Helping Recently Adopted Dog to Rebuild Her Confidence


We’ve talked about adopting a street dog, helping her to heal emotionally, heal her injuries, and make her enjoy the happiest moment in her life. She feel that you are her friend and savior who saved her from the cruelty of the world. She will show her grateful to you and become so much faithful to you. She will try hard to become the best pet for you. However, even though she has been healed from the abusement and trauma, your dog may suffer inconfidence and insecurity which caused by the abusement and trauma. But, don’t worry, you still able to help her to regain her confidence back, it is not an easy task but very worthy to try out. This is how to help recently adopted dog to rebuild her confidence and make her happy again.

  • Find Out What Make Her Lost Confidence

First thing you must surely do in order to regain your dog’s confidence back and make her running happily again is you must find out what caused her to lost her confidence. Finding the reason behind her lost confidence and insecurity is considered quite difficult as she may hide it from you or she never meet with anything or anyone who triggers her insecurity. However there are many easy methods you could try to find out the reason behind her lost confidence and insecurity.

In order to find out the reason, you must try to trigger her insecurity. Try to walk with her around the neighborhood and try to lookout whether there’s something or someone that might make her insecure, also you could try to make her meet another dogs or animal, and you could also make her to make her climb the stairs or something. If you find out she suddenly whimpers and freaks out then you find out what caused her insecurity.

After you find out what caused her insecurity then it is the time for you to help her to face her fear and make her become a happy confidence dog again. Note this, rebuilding your dog confidence is not an easy task, it’s need passion, love, and patient to help your dog to regain her confidence fully. Don’t give up on your friend!.

  • Teach Her to be Brave Around Strangers

If she got abused by someone before and she become traumatized because of it then she would find it difficult to be confident around strangers. She might isolate herself, and try to hide from the strangers behind your legs. She would suddenly whimpers because she afraid that the strangers would cause her harm again and the only person she could trust is you which is why she is whimpering behind your legs. This insecurity of strangers not only make her afraid but also make her emotionally damaged, the fear would cause her to stress out thus she might even get traumatized once again.

Making your dog to be brave around strangers it is quite difficult task to do. You must persuade your dog, remember dog understands what you said. So we recommend you to persuade her to be brave and confident around strangers. Try to talk her like this while patting her “Don’t worry bud, it’s okay he/she won’t harm you. I am here i will protect you always.” Try to repeat that and try to walk her slowly to the crowd. If she still afraid, then it’s okay you just need to comfort her again and again until she become confident around strangers.

  • Teach Her to Face Her Enemy

A confident dog and brave dog would bark bravely towards other dogs. If your dog lost her confidence against other dogs, then she would not bark instead she will whimpers and run away to you. Before you help her face her enemy make sure you have treated her wound which was caused by the fight between them. After that you are ready to help her.

Helping your dog to be confident again and make her bark bravely against her enemy it is quite difficult to do. You must once again persuade her to face her fear by comforting her. Also try to become her guard so when she met her enemy try to shoo away the enemy from her sight act as you protecting her from her enemy. She will think you as her guardian thus making her more confident again because she believe that she could always win against other dogs as she knows that you got her back.

  • Take Her to Exercise

“The more skills your dog learns, the more positive things your dog will have to focus on distracting her from dwelling on the things she previously feared. Start by teaching “Sit”, “Stay” and “Down” very useful commands that will also help the dog gain a sense of accomplishment and have something to do to earn your praise. – Help for the Shy & Fearful Dog,” – Paw Rescue

Dog could become more confident than before if you frequently take her to exercise. Exercising her make her believe she can do anything impossible confidently. Such as jumping from extraordinary height, climbing the stairs quickly, following your command, and many more. This is surely the best method for her if she lost her confidence because of trauma which make her afraid to climb stairs or anything in particular.

Try to persuade her first, patting her, and feed her with he favorite foods “Come bud you could do this just simply…(order her to do something). ” Then try to walk her out, walk her around neighbourhood, then try to take her to climb the stairs, take her to jump from thing to things, try to help her understand your command. If she show any sign of insecurity then try to comfort her again and again.

Note This

Rebuilding your dog’s confidence is not an easy task for sure. You must able to comfort her and persuade her to make her believe “It’s okay.” Train her frequently, passionately, and with love. Be patient as your dog will not regain her confidence in just matter of minutes. Good luck!.

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