How To Train New Puppy to Trust You Quickly

First, i want to congrats you for your new puppy! Bringing puppy for the first time in your life would be the most beautiful moment which will last forever in your memory. It could be an adventurous moment for both of you to knowing each other and begin to create a wonderful relationship. Perhaps, if you’re a beginner, you would feel a little bit nervous – it’s okay, that is normal. Actually, not only you – your puppy certainly would feel the same.

You bring him to a new place, meeting with new people, must be quite stressful for him too. Certain things you should know when you decided to take care of puppy or adopt the adult one, do not – ever – trust myth which is spread out there. Majority of all those myths are based on nothing – just what people believed. There are even the worst myths that you probably already heard, very popular myths around the world still attach on some people.

Behavioral dog’s myths you should never believe. All of these things are dangerous and could create misconception about keeping adult dog or puppy as pet at home – which is unnecessary thing to happen if you know the right rules to raise them. Another skill you should have to raise a puppy is skill to train him to be alone at home. Obviously, you can’t always be with him all day long. It is important to make them feel safe and comfortable about all the environment and scenery around them.

The more comfortable your puppy with his surrounding, it could cut the time for both of you to make a bond. It could eliminate all the “awkward” gestures of you two. So, here we go, how to train new puppy to trust you quickly. Quickly doesn’t mean force them – you should remember that! Do not ever force them during the train, you only make more gap between you both and he’s gonna scare of you. Clearly you would never want that to happen. Prepare yourself, folks!

Make Sure That Your Puppy Knows What You Feeling About Them

Yes! This is the important matter that should be your main guideline to raise puppy. Like others living creatures whose has feel – this feeling is the vulnerable part yet beautiful you have to put it on the top of everything – if you really wanted a strong connection with him. Everything that comes out from you which is caught by them; your gestures, your voices intonation, the way you treat them – all those things are sign for them.

He could sense your emotion on every interaction and communication you make with him. He can sense when you angry, happy, or pleased of him – so, if you could understand it and turn it all the way around and hold it as a weapon to earn their trust and love. No words need anymore – he will give his heart forever to you. What could be more beautiful and wonderful than this? Nothing. He would do anything for you. So you better treat them the way they deserve to be treat, buddy.


Love is a solid ground for every strong relationship – especially dogs which is known as the most loyal creature on earth beside dove. They will give you everything they had, even their life in order to protect you. Spare some qualities time with them – just both of you – make them feel special and important. Here’s some useful tips that would help you improve your relationship with your beloved one:

  • Make sure your puppy’s primary bonding is with you not other animal in your household (in case you had another pet dog). Bonds between dogs could rapidly increase than dog to human, that’s why, make sure that your puppy know exactly that you’re the one who take care of them, protect them, and the provider master instead let your other dog become their babysitter.
  • Give him leash for outdoor and indoor, why? It could be one of the keys to housebreaking them. With leash on your puppy you could keep them stay near you so that they could only rely on you for help, also you could watch them easily, in case they do something which bring danger to themselves. Leash also become important tool to help you train you puppy – but please choose the safe leash which is made from soft and tender materials – the most important thing is don’t let it strangle him!
  • Let them sleep near you. Some people not allowing their pet sleep in bed with them (with many reasons) and if you’re one of them, don’t worry though, you could place your puppy’s bed next to your bed. The idea is to make them sleep as near as possible with you. In fact, they would feel more comfortable when they could hear you breathe while you sleep, it’s make them feel accompany.

Basics Training

The next step is to train them some basics training on how they should behaved to you. This to make them get used with some structured order and make them understand you are the owner.

1. The Obedience Training

  • Start with basics commands

The very basic commands you could try to train it for your puppy is such as “down”, “sit”, “stay”, “come here”. You could use your body language to make them understand what do you mean. Example, you could point the ground with your finger as form to “sit” – and you could swing your hand back and forward as form to “come here”.

  • Make them sit in some areas

If your puppy already understand and following your instruction to “sit”. Then you have to train them sit in different places to make them understand a good manner, such in front of their food bowl, or when they wait for you.

2. The Respect Training

No owner want their puppy growing with such a terrible behavior. So, let’s train them to be respectful to their owner and other people.

  • Stay calm

You need to gain their trust from the first meeting. When you interact with them on the first time, calmness could be the sign by you for him that you know what you’re doing and friendly gesture. This could make them feel safe and accepted.

  • Respect them back

You should understand that your puppy also need some private space. You can’t disturb them anytime you want especially during the adjustment period, it could be very rude for them.

  • Let them come to you

Yes, yes. Don’t ever hush them away when they try to come to you! Your hands should always open for them anytime the needed. It could be a sign that your puppy is getting closer to you.

So, that’s it, how to train new puppy to trust you quickly. All you need to have is patience, don’t be too rush – just do it step by step. And also, don’t forget to give them a treat every time they accomplished the mission!