How To Train Your Shy Dog Become More Friendly

How to train your shy dog become more friendly? Maybe you’re one among many other people whose questioning this. It’s pretty sad and bothering to see your wonderful dog always shy, afraid, and hiding whenever someone tries to say hello to them. In serious case, shy dog will perform a loss control behavior such erupted into uncontrollably noisy barks – even loss control of their bowel and ended with urinated. This action could happen even in five feet distance without make any contact.

For chronic shy dog, every normal conversation such greeting is a terrible and terrifying experience, whereas for normal dog this kind of action could be enjoyable encounter. A shy dog can’t socialize in any crowded places, if you still force them to go to those places without any preparation, you just throw yourself and your dog in a stressful pool of experience. You should give your dog proper training and therapy to change this habit.

This is not going to be easy but nor impossible. You have to be patience and persistent on training him every single day until you see some improvement and progress on him. Otherwise, the shyness inside of him would grow stronger and make him step into an aggression as a form of self protection. The training and therapy is aim for rebuild the confidence and increase their quality of life so you’ll always seen them happy and healthy.

But first, you have to know all the symptoms of shy dog, so you can arrange the training menus and schedule time which suitable for them. Majority, shy dog will exhibit general symptoms such cowering gesture, painting and shaking, eschew from any interaction with stranger dog and people, ears flattened back to his head, barking or whining, avoid the eyes contact, his eyes are glassy, biting or nipping, and urinated in some cases.

If your dog have symptoms above, then maybe it’s very good to arrange the training as soon as possible. So, how to train your shy dog become more friendly? Here’s some tips for you, my friend!

Building Trust Between Both of You

1. Gain Your Dog Trust

To make sure that your dog want to hear and obey everything you say, you have to gain his trust first. You have to show them some affection and care toward him, and assure him that everything which looked scary doesn’t always mean scary. Calm him down every time you see them exhibit unease gesture and posture. Be always patient, don’t ever rush and give your dog some space for them to accept and understand everything in his own time.

2. Show Them That You Are A Good Leader

Don’t make any gesture of regret such undo something that you say or do, because it could make them doubting you and become dominant. You should establish your self as their leader – a good leader, of course – with exhibit your calmness yet firm. These two quality will be the keys to make your dog behaved themselves and become obedient – especially when something bad happens, you need to show them that you are countable and could protect them.

  • Do not reward them with sympathy like petting them and allow them to be scare, because too much sympathy could harm them and make the train in vain. Your dog will think that you still “okay” and “accept” everything they do.

3. Increase The Confidence

One thing you have to remember, confidence is different from dominance. In this relationship between you two, you’re the alpha not him. So, you have to be careful while trying to develop his confidence without make him think that he is the alpha and allow him to be dominant. So, what you have to do to increase his confidence? Well, you could try to introduce him to new people and dog in different situations than his normal life.

But, still keep an aye on him to make sure that he’s doing it without any pressure and threatened feeling. This training is the same training such obstacle and obedience training.

4. Give Them Some Treats!

You could hold some delicious treats in your hand and then give it to them every time they come closer to you. This action is to show that you care for them and don’t want to do any harm or do bad things to them. And don’t forget to praise him every time he’s done his work such calling them “good boy” or “you did it”, this habit will make him understand that you’re the one who take care of him.

  • Please, make sure that you give them a nutritious healthy treat for them – grain free and contain with meat.

5. Make Them Feel More Experiences

When you find that your beloved one already exhibit some improvement and progression, and become more and more confident in every stimulation you gave them, you can introduce them with a lot more exciting experiences day by day – by introduce him with new thing, you also prevent  him to get bore. Each success mission which he gains, will bring more confident.

Exercising Their Discipline

1. Use a Leash

Leash is very important tool during the exercise. Shy dog would try to escape from you any time they get a chance. So, at least with a leash in his neck, you could hold him from running away and make them learn some discipline. But, please choose the leash which is made from a soft and tender materials.

  • You can gently pull the leash and saying “come” to persuade him to get up and walk, and don’t forget to give him a treat if he obeys everything you say him to do.

2. Use Another Dog As Example

In case if you already have another dog – confident dog – you can make your shy dog learn from the confident dog. Usually, a shy dog would mimic what the confident dog do, so, it could lighten up the training. You can simply call the other one to come closer – when he come, give him a treat. Then do the same with a shy one, call his name – and usually they will copy what his senior do. You can apply this method to other training menus.

3. No Bite Training

Some shy dog will project biting habit as a form of their shyness. They will stop you from training with biting action such, biting your hand, your clothe, and anything you hold. You can discipline him by saying “no” while grab his snout – but remember, don’t do it too hard. Do not ever do violent thing to your dog, or he will lose his trust on you!