How to Indicate Traumatized on Rabbit?

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Now for today, we are going to talk about cute little animal that is one of the most favourite animal for many animal lovers all around the world. Unless you are living under the rock for a decade you must have already know and be familiar of with rabbit. Rabbit is one of the cutest small animal and they are really popular for many animal lovers all around the world. Unlike cats and dogs that require space, hard work to train off and basically more skills to take care of, rabbit require smaller space for you to keep, cheaper foods for them and basically you don’t really need to train them too much. Rabbit is generally thought to be easier pet to keep compared with other pet such as dogs, cats or tortoise. That is why many people choose to take care of rabbit instead of cats or dogs. However cats and dogs are still top 2 on the most popular pet though not rabbit. It is because there are plus and minus in taking care of rabbit, and taking care of rabbit is actually not as easy as you might think. Here, we are going to show you what you need to know about rabbit.

One thing about rabbit that every rabbit owner should know is that sometimes rabbit can get spooked easily and they can get traumatized easily. Traumatized rabbit is scared rabbit that because they are too spooked, they refuse to do anything from playing and even they won’t eat because they are too traumatized. Traumatized rabbit need to be taken care of quickly and properly or else it could lead to many serious problems and disease. How to Indicate Traumatized on Rabbit? How to distinguish whether your rabbit is traumatized or not? If you want to be a better rabbit owner then you must know and learn about this.

How to know if your rabbit is traumatized and how to take care of it properly

There are many cause of troubled rabbit that can lead to traumatized rabbit. The causes are so many that sometimes it is hard to pinpoint what causing it, however there are some common causes for traumatized rabbits such as sudden change in environment, bullying from other rabbits or other creature, lack of nutritious or good foods, sudden stress, lack of attention from its master, and lack of hygiene. There are so many factors that affecting on why rabbits can be traumatized, but we can at least predicting what might causing our rabbit to be traumatized by knowing everything that seems wrong all around them.

Sometimes, it can be too late for us to notice if rabbit have problem and before we know it, they are already traumatized. If we are too late to notice that our rabbit is quite puzzled and troubled, there is high chances your rabbit will become traumatized. Once your rabbit is traumatized, it can seriously affecting their health and their behaviour. If you want to prevent traumatized rabbit, then you need to know how to distinguish traumatized rabbit and easily know them. Here are symptoms on traumatized rabbit you should know.

  • Sudden changes in behaviour

One clear sign of stressed rabbit is sometime their sudden changes in behaviour. Some notable changes in rabbit behaviours that mostly caused by their stress are sudden sleeping behaviour changes. Normally, rabbits sleep in a group and cuddle with other rabbit to keep themselves warm. When rabbit is traumatized, some rabbit might be sleeping itself and don’t want to sleep with other. Other sudden changes in behaviour might include, doesn’t want to eat at all, constantly frown, doesn’t want to keep in touch with their master, and might get cranky if you are trying to pet with them. Rabbit sometimes also shown an aggressive behaviour like fighting with other rabbits.

  • Some minor changes in appearances

When rabbits are stressed and traumatized, sometimes rabbit can have a sudden but minor changes in appearances. This minor appearances sometime so little that inexperienced eyes might not recognized it. Some examples of minor changes in appearances are: Your rabbit sometimes curled up, their ears will hanging down not energetic at all, their breathing becoming short and quick, and they also sometimes have their paws tucked in underneath.

  • Intense scratching, grooming and even sometime biting themselves

Rabbit when they are stressed and traumatized can sometimes scratching their fur, intense grooming and even can sometime biting and hurting themselves. It is actually common case when rabbit is hurting themselves if they feel stressed and traumatized. It can lead to broken fur, wounded limbs and even creating a fatal wound on the rabbit, harming themselves and sometime leading to death to the rabbit.

So, how do you think about our article of How to Indicate Traumatized on Rabbit? We hope that our article on how to recognized stressed and traumatized rabbit could help you to take care of your rabbit and preventing your rabbit to be stressed and traumatized. Trauma on rabbit can be dangerous for rabbit, since it can cause many trouble and that trouble could lead to diseases and even fatal for rabbit.