7 Basic Guide To Pet A Parrot For Beginners

For you who want to pet a bird inside your home but don’t have any large space to place their cage, parrot is one of all options that you can choose. Parrot is a bird which have beautiful feather which usually living in the forest. Some kind of parrots is protected but some of them can be pet at home.

Parrot has beautiful feather which is combine at least three colours which is red, yellow, blue, green, and even white. There is one colour in their body but generally, parrot has three combination colours that makes people really want them.

Parrot is really friendly and getting used with people. Also, they can copy people’s voice and talked like literally human. Their naturally instinct which makes them be able to friendly with human, makes you clear that basically this bird isn’t kind of hunter bird. Also, they aren’t carnivore. That’s why actually this bird can living well inside the house.

But for you who still beginner, there is some tips that you should followed if you still first time to pet this bird. Here we go.

  • Prepare the cage

For you who still beginner, it is matter to using cage to safe your parrot. That’s because you didn’t getting used yet toward this bird. It is just like prevent action to protect you if they are may flying randomly inside you home. You can ‘locked’ them a while to makes them getting used with new environment. Also, if you still didn’t getting used with the presence of this bird moreover while you are still beginner to pet this bird. Cage literally will help you a lot. Not only to ‘locked’ or being ‘home’ for them but it also helps you to keep the bird. The cage also really useable when you have a kid in your home who really have to prevent by any bacteria that may brings by the parrot. Basically, if you are already getting used with the bird and the bird is calm when you put them out of cage, you can throw the cage and you don’t need it anymore. Parrot can live free inside your but by that note, if both of you and the parrot is getting used each other. When you choose the cage for them, make sure that the cage is medium size. Don’t need to choose the bigger one because it makes the parrot more aggressive. And, if in the end you don’t need it anymore, then why you have to spend your money to buy the larger cage, right?

  • Know their sex

Well this is may not the basic but we think you need this point. To treat male or female parrot is different and we can’t make it same each other. You may have to more loveable when you treat female parrot because they lover that thing. Also, you don’t need to more loveable when you act towards the male parrot. Whatever the sex and whatever more treat their love, make sure that it is the best for them.

  • Preparing their food and drink

All life creature needs food and drink to continue their life. Both food and drink are the main source of energy so when they didn’t eat and drink, automatically they would weak. It is sure thing that you have to fulfil to prepare the food and drink to parrot. You bring them at your home and you must treat them well. Also, their food isn’t that hard. Basically, parrot is grain eater so they usually eat grain like corn or peanut, soft fruits like papaya or banana. You can also change their food using bird food which usually sell in pet shop. Also, don’t forget to give them vitamin to build their immune so they can prevent by any disease and to balancing their nutrition. And, make sure that the food is fresh and safe to consume.

  • Keep the cleanliness

Don’t forget to cleaning the box of food and drink space. Literally, bacteria are in everywhere. Make sure that their food and drink box is sterile so bacteria can’t enter their body. If needed, change the drinking water every day to get fresh water.

  • Bathing

You better bathing the parrot at least three times per week to clean the dust in their feather. As we know that their feather colour is really beautiful and dust can make it pale. To make the feather beautiful again, bathing them commonly will help you keep them beauty. Psst, you better bathing them in the morning.

  • Interaction and quality time

Usually, people will interact with their parrot when the parrot bath. People who already getting used to pet parrot will talk to them when they spray the water. Technically, you can do interaction every time until you get bored with the bird. But it suggested when the bathing time because naturally, the bird is getting calm and relax while the water touched their body. So, it said that it is more effective to communicate with the bird during bath time.

  • Subscribed vet or pet shop

For you who still beginner and really blind about pet parrot business, you need to have subscribed vet or pet shop as your partner if there is something happen in your parrot. Don’t push yourself to handle the trouble by yourself because you may make it worse. People who had experience is still fail, and what you expect from not experience people? Don’t mean to underestimate you but it is a prevent act to make it not getting worse.

Parrot is kind of collaborative bird which is really easy to treat in home. Their food, their needed, and their habit is still tolerance and can still did at home. The main thing when you pet something in you home is make sure that everything’s they needed is fulfilled well so they are can living well both of their mind and their body. Treat them well as well as you can. don’t push yourself if you found something hard. Call vet if something wrong happened.