The Way to Overcome the Choking on Rabbits

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All right, so for today’s what we are going to discuss about is rabbits. Rabbit is small mammals that quite popular as a house pets. Not only as a pet but rabbit is also sometimes become a livestock. Some people prize a rabbit fur as prized commodity. Some rabbit that prized for their fur is Angora rabbit. In some region, some rabbit are also farmed for their meats. However, we are not going to talk about rabbit as a livestock. Today’s we are going to talk about rabbit as a house pet, so here we are today on rabbit’s care guidance and tips on how to take care of rabbit properly.

What we are going to talk about today is about rabbit’s care. When taking care of rabbit, what do you think is the most important? It can be their hygiene, it can be their cages, it can be how to play with them but one thing you should know and aware of is rabbit feed and how you should feed them properly. Rabbit is herbivore, which means they will eat vegetations, veggies and fruits. However, you can’t feed them too many or feed them with incorrect food. If you don’t feed your rabbit properly, there might be a chance that your rabbit will choke. This is something you want to avoid if you are rabbit owners. If you want to know how  to overcome and take care of choking rabbit, we have our guide here. Here we are on The Way to Overcome the Choking on Rabbits properly.

How to avoid choking on rabbit and how to take care of it properly?

Rabbits are animals that comes from family of Leporidae. They are small herbivore animals that mainly feeds on grass, hay and vegetations however they could also sometimes eat fruits and nuts. There are lot of species of rabbits from cottontail, European rabbit, pygmy rabbit, Amami rabbit, Angora rabbit and many more. In the wild, rabbit live in the group or colony and they live in the burrow to avoid any predators. They are animals that have very fast reproduction cycle, and sometimes they can be overwhelm and rampaging farms because of rapid reproduction and eating crops. Wild rabbits are hunted for their meat and they even considered as pests. In Australia, many wild European rabbits are considered as pests and invasive species that led to devastation of many farmlands and near extinction of native species of plants and animals.

Just like we mentioned earlier, rabbits are herbivore animal that feed mainly on vegetations, grass, hay and veggies although sometimes they could also eat seeds, nuts and fruits. However, you can’t feed them carelessly. Rabbits just like human can choke if they digest hard foods or too big. If they eat bigger than they can chew, they can choke on the foods, and they can even choke to death. It is sometimes bigger threat for rabbits death rather than disease or predators. So, if you want to buy rabbits and take care of them properly, then you should know about how you should feed them properly. Here what you should do to avoid choking on rabbit, and what you need to do to take care of it.

If your rabbit is choking please remember to do this!

  • Centrifugal swing or Bunny Heimlich manuever

When you see your bunny is choking and gasping for air, what you need to do is to grasp them firmly and do centrifugal swing or Heimlich mauever. This manuever is basically swinging your rabbit downward and using centrifugal forces to clear and foods that causing your rabbit to choke in its throat. Using this technique you can dislodge any debris and foods that causing your rabbit to gasping for air.

To use this technique, you need to grasp your rabbit firmly. Raise him up to your head level and then carefully swing it downward. This way, you can use centrifugal forces to dislodge any foods in your rabbit throat. Use this again and again until your rabbit spit out its foods. You might need to grasp it firmly and careful not to swing and flinging your rabbit across the room.

  • Catch your rabbit and grasp them firmly

When your rabbit is choking, they sometimes will run wild, panic as they gasping for air and jumping around frantically. It might be hard to catch them to perform Heimlich manuever on your rabbit. You need to catch your rabbit fast before they choke to death and then grasp them firmly and strongly to make sure you can use Heimlich manuever safely.

It is quite usual for rabbit to choke on foods, especially if you give them big and dry foods. What you need to do is to quickly identify if your rabbit is choking and gasping for air, and then catch it before they jump around frantically. If you see your rabbit seems agonized and gasping for air when they are eating, then it is definitely choking. Make sure to remember to use Heimlich bunny manuever to dislodge any foods choking your rabbit. This is The Way to Overcome the Choking on Rabbits properly and safely.