All You Have to Know about Texas Squirrels: Not Only Sandy from Spongebob

Welcome to the world of the iconic animal of animation – the squirrels. Squirrel has inspired many animator designers to created their characters based of this animal. My most favorite squirrel character out of many other movies is the funniest and the culprit named Scrat, from the Ice Age. If, you watch the trilogies of Ice Age movies, you would understand why I loved Scrat – well, I guess I’m not the only one though. Also, don’t forget about our Sandy Cheeks, one of the important inhabitant of the Bikini Bottom. The squirrel that don’t know how could stick and lived underwater with a complete astronaut suit.

Another popular movie that I’m sure have been recognized by people at large was Alvin and The Chipmunks – quartet of wonderful singers, that more famous than any of us. But, I still prefer my guy Scrat though. However, there are many different species of squirrel that you could found out there, the examples: 3 kind of smallest American Squirrel species, the American red squirrel, Eastern grey squirrel, and ground squirrel; the fox squirrel, brown squirrel, and etc. Moreover, gifted with a small cute little body, doesn’t mean that this animal couldn’t be brutal; there’s a case that a woman was attacked by wild squirrel when she tried to approached him.

You could check this article of a way to approach wild squirrel in safety way as possible – no need to taste their scratch, my friends, because it painful as it look. Furthermore, one of the state that have varieties of different squirrel’s species is Texas. So, today’s article we would specialize out topic only to Texas Squirrel. All you have to know about Texas Squirrels: not only sandy from spongebob – would give you further information about Texas squirrel species, and their natural habitat in Texas state.

Texas Squirrels

As a home of several species of Squirrels the most common and widest species that you could easily found is fox squirrel. Fox squirrel basically prefer to lived in open woods that surrounding with large trees and although they also could adjust and adapt in other forest habitats. When you walk in abundant eastern third of state wild habitat, in every two or three acres you would meet one squirrel. In one season a fox squirrel dominated about ten acres area and covered approximately forty acres in a year.

The main menu for fox squirrels during fall and winter is acorn, and ordinarily fox squirrel didn’t shared their food supply with other squirrels. This animal also eat different types of nuts and hickory, but apparently the nuts substance of nutrition is lower than the energy. They would burying the nuts and wait until it well-developed, eat it until the supplies empty. Furthermore, during the summer and spring some other menus are added to prevent some boredom, such seeds, fruits, insects, green shots, and buds.

The mixtures of menus provide squirrels the important substances that needed by their body, for the examples: seeds and insects provide the proteins, while fruits and would provide the energy that squirrel needed. They also eat some mushroom is it provided, and surprisingly mushroom is included as one of squirrel’s favorite list of food. The meal time ordinarily would be in the early morning and in late of afternoon. An adult squirrel was sized about less than two pounds and their average length is about twenty inches – from the tip of the nose to the tail. The tall was approximated about the half of their body’s length.

While under-attacked the fox squirrel prefer to hide rather than run. They would form in motionless and undercover by a big object that could hide them from the predators. As long as possible, until the attacker go away, they would hold on to their position and hide themselves. Furthermore, approximated about ninety percent of squirrels populations in Texas – beside the fox squirrel – is the gray squirrels. The gray squirrels was designed to be more sociable than the fox squirrels which often seen hang out in a group. They also faster than the fox squirrel and given a credit as the cat squirrel.

Texas Squirrel Habitat

All you have to know about Texas Squirrels: not only sandy from spongebob – in Texas, you could find different habitat of variety species and none of those squirrels species become endemic. Spread in many types and range, the majority of of the species are the ground species and have been recognized only one species that’s a tree-dweller. Furthermore, here are some of the species founded and lived in the state of Texas natural habitat:

  • Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel: also known as the thirteen liner or striped gopher, prefers to choose short-grass prairies and unfortunately, decrement of the area forced this little creature to adapted in other areas. Thirteen-lined ground squirrel dig their own burrows and live inside it. The burrows size was depended in the squirrels, some are dig about one only for nesting and some are dig deeper to avoid the predators.
  • Spotted Ground Squirrel: one of the smallest squirrels in North America, they lived among the sand and dry areas which contained scrub-like and sparse vegetation land. This smart creature also choose places which contain and provide all the menus that they love, such as green grasses, roots, seeds, insects, and other small vertebrates.
  • Eastern Gray Squirrel: we’ve been discussed this species a little bit previously. The only one tree-dweller of Texas habitat prefer to live and make their safe and sound home up in the tree. Ordinarily, they would look for a hole in the tree body that could be use as their home. When they couldn’t find it, they would use a tree canopy leaves as a nest.
  • The Rock Squirrel: the rock squirrel’s appearance is resembled the other tree-dweller species, but, the difference is they did not live up in the tree. This species would dig the burrows as a nest underneath the trees where they could observe the surrounding areas. As its name, the rock squirrel prefer the rocky surfaces, such as canyons, cliffs, and hillside. The rock squirrels known as an excellent climber.

However, if you interest to keep a squirrel as a pet, you could check this article: how to adopt and raise baby squirrel at home – to help and give you some ideas and guideline as squirrel’s owner. Adios, my friends!