8 Interesting Facts of the Cute Snowshoe Hare

You can’t deny scientific facts that rabbit’s cute, any rabbit, and the facts of the cute snowshoe hare is cute, too. In fact, you must have wanted to take care this wild rabbit as a pet as soon as you see them!

Hares, although have slight differences than rabbits, is one family with rabbit. The difference between these two cute species is in the size of their body. Hares has bigger size than rabbits, and they usually have larger ears than rabbits. As in snowshoe hare, you can see the outstanding difference in their hind feet. They’re exceptionally large.

People call it snowshoe hare based on this fact. Apparently, this big hind feet really helps them to walk and hop around on the snow. And because of this large feet also, they can jump really high. Can’t get enough of this cute, but fascinating animals? Let’s check these 8 interesting facts of the cute snowshoe hares.

1. Snowshoe hares distributes everywhere in Canada

In Canada, snowshoe hares distribute everywhere. In every province and every territory, you can find them. Of course, their habitat is in the forests. To be more specific, they distribute in the coniferous and boreal forests of the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, the Pacific Northwest, New England, Alaska, Minnesota, Michigan, and Montana. You can find they live within United States, but still, they choose to live near Canadian border. Such an attachment with Canada, don’t you think?

2. Snowshoe hares can immediately hop as soon as they were born

It’s pretty amazing how babies can survive on their own, as soon as they were born. This snowshoe hare babies is called leverets. And yes, these leverets can already survive on their own within 30 days after they were born.

This is another difference between hares and rabbits. While rabbits give birth to blind and helpless litters, leverets were already fully furred when they were born. Their eyes open almost immediately and they are ready to hop around.

So, their moms don’t really have to worry about them. They only nurse their leverets once a day, usually in the evening. In one birth, mother hares can produce leverets for about one to 13 babies.

3. Snowshoe hares change fur according to the season

It’s no secret anymore that snowshoe hare has a great adaptation in winter. Some do migrations, some simply hide under the blanket of warm soil, snowshoe hares choose to embrace the winter. So, their fur color will change according to the season. During summer, they usually have reddish and grayish brown fur, while in winter, it becomes fully white. Only the tip of the ears remain the same, black. It seems their picture can make a cute Christmas ornament.

There are another reason why this fur can change according the season. They can give great camouflage that makes them invisible in the eye of predator. Besides, white color usually absorb heat very well, so it can keep them warm also. This fur transition usually take 70-90 days, according to the number of daylight hours.

4. Snowshoe hares can act like statue

They are great actor, also. Can you believe that? The change of fur, besides to adapt in extreme cold weather, also great to avoid predators. Whenever they meet predators, they use snow to camouflage themselves. They don’t need to do anything, though. Just be really quiet and still, like a statue, to fool the predators.

5. Snowshoe hares can jump as far as 3 meters

The unusually large hind feet makes them able to jump as far as 3 meters. And they can run at full speed. Their speed can reach 45 km/hour. It’s pretty amazing for the cute animal. They usually use this large feet to escape their predators. Another difference with rabbit, snowshoe hares refuse to give in to the predators. While rabbit can just freeze up or traumatized when they meet the enemy, snowshoe hare will jump away to avoid them. Way to go, buddy!

6. Snowshoe hares are excellent swimmer

There’s no ending of the accomplishment of this cute animals. The large hind feet apparently also helpful to make them swim in the small lake or rivers. They can just jump into the water, often to avoid predators.

7. Snowshoe hares never get picky about their diets

Since they are one of the winter animals, this fact is not really surprising. Unlike the rabbits who must take care their nutrition quite carefully, they are pretty strong. However, the term “picky” maybe an understatement of what this cute animals do. In winter, food supplies become thin, especially the plants and berries, that they really enjoy. So, they will chomp everything down. You can mention twigs, bark off trees and bushes. They even dig through the snow to get moss and lichen.

8. Snowshoe hares have incredible layer of fur

They have three different layers. First layer is silky soft fur for insulation, followed by a medium layer of thicker hair. And the final layer is a course outer hair that sheds. These three layers keep them warm during winter, since they don’t go hibernate either.

These 8 interesting facts of the cute snowshoe hare is quite astonishing. They are really accomplished animals!