3 Modern Dog House Design Ideas For Outdoor

Dog was the most preferable and the most popular animal to pet in the world. The dog loyalty with the owner, and how they would love their human was the main reason people couldn’t deny this creature. If you one of the people who have been touched by their affection and decided to raise them as a pet – let me tell you, you have made a right decision, my friends. And if you just decided to take care of dog at home, you could come to a shelter or animals store to get one of this buddy.

Ordinarily, people would choose a puppy at first. Since you could build up the bond earlier with them. There are some easiest ways of caring puppy considering if you are a beginner. For the most important thing, you should know how to keep your puppy safe no matter where they were (whether your dog happy playing indoor or outdoor). Furthermore, experienced people would not get trouble to choose whether it’s a puppy or an adult dog as long that it is a dog, they would happily take care of them.

However, people, why not you keep in your mind about an idea to foster a stray adult dog? There’s a progressive movement to promote people to be more concern to shelter-less dog and an old dog who’s become the most common victim of abusive and being abandoned. Of course, you could choose whatever dog you want to keep, it’s just an invitation for you to be one of this excellent movement to protect our beloved animal – dog – from all the act of irresponsible people out there.

However, talking about dog, there are two types of dog’s owner you commonly would found; first, the one who let their dog stay and sleep inside, and second, the one who let their dog stay and sleep outside the house. Both of their choices are allow (as long as their safety was assured), and I’m absolutely sure that you, my friends, was fell in one of those types. Whatever the decision you make, you have to reckon you own condition as an owner.

Some people might have a smaller house than other, or perhaps there’s family member who had allergic which be the reason they couldn’t allowed their dogs stay inside, and etc. One certain thing that obviously would be a fun thing to do if you plan to let your dog stay outside – you could build a dog house! Yes, this is one of my imagination when keeping a dog that I must build a wonderful dog house outside my house. Who doesn’t want a dog house? Even snoopy have it!

Folks, if you think just like me – I would give you 5 modern dog house design ideas for outdoor. Please, don’t be worry all these 5 modern dog house design ideas for outdoor would guarantee the safety of your dog from the weather and extreme climate that might happen. Before jump into the construction, you might have to calculate the right size of full-grown dog of your own dog. This was primarily requirement of the dog’s dream house. So, let’s check it out!

1. The Beginner Dog House

The beginner dog house was the most simple dog house plan you could make. This house simply exactly the same as the snoopy’s house. A simple, clean and perfect home for the average sized dog. All you need to do is make a right blueprint of the size of the house wide and length, make sure that if would suitable for your dog to move and sleep.

The material of this house ordinarily was woods. Some people also used plastic as the main material. One thing for sure, your materials must be easy to clean and anti-weather – it means that the house would not broken on sudden because of the pressure of the weather. Then you could adorn the house with colorful paint. Perfect!

2. The Roof Deck Dog House

The roof deck dog house was a house which has a deck on it, complete with the a food and water container, also a toy box. Completely a perfect home for a dog. This type of house was very beautiful and enjoyable to see. Basically, you need to plan the shape of the main house building – whether you decided to shape it as a square or just like ordinary house (triangle roof). The next step is, you would add the deck above the main house.

In the case if the house have a triangle roof, you could add the deck beside the main house. Ordinarily, the deck would be at the same sized as the main building, but it could be more if you prefer the different way. The last thing to do is add the stairs to go up to the deck. It would be a good idea to add the safety border surround the deck (in case your dog fall). And tada! A lovely house would be a gift for your beloved dog.

3. The Hobbit Dog House

People, do you ever see Lord of The Rings of The Hobbit movies? So, why you’re not build your dog house just like the house of the main character Frodo and Bilbo Baggins? Oh, yes – that’s was a good idea right? All you need to do is copy paste the blueprint of the outlook of the house. Generally, the house was unique, the roof of the house is downward curved, and the house was shape in normally ordinary house.

The door was on the round shape – might be the attractive thing about the house. Also, you could plant the grass above the roof just like the original house. In front of the house you could add the toys box, also the food and water container. Mainly, you could use the wood as the material of this house. For the extra garnish, you could place a lamp above the door (at the ceiling of the roof). The next thing your dog would be visited by Gandalf The Gray!