2 Tricks to Face the Scariest Situation in the Wildlife

The secrecy of the wildlife and uncivilized nature would always be theme that would never faint. Human’s curiouscity of these untouched civilization push them to expose and explore something that out of their understanding. Try something new, the need to see extraordinary things – I have to admit that these are pretty interesting thoughts. But, do you really sure you could survive in this place? Could you handled unpredictable situations that could happen any time – anywhere?

Could you live in the midst of lush forest, just surrounding by wild animals and lack of ease-to-get normal meal? These questions snap us back to the earth from our day dream, isn’t it? But, if you insist to fulfilled your curiouscity and decided to go travel and having a little ‘camp’ session, the only thing I would tell you is be careful, pals. To survive in the wildlife isn’t an easy issue – but, once you get used by it, then perhaps you’ll be a new Tarzan. Furthermore, to armored you from situations that might be occur (I hope it doesn’t have to occur), there are 2 tricks to face the scariest situation in the wildlife.

I wish you don’t have to used this tricks in real life, but this would help you to choose the right movement to handle the situation – especially the scariest one. The tricks would guide you to make a right choices in different places and different situation – from the sea, jungle and forest, to the Arctic (perhaps, to see a polar bear), I will make sure that you know how to survive in the wild world – primarily if you alone. So, let’s not waste our time these are 2 tricks to face the scariest situation in the wildlife.

1. How to Survive from Animal’s Attack

The Bear

The cases of bear’s attacked human actually pretty common issues, particularly in places of bear’s habitat spread such North America. At least in five states in North America have been reportedly been mauling by the brown and black bear. This high number of attacking inspire the local authorities and traveling tour guides to learn and teach people how to survive from the mauling. So, these are tips to survive from the bear:

  • First thing first, if you see a bear from distances and luckily the bear did not see you, you should turn around and back to the safe place. If you afraid that the bear might smells you, then you could take a circle far around route – just don’t disturb them.
  • If they see you, stay calm – they would not attack you without any reason. Perhaps that bear would stand on their legs or even approach you to get a better vision. All you need to do it’s just do normal behavior. Stand tall, speak to the bear with a loud and low voices, you could also wave your hands. If the bear seems calm, you could slowly depart from your place – and if he follows you, stop – but do not run.
  • Do not ever run – believe me, he’s a better runner than you – just stay on your ground. Don’t try to climb a tree unless the tree is close to you. Keep communicate with him to confirm your present to him. When he realizes you’re not a threat, he would veer off by himself.
  • Unfortunately, if he attack you, don’t fight and just pretend to be dead. Just lay flat on the stomach, and hands behind the neck, if he wouldn’t stop, then the last you could do is reach something that could be a weapon and fight back – make sure you hit him on the face.
  • Don’t ever play with female bear with her cubs.

The Big Cats

Another issue you should be concerned is the big cats. Leopard, mountain lion, lion (if you travel in savanna and desert), tiger, and others cat could be a serious problem and might drain you into the worst, scariest experience you could possibly imagine. If you – not on purpose – running  along their trail, you would be consider as mimicking a prey. But, don’t be worry there are some methods you could use to face this kind of situation that could safe your life.

  • Try to make yourself look bigger to intimidate those big cats who try to threaten you. You could simply stretch you hands (mimicking the wings) and wave it. Other way is open you jacket to look bigger.
  • Try to open a ‘nice conversation’ to let them know you’re a human not a prey. Don’t make a high pitch voices (included scream) – just speak in low confident one.
  • If those cats doesn’t appear in aggressive postures, you could calmly walk away slowly. Don’t ever try to run and keep make a contact eyes with them.
  • Never bend down or crouch even the reason is to try get any weapon (unless it’s a gun), because bend and crouch would make you seem weak and small.
  • The last option to survive is attack them back if they attack you. You could use anything surround you (rock, stick, pan, or anything), or even your fists and hit them as hard as possible.


Although the cases of shark’s attack is rare, bur still it could be happen anytime. To prevent this incident to happen, perhaps the first thing you could check is make sure the sea or ocean where you and your family visit were ‘less-shark’. Unfortunately, I only discuss the worst situation in wildlife – so, let discuss how to survive from the shark attack.

  • Don’t panic, cause it would not make your situation any better. Furthermore, you could play dead in front of the shark, because apparently shark would chase a lively target (moving target) than an immobile one.
  • But, if this method was fail. It’s time for you to fight back, or you would been eaten alive. The best move to defense yourself by punching the shark as hard as possible in the nose, eyes, and other vulnerable parts.
  • Call out for help to inform people you’re in danger, and try to search area that could be back up against like jetty or reef. An open water only give that animal attack you from every direction.
  • Don’t give up and keep fighting. It might sound terrible, but if you still want to live, then you can’t give up easily on your life.


Snakes was the most common wild animals you could found in the wildlife. Not every snake are venomous, but still, make any preparation was the wise move we could make before jump into the dangerous sides of the world. However, these are some tips on how to survive from snakes bite:

  • Be careful to placing your hands and feet, watch every place surround you – the roads, trees and branches.
  • You could quickly back off when seeing any snakes on your way. A snake could strike half length of its body. So, makes sure you stay far as possible.
  • If you still get a bite, don’t ever try to suck the venom – and just search an help as fast as possible. Call emergency line, and tell them your location. Make sure you pay attention on the snake characteristic to help you discover the poison that been infected you.
  • Make sure you keep a distance between the infected area to your heart.

2. Survive from Any Accident

Mountain of Cliff Long Fall

It is possible for anyone to fall from the mountainside and cliff. There are some tips you could try to do when you face this kind of incident.

  • Try to grab any large object or basically anything that could stop you from fallen deeper or absorb the impact of the fall, such: rock, plank, roots, branches, etc.
  • Take a break up the fall momentum into some segments, like crash yourself to tree, roots, or anything to split the fall into several falls. This would give you a higher chance to survive.
  • Research appeared that bend  on knees could reduce the magnitude of the impact. So, try to bend your knees – but don’t make it too far.
  • Try to land on your feet. Make sure  that your legs and feet tight together when its hit the grounds. Also, make sure that you land on the balls of your feet. Try not to fall to side of your body, and protect your head. If you survive, immediately call for help.

Falling into an Ice Hole

Make Arctic as your traveling destination? You should be careful with the ice though. If in any case you, unfortunately fall into an ice hole (the deep one), try to grab something that could support your body. Use your forearms to pull yourself up the the top. If the mission complete, the next step is don’t stand up in the ice, but try to crawl and go to the sturdy and solid area, or just back to your place.

Lost in the Woods

Yes, this is the common issue that people quite a lot experienced, especially the amateurs. The first thing to do if you get lost in the woods is looking for a high place to get a general maps of the woods. The nest step is looking for a river or any moving water and follow the stream – because this flow would lead you to an important point – even city and villages. Or you could try most the easiest way by walk straight use the sun as the compass.