14 Facts of Duck Before You Decide to Breed Them

Duck is a bird species that is including in Anatidae family. Commonly, duck is an aquatic bird that usually has a smaller size than one of the relative, goose. Basically, duck can be found in a freshwater or sea. But in Indonesia, duck is one of the animal that can be beneficial for business, for their meat and egg. You can read this article to know about facts of duck before you decide to breed them.

This animal is also well known as a tamed animal. Sometimes, people see this animal is alike the other types of birds, that have the long relation, but has a similar appearance, such as grebe, loon, coot, or gallinule.
Not only that, some of the ducks type are able to do the cross breeding. The offspring of this cross breeding is sterile and cannot produce anymore offspring. So, the offspring of any crossbreed is only a pet, not for business animals.   Finding Customers for Your Broilers Farm Business will help you to breed your duck better.

The body anatomy of ducks is long and wide, with a wide beak and a long neck. The body shape of the duck diver is a bit different and more round. Commonly, all types of duck has a pair of strong leg with a large feet, and a pair of strong wings. When the duck runs, they need the strong wings to hold its body, so that they can run faster.  How To Read Rabbit Body Language can help you  to know more about animal body language, so that you can know them better.

Duck also beneficial for the people that want to breed it. It is because duck has meat, egg, and feather to be sold. This is one of the reason that many people want to breed the duck.  Ducks and chicken have the similar way to raise, so  How to Raise Broiler Chickens for Profit help you to know more about the similar.

Besides well known as an animal that is beneficial to raise on a farm, the ducks also has some unique facts. Here is the facts of duck  before you decide to breed them.

  1. In the beginning, duck is a wild animal, until for the previous years ago, duck is raised by the Chinese people massively.
  2. When there is no other materials that can be used to make the nest, the duck’s mother will take off its feather only to make the nest.
  3. Even though duck is well known as a dirty animal, the fact is that duck always keep their body clean. They always lick any dirt that stick on their feathers.
  4. The feather has a special oil glands. So, even though they have been soaked and drowned for a long time, they will not get wet. This special oil gland also help them to stay warm even In a cold weather.
  5. There is no nervous system and blood vessel in duck feet. This will help them to never feel hot or cold when something with a hot or low temperature stick on its feet.
  6. The same as the other poultry, duck has a unique way to walk. The way they move their tails is because of their feet which have a wide membrane. This membrane also help them to swim faster.
  7. According to the research, the duck eyelids have 3 parts, those are the down side eyelid and the other two are on the top part.
  8. The other facts of the duck is their unique quacking sound. There is no echo from their voice when they are quacking.
  9. They are able to fly and reach 500 kilometers for each day.
  10. There are some types of ducks that have a long live stage. They can live for 14 years. This is happened because of many factors, but the most important one is the habitat.
  11. Basically, every kinds of duck have their own accent. This difference is depend on the type of voice from each species. How To Know If Your Bunny Loves You can make you know when the animal love you.
  12. When the duck egg crack, whatever the new born baby see for the first time will make them follow it, because they think of it as their mother. This unique fact is the answer for the case when the ducks think of many other animals, such as goose, chicken, etc as their mother.
  13. The duck sperm is able to kill the germ and bacteria.
  14. The other unique fact of duck is their vision ability. Because duck has an amazing vision ability, they are able to see more kinds of colors, compared to human. Interesting Facts Of The Hamster That You Should Know can also be a reference for you to know more about another animal fact.

Commonly, duck is monogamous animal, even though the bond usually last for only one year. The bigger species than the other species that stays (such as the expert in the river), possibly has the paired ties that lasts for more than one year. Many duck species breed for once a year, and choose to breed in a profitable time (usually in spring, summer or rainy season). The duck usually make the nest before they breed, and after hatched, they lead their ducklings to the water nearby and teach them how to swim. The mother duck is very protective and caring to the ducklings, but the mother might leave its duckling if they physically stuck in the area that they cannot avoid (such as a close nest in the yard) or the genetically disabled duck or caused by hypothermia, hunger, or any other diseases. The duckling also can be orphaned because of the late hatching that is not consistent where some eggs are hatched after the mother leave the nest and take the ducklings to the water.

Those are the facts of duck before you decide to breed them. Once you get to know the facts, it will make you easier to breed them, because you can know them better than before.