How To Take Care Of Baby Ducks Easily

Baby duck which just cracked of egg need special attention and treatment to make them strong and alive. Basically the treatment is not as that complicated but still need effort to do that. Right treatment choice will affect a lot of this way of treatment because they do need protection and power.

The duck baby usually has yellow feather with orange duck and beak. Some of them has rare feather but half of them has a lot of feather even still baby. Baby duck is similar with another baby animal which still weak and paralyze. It also small and depend on their parent. They can do everything for their self alone and need some helps from anyone if you decide to pet them and separate it with their

There are some guidelines to take care baby duck easily on below so just let’s jump on it.

  • The cage

Choose the tight box without any holes of the base because baby duck needs something warm to make them feel safe and comfy. Use unused towel as the base because baby duck won’t be able to walk properly. Don’t use newspaper or another something that slippery because it surely threat them much. You won’t to see your duck baby slipped, right? Slippery base would hurt the duck when they try to walk inside the cage. Make sure that the cage is enough to cover all the ducks. You can choose cardboard as their cage as long as it tight, you can use it.

  • Install lamp and position choice

As mentioned before that baby duck needs something warm to make them feel safe and comfort. Basically towel base is not enough to make them warm, you need something more to keep them warm and the solution is lamp. Actually to start this you can use 100 watt bulb lamp. Make sure that there is area which far from heat of the lamp so the baby duck has cool area. Don’t install the lamp too close with the baby duck because it can burn them all. The heat and lamp power should be setting matched with their behavior. If the baby duck is commonly makes a group under the lamp it surely means that the baby duck is cold. But if they are spread out inside the cage well and their breath is hard, it means that they are hot. To control the heat you can make it close and away the lamp. The close is to make it more heat and close to decrease the heat.

  • Drink water

Place many water inside the cage. Place it in the container which not too deep. Something too deep if choose as water drinking place would make the baby duck drown. So choose the place that enough to add beak of duck but don’t make them drowned. The point is the deep. If you don’t have any place that not too deep you can reduce the deep with any stone. Make sure that the stone is clear. Change the water every day to avoid the duck from any disease which can spread in the water.

  • Food

Usually baby duck food is like soft and small particle that can buy it in the vet. If the baby duck seems like won’t to eat their food add some water to make the texture softer. You can also add some sugar inside their water drink during some times as their main energy source. Baby duck may needs more nutrition of yolk before eat duck food. Prepare the baby duck food everyday so they can eat every time. After 10 days old, the baby start to eat pallet that contained the nutrition that same as powdery food but the size is bigger. Even the baby duck love human food like bread, but don’t make them eat the bread because basically this food is not formulated for them. The baby duck allowed to eat fruit just make sure that you cut it off as small so the duck can eat it easily. Don’t give food that contained medicine because it would make system trouble inside the duck.

  • Pound

Make pound for your baby duck will help them to swim. As we know that duck has natural habit and it is swim. You have to facilitate this habit event they are still young. You can place big or medium container as their pound in the toilet. The main point of this pound is the surface is wide. Don’t too think about deep because it put the baby duck in danger. Therefore the baby duck can’t handle it so if the water is drowned the foot is pretty enough. Don’t let them swim too long because their feather isn’t waterproof yet. The baby duck will get waterproof feather when they are adult.

That’s all about how to take care of baby duck easily. Those tips are very useable for you who have high productivity that not have any free time to raise the duck. These step also useable for beginner who the first time to take care of duck. So, how then? It is not as that difficult, right?