2 Facts of Same-sex Behavior in Animals: How’s the Beginning

There would always be a mystery hidden in the wildlife. All those wild animals have secrets just like us human, and one of the biggest secret was hidden in animals’ behaviors. If we study deeper and deeper about wildlife natural behaviors among the nature, the more we surprise by how – at some points, these wild animals exhibited certain behavior that exhibited by people; and today’ mystery fall into animals’ sexual behavior. Sexuality perhaps was one of the most important thing in every living things’ live.

Not a single creature that living inside this world lived without sexual relationship. Sexual relationship was multiply system of every single breathing individual. But, we wouldn’t discuss about reproduction and  multiply system of animals; we would share about sexual preference of animals. Wait, what? Animals’ sexual preference? Yes, my dear friends; it is reviled that animals also have specific sexual preferences like people. If you think that only people who literally able to choose their sexual preference, than you are wrong!

In fact, the terms of homosexual and bisexual are existed and applied to animals as well. Of course, this fact was really a shock to us – me as well – in the first place. In human lives, sexual preferences are gained so much controversy due some sensitive aspects that embraced and belief by different people – especially, for the same-sex relationship. But, hey, guess what, some species of animals are literally done the same-sex relationship just like what happened in these days!

Some of popular animals from all the edges of the world are become one big family that have this extraordinary sexual preference. From the icy creature – the dweller of the Arctic: the penguins, and one of the most popular livestock in the world that contributed both in foods and fashion industry: the sheep, they were few of examples from animals that have extraordinary sexual preferences.

Today, my dear friends, I want you to know all the facts about sexual preference of animals; 2 facts of same-sex behavior in animals: how’s the beginning of this behavior.

Same-sex Behavior in Animals

It is interesting to notice that animals are having certain thing we are human thought that we are the only creature that able to do it; in this case is the same-sex relationship. The first thing that appeared as the question is that the same-sex behavior is come with nature or it was kind of evolution occurred to the animals? Apparently, there’ a study held special only for the same-sex behavior; instead of asking why animals engage on the same-sex behavior, the author of the study suggest us to ask a new kind of question: why not?

To learn and know deeper of the same-sex behavior, we would summarize the topic into 2 facts of same-sex behavior in animals.

1. Evolutionary

The fact that animals able to embrace the same-sex behavior, but some expert believed that the same-sex isn’t independently evolved only for adaptive reasons in animals. Evolutionarily, the same-sex behavior has cost nothing to animals, consequently, this behavior might emerged earlier in animals and then simply persist in several animals. A doctoral candidate from Yale University that also the co-author of the study named Julia Monk explained a hypothesis about SSB (same-sex behavior):

If a trait of evolutionary lineages are widespread into a trait, evolutionary biologists would assume the phenomenon in the trait as ancestral and was preserved in all the lineages. Then, Julia asked why the hypothesis have never been considered to the same-sex behavior. SSB into these days in evolutionary science point of viewed in a long time, classified SSB as a conundrum.

2. In some Animals’ Species, SBB was a Norm Behavior

Although this behavior was still classified as an abnormal behavior, apparently, this is not the case in several species of animals. The real example was occurred in Japanese macaque. Japanese macaque’ mating season was around the winter, and during the season, the competition to access the females was pretty fierce.

The things that the male macaques considered is not only the competition between the other males, but they also have to compete with the other females strong candidates. But, in general same-sex behavior to these days are rare cases which often noticed – most of the time in occurred in animals which in isolated occasions.