5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Flying Squirrel

Hello dear friends and loyal reader to our humble animal guide and facts website. If you loves exotic animal, unusual and animal that require extra attention as challenges for competence pet owner then you have come to the right place. We strive to provide every pet owner who wants to become the best for the sake of their pets. Well, today we are going to talk about flying squirrel. Did you know about flying squirrel? They are small little creature that many people sometimes confuse them for sugar glider. If you loves cute little flying squirrel and want to buy it, you need to know these important facts. Hear us out in this 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Flying Squirrel facts article.

Flying squirrel or pteromyni is species of rodent that comes from family of sciuridae. Some people mistaken flying squirrel with sugar glider. Sugar glider itself is species of possum, to be exactly flying possum that comes from family of petaruridae. They are two different animals with different characteristics but thanks to misconception and popular belief they are sometime mistaken as one animal. Today we are going to talk about flying squirrel not sugar glidder.

Many people will think, can we adopt a squirrel as a pet or can squirrel can be a good pet for us? Many people are also arguing that squirrel isn’t good pet as they are wild animals, and some states even illegalize adoption of wild squirrel in home. It is true that squirrel is considered as wild animals and animals that aren’t easily domesticated. However, many people are already have a success in domesticating squirrel and they can now have cute little squirrel as their lovely pet. Today, we are going to talk about not just ordinary squirrel but flying squirrel and things that you need to know before buying them.

Important tips and things you need to know before going to buy flying squirrel

Before you buy flying squirrel, you need to know some things as there are many important factors and facts that could be really useful for you and your squirrel. These facts are gathered from many respectable and reliable sources so you don’t need to worry about the truth. Now, let’s get started on our interesting facts and things you need to consider before buying a flying squirrel for your pet.

  • Temperament and Behavior

Flying squirrel actually has a very good temperament and behavior. They could be trained very well and becoming very cute pet for their owner. If you get your flying squirrel from their early age or you buy baby flying squirrel from breeders. Baby flying squirrel don’t afraid of human in fact, they could be trained to be friendly toward human. When friendly flying squirrel is around their master, they will climb their master as if their master is tree. Climb on human legs, climbing on shoulder and even sleep in pouches. Squirrel also loves to bond with their human. Try to bond with your flying squirrel as much as you can, as they are naturally a social animal. Social animal like flying squirrel needs lot of attention and affection from their master. If their master didn’t give them much attention, they could be lonely and stressed.

  • Their Hygiene and Housing

For flying squirrel housing, it is actually pretty simple. Flying squirrel is generally small animal and therefore they don’t need large space. You can actually make simple small cage for your little flying squirrel and comfortable corner for your squirrel. You can make simple cage by do it yourself guide from our other article here if you like it.

Flying squirrel tends to be really stinks if you don’t clean their enclosure well. Their urine has distinct smell and they can be source of bacteria if you don’t clean them well. Make sure to clean their cage from feces and urine routinely as it can be dangerous for the health of everyone around you. Mammals like squirrel have dangerous urine and feces that could host many bacteria and virus that could be contagious and dangerous for people around your house. This is responsibility of every pet owner to clean their animal’s poop and urine.

  • Their Foods and Water

In their natural habitat, flying squirrel have wide range of diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits and wild grain. In captivity, you could always give your flying squirrel with nuts like chestnut, pine nuts, walnuts, acorns and hickory nuts. Seeds like sunflower seeds, birdseed mixes, and pumpkin seeds are also good for your flying squirrel. Veggies and fruits are also good foods to give to your flying squirrel. Sweet veggies like corn and fruits like grapes are generally good for your flying squirrel.

  • Health Problems for Your Flying Squirrel

Squirrel aren’t known to prone to any harmful disease, however you still need to make sure their nutrition is fulfilled. Important nutrition to note for flying squirrel is protein and calcium so you better need to be careful with their nutrition intake.

As for their health problem and disease, there aren’t any dangerous disease and virus that flying squirrel are prone to. However, you still need to be careful about their hygiene. Your flying squirrel might not have dangerous disease for them, but their feces and urine can bring much dangerous and contagious disease for people around them. It is best if you always clean your squirrel enclosure regularly.

  • Is it Legal to Own Flying Squirrel in Your State?

For the last part of our 5 Things You Need to Know before You Buy Flying Squirrel article, you need to know that flying squirrel could be illegal as a pet. In some countries and states, flying squirrel is protected by laws, and it is illegal to take it as home as pet. Their distribution and breeding is closely regulated and that means you need permission to buy flying squirrel. Well, not every countries and states do that, but it is good to know in case you want to buy flying squirrel.