Iguana Invasion in Unlikely Places, Why are They there?

Iguana invasion in unlikely places, why are they there? Iguana should be live and stay in the place where they are belonged. As a pet, this herbivorous reptile should be stay calm and lazy in their lovely habitat miniature. But, what would happen if they do walk and spread across the area they shouldn’t? That would be extremely surprising! However, now we would discuss the possibility of iguana walk through places which is quite unlikely for them.

Could you imagine though, your beloved iguana suddenly appear in the part of your house which is you know it’s impossible because you thought he or she would never do that? That would be hilarious but at the same time it’s a little bit scary too. However, as we knew that iguana (beside snakes) are the most likeable reptile to be a pet. Not just purchase them, a lot of people do adopt an iguana from the shelters or foster care houses. That is how much some people love this animal; exactly the same as you and me in case of adopting cat or dog.

We would do anything to whom we love. Moreover, because of their unique characteristics, iguana sometime do some various behaviors under your watch. It might surprise you first, because you are not really familiar by it; but as the time goes by, you would easily recognize you iguana behavioral. To bath an iguana is not an easy thing to do (I do believe it has different kind of difficulty on every pet); because of their wild habit, if you touch them inappropriate way (prone to unpredictable moves), they might get fears and attack you.

But, don’t worry, it’s just the matter of time until your iguana recognize you as their owner and the one who feed them. Talking about feed, you also need to know as vegetarian, iguana only eat green leafy, vegetables, and fruits. They do not eat meat at all, keep it in your mind. Force them to eat meat would just cause upset gut in digestion system. So, please do not do something weird that just based on your curiosity. If you want to know what kind of foods are the perfect ones for your iguana, you should read this: here are 3 best foods for iguanas.

Iguana Invasion

How if somehow, the very next morning, you found iguana – not only one, but more than one iguana already sit down calmly on your front yard? That would be shocking isn’t (especially for people who afraid of reptile like me)? But, that is what happened in Florida, the southern state in The United States of America. Florida has reputation of one of the state where you could found reptiles in every place; crocodiles, and iguanas are the most frequent animals you could easily found in Florida.

But, how is a massive invasion happened caused by surplus population of iguanas lead to those iguana invasive people’s neighborhood? Yes, that is another issue for the common people even the local government. The previous year of 2018, specifically on July was the most high record-setting of iguana’s invasive numbers which is ever happened in South Florida. But, however, it’s a little bit complicated if you are asking the precise estimate number of the reptile, why?

Apparently none of state’s calculation have been made by naturalist, researchers, or official members of local government. Insufficient of resources which is happened due the other assignment have been made to another places; lead to catastrophe of uncounted number of iguanas on the fields. What kind of other important assignment that is more important than the iguana’s invasion issue? Well, one of the example is Burmese pythons eradicated out from Everglades.

Just like I mentioned before, State of Florida was famous with its wildlife which is quite “wild” over the state. You could found mammalians and reptilians almost everywhere, and easily; just pick whatever you like, my friends. However, environmental consulting firm Natural Selection president which also a conservation biologist named Joe Wasilewski explained: the lack of funding and effort for iguanas appeared become the main caused of uncontrollably explosion of iguana’s population.

It’s not surprising anymore, based on the fact that a lot of people underestimate iguanas because they were just likely to get 18-feet long and herbivorous reptile which is “safer” than other creeping reptiles. According to the record from FWC (Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) coordinator of exotic species, Kristin Sommers said: iguanas has been lived among Floridian since the 1960s; since then the level of “conflict” between both of human and iguanas keep increased.

For you note, many of animal threaten sewage lines and damaged the wildlife ares in the Florida keys. Commonly, the spiny tale iguanas and green iguanas are founded near the canal or open widely areas surround by waters around South Florida. The examples are the tree hammocks habitat and golf courses areas. You should understand that iguanas aren’t protect by legal law except by anti-animal cruelty laws in Florida; so, you could freely shoot them and banished them if they ever enter your property.

But, however you should know there’s a law that govern the firearms; so, please make sure that you check you local law enforcement. After this, we would share to you about one of experience from people who become the “victim” of the great invasion of iguanas:

In Apartment

A  woman named Rachel O’Hara who lived in Boynton Beach apparently found an iguana hang out around her apartment complex. Not only one, she found three iguanas at the same times. She claimed to one of media that one of the iguana make it ways down from its perch to her lounge chair. Not a big fan of reptiles, she reviled that the tail and claws was enough fuel to see to make her terrified. So, Rachel decided to go to another side of the pool and left the iguana munched on a flower.

However, what about you my friends; what would you do if out of nowhere, there’s an iguana creeping slowly to you?