3 Common diseases you’ll find in meat chickens breeds

Hello there, fellow poultry farmer! How’s business going? We hope your business will always be profitable every day, more, and long lasting. Surely, as long as your country’s economical situation stay in shape; the business will indeed always be profitable (don’t forget to read our other articles in order to assure it), especially the chicken meat business; yeah, people will always love to buy chicken meat every day compared to other kind of meats, as chicken meat indeed not only cheap but also has so many various way to cook it, thus there are various of cuisine which use chicken as their main ingredient such as fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken-soup, and many more; no wonder, people love to buy it every day (in writer’s area indeed people love to buy chicken meat every day). Although, we all know that the meat chicken farm business would indeed offer us a great deal of profit, there’s a chance for the business to struggle; just like many businesses, it would always find its own obstacles and must we must able to overcome it in order to resume our business for good. One of the obstacles that will surely put the business out of the game would be disease attack; a plague invading your farm thus killing your flock of broilers and leave you nothing but sorrow and great economy loss.

Now, we all knew that there is indeed one inevitable obstacle that surely will bring your business into the ground; thus, that is the biggest threat that your farm might encountered, which is why it is important for you to recognize a common disease that usually attack poultry farmhouse, especially meat chicken farmhouse; knowing your threat will help you to understand its nature, what caused them, and what should you do to prevent it. Today, animmalova would like to kindly remind you again that 3 Common Diseases You’ll Find in Meat Chickens Breeds. Please, put your attention and read carefully.

Important Note

The reason why we re-tell you this because there is no cure if for once, your farm has been attacked with a plague; most of newcomers will know nothing about it. Once, your flock is infected, there is no profit that you can gain from them except just an awful economic loss. You can’t sell the flock’s meat as it would be against the law and even against human right; yeah, selling infected meat would indeed send you to the jail directly. So, remember the proverb “prevention is better than treatment” as treatment will be difficult even impossible in this matter, thus prevention is the only one logical idea.

Avian Influenza

This one is common but also deadly. Usually called bird flu, avian influenza will infect your flock respiratory system. Just like other flu it would cause your flock to lose appetite, having a trouble in breathing, and make them lame. However, this one is indeed deadly, if one already infected with it, the virus could infect others rapidly, thus killing every single one of your flock, hence you will find with every shock in your heart that your entire flock has been killed by the virus; you must burn the body  using protective gloves and boots; their meat is worthless and offer nothing except as bio-weapon; the virus could also infect human which is make it deadlier.

The virus are spread through air, so just remember to put your farm from a secure location from human and from another avian; another avian usually were the one who spread the virus to your farm.

It would be awful as you can sell nothing and suffer from the loss of your business. Be careful and preventing the flu is indeed a smart choice.

Rotten Gut

This one usually caused because you rarely cleaned the farm regularly; no hygiene routine in your farm. Thus, this situation will force your flock to live in a dirty environment, hence they will be forced to eat from a dirty feeding bowl. This dirty feeding bowl indeed has nasty bacteria all over it and the bacteria will infect your flock’s food. Once the bacteria go inside, they will try to destroy your flock’s gut, resulting in that majority of your flock would be suffering with diarrhea. Diarrhea, could cause them stress, reducing their meat quality, even killing them.

We suggest you to put some sterilization routine in order to keep your farm hygiene thus there would be no troublesome bacteria scattered all over your farm. You can clean their defecation every day, and clean the entire farm (feeding bowl, drinking bowl, and yard) every week. This indeed would be a great preventive option for you.

Fowl Pox

Just like Small Pox, Fowl Pox will infect your flock with some white dots all around their body. Fowl Pox will cause lameness and even another complication to your flock. It is indeed not a good option to let this one slip away; sometimes farmer never realize that their flock has been infected with a Fowl Pox as it would require daily-check routine in order to spot them out.

Fortunately, this disease could be treated. Just send them to someplace warm and give them some soft food plus vitamin; hope those will help them to recoup from the disease. Also, you can try to buy some vaccine from nearby poultry shop. Not like other diseases, this one is not the endgame of your business; still, it is better to prevent them from hitting your farm in the first place by following some safety and hygiene standard instruction for poultry farm.

Well, that is all fellow poultry farmer. Surely, the diseases are nothing that you never heard before. However, if you are still new at this, probably you never aware such threat might lies ahead in the business. Just remember, prevention is indeed always better than treatment. So, choose preventive act and save your farm. Good luck!