2 Ways to Have Fun With Your Pet Cockatiel

Cockatiel is a wonderful bird which gifted with intelligent and excellent socialize ability – plus, adorable appearance enact this bird as the most favorite pet bird in the world. Unlike another kind of birds, there are may things you can do with this little cutie creature, such train your pet cockatiel to sing fluently, and […]

How to Train Your Cockatiel to Talk Faster

Folks, let me elucidate the definition about faster in here – in the case of how to train your cockatiel to talk faster; faster in this particular case of training cockatiel is the fast time which is needed by you cockatiel pet to learn. There is no quick method or shortcut way to make your […]

6 Incredible Tricks Your Cockatiel Can Do

Ever considering adopting a cockatiel? Cockatiel is an intelligent bird with many talents to please you. If you already adopt one, you can train and learn more about any incredible tricks your cockatiel can do. Cockatiel is externally more pleasing as it has more petite figure and friendlier personality compared to its brethren parrot. Moreover, […]

8 Best Food Choices for Your Cockatiel Birds

Having a pet can be quite entertaining especially if you own bird that can interact with you. Cockatiel is one of the fun pets you can adopt since it can mimic voice. Especially if you adopt male cockatiel, it has more tendencies to mimic voice in perfect tune than female cockatiels. However, in order to […]

How to Make Your First Cockatiel Happy

Is it your first time adopting cockatiel? If yes, you might get caught up in how to please your first cockatiel in order to make your first cockatiel to trust you. Moreover, first time adopting cockatiel means you have a lot to learn about things you should know about cockatiel and want to make sure […]

7 Easy Tips to Keep Multiple Cockatiels at Home

The more the merrier. This saying apparently applies well to some pet owners. They decide to keep more than one pet to liven up their houses. Cockatiel as one of the most common adopted bird is no exception. Some bird owners choose to have more than one cockatiel at house to have the advantages of […]

7 Effective Ways to Get Your Cockatiel Trust You

Adopting a pet for the first time can be tricky. Especially if you want to adopt a bird like cockatiel, before you can do much about it, you will have to be able to gain the trust of your cockatiel to get advantages of keeping cockatiel. Since bird is not like human and you cannot […]

Common Personality Traits of Female Cockatiels

If you are thinking about a pet, cockatiels must be perfect for you. Being nicknamed as America’s most favorite bird, this smaller-species of parrot family has a sweet personality yet attractive-colored feathers that will make you instantly fall in love with them. Talking about personality, female cockatiels and male cockatiels do have some significant differences. […]

8 Things You Should Know Before Keep Cockatiels

Have you ever considered having a bird as your companion? Cockatiel may come to your mind as one of your choices. Cockatiel is the smaller version of parrot. Not only it has beautiful look, it also has the intelligence and advantages of cockatiel that will keep your amusement level in check. However, you should not […]

How to Train a Cockatiel to Fly to You

Keeping a bird as a pet is an exciting challenge, especially if you never adopt one before. However, once you successfully tame one such as train cockatiel to sing, the result is rewarding for you. Selecting the suitable bird for you will determine your compatibility with your beloved bird. Cockatiel is the smaller version of […]