How to Train Your Cat Not to Pee on Furniture


Hello there fellow cat lover!. How are you and your cat doing? Hope your cat will always get healthy and happy forever and ever. Fellow cat lovers, you must have noticed that cat has cat things that human sometimes could not understand. One day your cat might left a dead animal inside your house as a gift for you. One day she might want to rub your feet with her head to mark you as her owner (or assistant). Also, on day she could not be controlled as she peed all over your house’s furnitures. It is unstoppable and the smell because of it, it’s unbearable. Foul Odor of cat’s urine invading every furnitures inside your house. You could starting to smell the foul odor everytime you cross them or pass them, even sometimes you might be not aware of it, still you touch it and all the urine’s bacteria migrating from the furnitures into your hand. Ewww, disgusting.

Writer has the problem back then actually, Memeng love to spray all of her pee into every yard furniture such as corner of a bench, guess table, rug, front door, and everytime she could pee on. However, it does not smell, and you could imagine all of that undetected bacteria all over the furniture. However, it was not such big problem as writer could simply clean it up with paxil and Memeng would not like to pee on them again. Yeah, a chemical cleaner like paxil has a strong agents that make cat does not want to pee on it again, just like enzymatic cleaner. After that, she starting to pee below a mango tree and never pee on writer’s furniture again.

However, one of writer’s friend has a trouble, a big trouble in fact. As her cat love to pee on furnitures and the pee’ smell is awfully disgusting. No one could stand against such odor. No wonder, she must spend at least 1 hours of her day to clean every pee stain of her cat everyday. After that, she asked maybe even beg, how to stop her cute adorable cat to pee on furnitures anymore? Writer nodded this is indeed a serious problem for a cat lover, which is why animallova would like to give you the easy simple tips on How to Train Your Cat Not to Pee on Furniture.

Also be prepared as once again you might need the passion, patient, and cash to assure that your cat will never pee on any furnitures anymore. So check it out!

  • Spray The Furnitures with Ezymatic Cleaner

First thing you could do is to buy ezymatic cleaner and spray them on every single furnitures inside your house. Ezymatic cleaner could eliminate every bacteria that’s left of cat’s urine. Not only that, ezymatic cleaner also has the agents and more potent to make sure your cat does not pee on any furnitures ever again.

  • Prepare Two Different Litter Box

Well, after you spray every furnitures with ezymatic cleaner, you still must assure that your cat has her favorite spot to pee. Don’t make her confused as she will still pee carelessly if she could not find the perfect spot. You must at least able to provide her with two different litter box. Why two? Because with two different litter box we might know which litter box she liked the most.

  • Clean Litter Box Regularly

Well, if you noticed, a stray cat love to pee and poop in one spot but one day she might not pee on it again right? Yeah, that because she feels not comfortable to pee or poop on it again. As she does not get comfortable to do it on dirty area. The thing also goes with house cat, if you don’t clean up the litter box everyday; surely your cat will not want to use the litter box again. Alas, she might even try to pee carelessly again.

  • Move Their Litter Box

Well just like us, cat prefer to pee even poop on an easy to access site and a quiet place. So if you are placing the litter box to something noisy such as near washing machine and it’s unreachable; no wonder your cat does not want to pee on that litter box as the litter box has noisy surrounding and difficult to access for her.

Also, don’t place the litter box on a dark surrounding. Cat does not like it to pee on a dark surrounding as she does not feel comfortable and safe to pee in such place. Place the litter box on a bright area but still accessible and quiet.

  • Teach Your Cat

This is the thing that could be easily done but you must stay vigilant. As you might be need to spy your cat for quite moment, waiting her to pee. Does she will pee on the litter box? or does she will pee on the furnitures again?. Nobody, know except God and the cat, the only thing we could do to know is to find out when and where she will pee by once again spying on her.

Cat usually spray her pee if the suddenly approach particular furnitures, so be vigilant if you find out your cat doing so. Follow her, and after you caught her red-handed then stop her immediately and place her to litter box as soon as possible. Remember to said “Don’t do that Mr. Cat, pee on your box.” She might not understand it but in truth she understand it (She sometimes just does not care) . By doing this, your cat will understand that you will stop her to pee on any furnitures, thus she know the only place you will not stop her to pee is on her litter box. Congratulations! Your cat has not only acknowledge to pee on her litter box, but she also stop peeing on any furnitures!.

Well that is all fellow cat lovers, the tips once again requires so much patient, passion, and cash to be executed properly. So remember you guys have all of it before doing the tips. Remember, love cat always and good luck!.

*Meow away