6 Incredible Tricks Your Cockatiel Can Do

Ever considering adopting a cockatiel? Cockatiel is an intelligent bird with many talents to please you. If you already adopt one, you can train and learn more about any incredible tricks your cockatiel can do.

Cockatiel is externally more pleasing as it has more petite figure and friendlier personality compared to its brethren parrot. Moreover, cockatiel also has longer life span as long as you give it the best food choices for cockatiel. Do you want to know more about what tricks your cockatiel can do? Let’s see it here.

Incredible Tricks Your Cockatiel Can Do

There are several tricks that you can train your cockatiel to do.

  • Mimic Voice

Cockatiel has good talent when it comes to mimic voice. They may not as fluent nor loud as parrot, but they have better pitch in mimicking voices. Moreover, they can copy the tune they overheard. For example, they can record tune they heard from television or radio, and they will be able to mimic the tune perfectly.

Male cockatiels have better ability when it comes to mimicking voice. Especially when they are still young and in the spirit of mating season, they can be very talkative.

  • Fly to Their Owner

Cockatiel is one of hospitable birds that can easily attach themselves to human. Even though they may initially feel uncomfortable in new environment, they generally able to get fond to their owner. As a result, you can train your cockatiel to fly to you. It can also fly to any branches that you provide in your house.

Cockatiel is a docile animal especially the female cockatiels, thus, they do not escape house easily the way other birds usually do. This is one of cockatiel’s best traits that you can polish.

  •  Follow Your Movement

As said before, cockatiel is intelligent animal that can learn fast. Therefore, you can also teach it one of tricks your cockatiel can do which is by making it follow your movement. It may seem easy at first but if your cockatiel is still new in its surrounding, it will be challenging. New cockatiel tends to be very defensive in new surrounding and will not follow its owner command. Therefore, you can train your cockatiel to follow your command by training it daily and give it a treat as a reward. Slowly, once you get acquainted with your cockatiel, it can follow your movement.

  • Shake Hand

Another trick that your cockatiel can do is shaking hand. You can invite your cockatiel to shake hand with you as a sign of fellowmanship. Cockatiel is very loyal to its owner once you get to get close to it. Thus, you can train it to do some movement as in example by moving your hand forward as if offering to high five with your cockatiel. You have to be careful especially if you deal with new cockatiel as it may bite or peck anything that it finds threatening. Cockatiel is an intelligent bird so once it is fond of you; it can easily read your instruction and will return your high five. You can also train your cockatiel to fly to you.

  • Walk on Rope

Cockatiel with its petite size is a pro when it comes to walking on a tightrope. Its slim and lightweight body can support its balance. Not only it can walk on a tightrope, it can also balance itself in a thin thread with ease. With this trick, you can boast about your cockatiel to your friends and colleagues. At first, your cockatiel may only stand and will not walk on the rope as it needs to adjust its balance. However, once you keep training it, it will eventually able to walk at ease.

  • Turn Around

A simple but interesting trick your cockatiel can do is turning around repeatedly. When a cockatiel is in a good mood, you can make your cockatiel turn around by moving your finger continuously. You can also accompany the command with some verbal commands such as turn with circular motion. This will help your cockatiel to know that you want it to turn around. Do not use food in a big size as a treat to encourage your cockatiel to turn around, instead, make a gesture as if there is something interesting behind your cockatiel.

How to Train Your Cockatiels to Do Tricks?

These tricks above are something that you can raise from your cockatiel. In order to do so, you can help to train it by doing these several steps:

  • Coax Your Cockatiel with Treat

The simplest and easiest way to train your cockatiel is by coaxing it with treat. When you offer treat such as food, it will follow your command to do tricks your cockatiel can do. For example, you can start training your cockatiel to walk on a rope by offering a treat In front of your cockatiel. After that, start walking backward so your cockatiel will move forward. Eventually it will get used to walk on a tight rope.

  • Play Music Near Your Cockatiel

Another way to make your cockatiel sing fluently is by playing music near your cockatiel. Cockatiels, especially male ones, tend to mimic voices that they are familiar with. Not only you can play song, you can also play radio, television, or whistle near it to follow your tune. Once your cockatiels get used to the voice, it will sing along with you or the music you play. Do it continuously to train your cockatiel to sing and you can listen to your cockatiel singing every day.

  • Talk to Your Cockatiel

To make your cockatiel fluent and become closer to you, you can try to talk to your cockatiel ever morning or once you have time in your house. Even if you give it best food choices for cockatiel, if you do not try to bond with your cockatiel, it will not get attached to you.

That is all about tricks your cockatiel can do. Taking care of one will be more interesting once you get to know it more.