10 Ways to Save Your Dog That Afraid Of Loud Noises

Have you seen your dog is shaking, bending, eyebrows crease or whining? That might your dog is afraid of something. Have you checked out what’s happening around? Most probably it is because of loud noises. Dogs basically don’t like noisy things, either it’s startled or afraid. That unfortunately happens when you count on your dog to be fearless and strong as protector. Don’t be sad, as these 10 ways to save your dog that afraid of loud noises will be presented for you. Let’s check them out!

1. Train Your Dog To Be Brave Since Early Age

It can’t be denied that train your dog since early age is really effective. As your dog will get used to it, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. First, you need to know what noisy things that make your dog afraid. Some dog breeds are afraid of fireworks, machine, digital scale or even just vacuum cleaner. Train your dog to get used to it. If the loud noise is fireworks, bring your dog often to festival since it is a puppy. If your dog is afraid of household item’s noise like vacuum cleaner, try to use the vacuum cleaner close to your dog. You can do everything to train your dog as long as it is not really disturbing it. Common Household Items That Terrify Your Dog and Signs of Traumatized Dog 

2. Don’t Treat Your Dog Like A Baby

As you need to train your dog to get used to loud noisy, don’t treat your dog like a baby. Spoiling your dog too much will not train your dog to be brave. If you find that your dog is afraid, just let it be. Your dog will try adapting itself of the noise. If your dog looks uncomfortable, you can rub its head but not too much. Show to your dog that what it hears is actually not dangerous. If you look calm, your dog will do the same.

3. Let Your Dog Hide

Your dog will naturally find a hole to hide, let your dog does that. Once again, don’t treat your dog like a baby as you need to train it. If you usually put your dog in a kennel, which will be good for your dog as its ability of protecting itself will be improved. Your dog will be independently protected from any threats.

4. Distract Your Dog From The Noise With Toys

You can train your dog by distracting your dog from noise. Do you have balls or any toys for your dog? Those items can distract your dog effectively. Let your dog plays with its toys. As the noise gone, your dog will even forget that it was afraid. But some dog breeds will focus on the loud noises instead of the toys. For this case, you need to give a further treatment to your dog.

5. Train With Music

Believe it or not, music can also train your dog to hear the loud noisy. When your dog is afraid of loud noisy, it’s just your dog doesn’t get used to hear any sound. Music will help. Put your dog with you in a room and play music little bit loud. Act to show your dog that you enjoy the music like dancing or singing, your dog will slowly enjoy it too. Do it many times until your dog get used to hear loud sound. A classic music could help; some animal shelters use classic music to calm dogs down.

6. Let Your Dog Socialize

Socializing can also distract your dog from loud noisy. You only need to control your dog with bridle when it is socializing. If your dog attacks other dogs or people, you can control it right away. By socializing with other dogs, your dog will slowly forget the loud noisy and enjoy the moment. You need to choose which dog that can be good for socializing. Don’t let your dog socialize with other dogs that also afraid of loud noisy. If it happens, it will influence your dog to be more afraid. Why Dog Suddenly Stop During a Walk? and How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Without a Vet

7. Zylkene Supplement Will Help

Zylkene supplement is proven to calm dogs down when lightning strikes. If your dog is afraid when it is hearing loud noise besides lightning, you can give your dog this supplement sufficiently. If the loud noises happen in your environment every day, your dog might be afraid every day too. Therefore, you can give your dog the supplement capsule twice a day. Zylkene supplement is made by milk extract with protein that can be used as sedative. The supplement is safe for your dog as long you give it according to dose. You can buy zylkene supplement at pet shop or buy it online with various prices. Buy it as needed, if your dog looks calmed next day after consuming the supplement, you may stop giving it to your dog.

8. Use Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray

If you plan to train your dog to dare with loud noises since birth, you can use Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray to the mother. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray is an artificial of pheromone, a chemical that given by the mother of dogs during breastfeeding in order to calm the puppies down. The real pheromone was found by German Scientist, Adolph Butenandt. The chemical of pheromone then further researched by Jean-Henri Fabre in insects in 1870s. By the invention, the chemical of pheromone spray is safe for dogs. With this pheromone spray, you can train your dog since at the very young age easily. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray consists of a bottle of liquid and hanging spray holder like air freshener. You can hang the bottle spray on the kennel or the leash.

9. Consider Desensitization Program

When your dog is being aggressive due to afraid of the loud noisy, you may consider desensitization program. Desensitization program is a program to reduce fear of dogs by giving stimulation to make dogs braver. This treatment program is based on counterconditioning fundamental which is a response of something that unwanted is replaced by a behavior that wanted as the result of repeated exercises. This technique is very effective to eliminate fear or phobia. The therapy program fundamental is doing relaxation. The first subject that will be trained for relaxation is relaxing the muscles. And then, the therapy will create hierarchy of situation, in this case is loud noisy, from the little noises until very loud noises. The situation will be added slowly and gradually until your dog can afford to handle the situation. You can’t do it by yourself; you need a dog therapist or veterinarian to do this program.

10. Consult To Veterinarian

Have you done all the tips but your dog is still afraid of loud noises? Once again, don’t need to worry. A veterinarian will give you the best solution to handle your dog. Find the nearest veterinarian and consult it. Your dog may be given some medicines, supplements, or even therapy. Moreover, your dog is in the right hand and will be handled properly.