Is Squirrel Nest become Important thing for Their Survival

Squirrels are part of rodent species; yes I know, although their appearances are quite different from other rodent species but they did include to rodent species. Originated as undomesticated animals, squirrels associated with a lot of cultural aspect of many regions, such as Native American. Native American believed there are myths about flying squirrel associated with their own belief of religion and culture. In these modern days, squirrel not only live as wild animal, but they were also being kept as pet.

There are types of squirrels are breed by breeders to supply people’s interest on keeping this species. One of most the largest area of squirrel’s distribution in America is Texas; Texas squirrels are lived among lands and forest of Texas. Furthermore, because of the number of population (which is one of the largest in America), some people even put a trap to prevent squirrel invasion on their properties.

Different from domesticated squirrels, wild squirrels could be very destructive; therefore, some peoples who have garden in the front or backyard often put this trap in order to safe their beloved garden. If you one of the people who love to pet squirrel, there’s some of the squirrel species that could be a perfect option for you, one of popular species among others are flying squirrel. But, there are things you need to know before you buy flying squirrel; basic information that help you to on how to raise your own squirrel.

Furthermore, today article, we would learn one of the basic equipment that squirrel need to survive in the wildlife. Could you guess it, my friends? Yes, we would talk about squirrel’s nest. No matter where they live, in captivity or wildlife, nest is the most important part of squirrel’s live. No creature could live without a home, a resting place, included us, humans.

The importance of nest often trigger many parties: is squirrel nest become important thing for their survival? Together we would dig deeper to found the answer of this question, my friends!

Squirrel Nest

A lot of people did not know the real squirrel nest on nature, and today, as we discuss squirrel nest, we would learn that there are several types of squirrel nest you could found out there. How nest is given an impact of squirrel survival on mother nature, and to larger our understanding of this particular creature so we could appreciate our mother’ nature legacy and being a part of people who willing to protect and caress for it.

Squirrel Types of Nests

Unlike another animals which often only have one type of nest, surprisingly, they (squirrels) were great architectures of nest. They created or found more than one nest for themselves. Not only up on the trees on the wild nature and make the nest even on the trees in your yards! Well, actually, I never see squirrel in my place, but, perhaps – luckily, you would found one in your yard, isn’t that fun to hear?

However, there are two types of nests made by squirrels that could be found on the nature: the first one is leafy nest and the second one is tree cavity. Let’s found out the different!

  • Leafy Nest: let’s talk about the leafy nest first. If you don’t observe it carefully or look closer, you would think that those leafy nests are belonged to birds. The Leaf trees could be found built on twenty feet up in a tree, and larger than bird’s nest. So, you could make the size of the nest as the handbook to distinguish between squirrel and bird nest.
  • Tree Cavity Den: the second and most common picture of squirrel nest in majority of people is tree cavity den. For you note, squirrel did not dig their own tree cavity, mostly it was abandoned by the woodpecker or other birds, then later it was found and claimed by squirrel. Tree cavity dens also formed of natural process that leading to old tree’s hollowing.

Is Squirrel nest become important thing for their survival? The answer is yes; let’s go to the explanation.

Nest for Survival

Where is the perfect place to hide from the extreme temperatures whether it’s hot or cold? Where is the best place to hide babies squirrel out of the sight of predator? The answer is the nest. So, if you ever wonder if the nest give any impact to squirrel, the answer is absolute yes. Like people who make their houses as the place to growth and rest, there’s nothing different with squirrels.

In warm climate temperature, it’s common for squirrel to build leafy nest on tree, but during the winter or cold climate, they prefer tree cavity dens as nest. Not that I said they would change their nest every season, most of the time squirrel pick one particular nest for the rest of their lives unless they were decided to emigrate. It’s not a secret anymore that tree cavity dens are more capable to protect squirrel from the climates such rains, winds, snows, and even sunlight.

That is why, squirrels would rather choose tree cavity dens than leafy nest, it was their favorites nest. Before the winter comes, squirrels (actually, all other animals too) would immediately to make some preparations to face the season. A lot of preparation is associated inside the nest: gather the foods as a stock inside the cage, and decorate the nest with a lot of dry leafs or straws to warm the temperature inside.

The tree cavity dens is the most perfect nest for squirrel especially if they have babies. During the winter, the temperature could be drop into the worse level; but, if they already stay inside the tree cavity dens, it would cover parents and babies from the weather, and ensure their own survival during the season. The parents would share their body heat to the babies – keep them warm and safe.

Not to mention, tree cavity dens also a perfect place to hide babies from any predators that might haunt squirrel’s family. At the end, nest is part of the thing that could ensure the survival of squirrel among the mother’ nature.