous than female cat, so if you are having a pest problem, your cat might help you out with his hunting insticnt.

But, have you ever seen your male cat fighting other cats? Or even fighting his own companion male cat?. Yeah cat love to fight to each others in the sake of their territory. Cat who has seen another cat will naturally act to defend his territory. Cat does not like uninvited guest. Even sometimes we find difficulties to bring him male companion to become his playmate, as they will ended up fighting for territory over and over again. Well, if we bring them female companion, then be prepared that your house will turn into house of cat soon enough.

Not only that, have you seen your male cat goes everywhere inside your house approaching every particular items as much as possible? Then when you find out your beloved adorable male cat has put his marking all over your house?. Yeah, cat’s marking, a sign of warning for other cats, a sign to declare that your house is officially his territory. It is indeed annoying as the marks left foul pungent odor that surely will make you want to puke, also the odor will also last for quite some time. Well, having a cat is surely fun but the marking thing is indeed annoying for all of us, which is why today animallova would like to give you the best easy tips available for you on How to Stop Male Cat’s Marking. So check it out!.

Why Male Cat Do Marking?

Male cat has greater chance to do marking than female cat. As male cat is more aggressive about defending his territory and marking also help her to prepare his reproductive organs before mating. If you bought a male companion for male cat, then be prepared as your house might turn into a warzone. Cat has low hospitality to accept other cats, especially for strange male cat, which is why he will try to do marking all over your house to warn that cat that this house is mine. Not only that, if your cat is mature enough to do mating, then be prepared to receive lot of marks at your house.

Cat who ready to mark usually will twitch his tails and one of his legs then spray some marks on particular items. Also, the marks is just a small drop of urine, but containing a special chemical agents that purposed to warn other cats. So if you are finding a small pee stain, then be aware as your cat might have do the marking activities recently.

How to Stop Male Cat’s Marking?

  • Neuter Your Cat

Male cat usually do marking to help him prepare his reproductive organs so he could mate properly. No wonder, a male lust for mate cat will tend to do marking all over your house. He will not stop until he found the proper mating-soul. But, if he lives alone at your house, how long does it takes for him to find a proper mating-soul?

If you want him to stop marking everywhere around the house, then you could take the option to neuter your cat. Yeah neutering your cat. Removing his lust for mating. Removing a little bit of his reproductive organs. Certainly, it will work, but writer personally does not recommend this as writer believe this is a cruelty towards our beloved male cat. So you guys better check another options.

  • Don’t Bring Him a Male Companion

In writer’s empiricism, a male cat will only accept another cat that share a bloodline with him. Memeng for example, he never accepts another cat even kitten regardless their sex, he will only accept his mother. Yeah, he still love his mother even though he is a cute, brave, adorable kitten now. This situations, emphasize that you should not buy a companion, especially male companion. As it will only provoke your cat to fight with him and alas, starting to marks every item at your house. If you wanted to give him companion, try to give him  a female cat, at least it will give him  a chance of having a mating-soul.

  • Prevent Your Cat to See Another Cat

Close your doors, binds, and windows. Do not let your cat to see a stray cat outside the house. Once he sees one, he will start to become more vigilant. He’s afraid that stray cat will invade his territory, thus he will decided to marks your house in no time. So, if you don’t want marking at your house, make sure you already close the doors, binds, and windows to prevent your cat from seeing another cats.

  • Do Activity with Your Cat

Male cat who got bored will tend to do marking. So, don’t make your cat get bored. Just play with him regularly, by providing him with his favorite mice toys, cuddling, and petting him. This surely will encourage him to not do marking, but instead he will prefer to play with his toys and his owner.

  • Enzymatic Cleaner

In order to prevent future marking, you could buy a ezymatic cleaner spray and spray it on every items that your cat has marked. With enzymatic cleaner not only you could clean the drops effectively, but also you  could prevent future marking. As enzymatic cleaner has the agents to assure your cat will never wants to pee or even mark on that item ever again.

Well that is all fellow cat lovers!. It is indeed easy to make sure your male cat not to marks again right?. Just do the tips passionately and you will get a proper result. Remember, love cat always and good luck!.

*Meow away