Is it Safe to Getting Closer with Black Squirrel?

How wild squirrels live their life in the wild nature? This subject was an interesting thing to discuss. The majority of people know this animal on the screen (TV) through popular movies such as Alvin and the Chipmunks, one of the main characters in Spongebob called Sandy, and others. Did you know, that many  varieties of squirrels’ species in the wildlife? For the examples are the ground squirrels, Western Gray squirrels, Giant squirrels, and of the most unique squirrels that famous for their capability to fly (gliding precisely) the flying squirrels, and many more.

Actually there’s one more the squirrel that very interesting to expose, the species’ name is the black squirrel. Some of you, my dear friends, might ever hear about this particular species of squirrel. But, apparently, there’s a lot of people who did not know the existence of black squirrel and how this species build relationship to other animals and to human. Do black squirrel able to interact with human? Is is safe to getting closer with black squirrel?

The answer would be discuss on this article today: is it safe to getting closer with black squirrel? You would have better knowledge about the black squirrel and do this animal danger around human.

The Squirrel and the People

Is it safe to getting closer with black squirrel? To recklessly interact with any wild animals are not a good idea to try, not only squirrel. Don’t you ever think that because of the size of squirrel is not big enough to make you get the goosebumps, doesn’t mean it is safe to suddenly jump in front of them or to touch them. Squirrel’ bite and scratch are enough to make you feel the pain. That is why, when petting squirrels was become another trend among animals’ lovers, so many people that don’t agreed with the decision of these people, why?

The reason is simple, because squirrels are not as kind as your pet dogs. I need you to re-consider to owning this animal as a pet – especially if you have children inside your house. Before we specifically discuss about black squirrel, there’s something you need to know about the frequency of squirrels’ attack that had happened over the time. Apparently, the squirrels’ attacked was reported occurred in Washington D.C. A man named Adam Sewer who done his routine schedule of running in the morning was attacked by squirrel in a park.

Luckily, Adam did not kill the squirrel with his strong bare hands just because this little squirrel just done parkour on his chest. But, thankfully, for you who ever got bite by squirrel, you don’t need to worry because this little creature is rarely to carry rabies within them, and so do with other small mammals, such hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, and chipmunk. Had been recorded in 2017, there were about eight people attacked by California squirrels and apparently three people are injured around November (2017) in a senior center.

If we look closer, there’s a lot of reports how squirrels had been attacked and terrorized people from the adult to children. Therefore, if you say that squirrels are “safe” enough to be pet, I don’t think I would agree with you.

The Black Squirrel

The black squirrel was a melanistic subgroup of two famous squirrels’ species: the fox squirrel and the eastern gray squirrel. The distribution of black squirrels was spread throughout the United Kingdom, Eastern Canada, Northeast and Midwestern United States. Just like the name, this animal was covered with purely black fur on whole their body. Apparently, my dear friends, the black squirrels are famous for their aggressive behaviors compared to their related the eastern gray squirrel, red squirrel, and fox squirrel.

A study had been reviled that this particular species of squirrel, the black squirrel significantly more aggressive than other squirrels. The level of testosterone the main culprit behind black squirrels’ aggression. The fact is that the black squirrels’ testosterone levels are higher or above the average of other squirrels. This result impacted to squirrel’ characteristics: they become faster, more aggressive, and fiercely territorial. The ironic thing is, although the black squirrels are just a sub-species of gray squirrels, but most of the cases, black able to beat the gray in both aspects of mates and foods.

So, I guess, people, you already know the answer of is it safe to be around this high testosterone creature. Well, yes, you will be safe as long as baseball stick bat is close to you – but, don’t kill the animal, folks!