5 Minimalist Cat House Design Ideas For Indoor

Well, well, well… Nice to see you again my fellow cats lovers. There’s no boring day for us as long as our furry agile pals keep snuggle between our feet. Yes, having cat as companion around us was the most pleasant feeling we could felt (also the most annoying times in our lives). How they meow to us when they hungry, how they destroy our thing without shown any mercy, and how they sweetly sit in our lap when we watch some movies – all these things only felt by all the cat’s parents. Basically, we lived in bipolar lived thanks to our little purry creature.

As we know, cat was the most hyper-active, ignorant pet we could ever met, but the same time, no animal could melt our heart exactly the cat was done (like join to sleep with us and sitting in our lap for an hour!). So, for all the audience out there who interested to having cat as companion, you should understand the basics behavior of cat. Another extra point for cat is they bore us. They playfully instinct would always entertain us. And yes, cat love to play – there are many fun games to play with your beloved cats!

A happy and healthy cat would always search for an adventure – so, why not you arrange suitable games that will make your kittens go crazy! This type of routine – spend a quality time to play with you cat – would build up the bond between the two of you. Make them understand that you would always present in their life no matter what situation might be – keep them accompany, provide all their needs, these are the ways to show your affection toward your beloved pal.

And surely, we do understand that you couldn’t always be present around them. But, don’t make them feel lonely. You could make easy diy cat toys to keep them busy in the absence of your present. Also, you need to created a comfortable atmosphere and environment surround the cat, such providing them a warm and cozy house to sleep or taking a nap. Who would not happy to have a nice, comfortable house and bed? So, today we will share to you 5 minimalist cat house design ideas for indoor you could – perhaps have a mind to give it as a gift for your pet cat!

1. Ceiling House & Playgrounds

Do you know that your ceiling could be a house and playground at the same time, for you pet cat? Then let me tell you, it could! You could design which part of the ceiling that would be the house (the bed for sleep). So, how does your cat get into their bed? That was easy – build the bridges as the connector to the house. You could design two types of bridges; one is the long-connected bridge – which is the long bridge, and the two is the short-stopping bridge – which is a shorter bridge.

You could place these bridges across the ceiling and wall. To make it more fun you could place one give a space between the two bridges to created a space for cat to jump. You can choose wood as the main material for build these bridges.

2. The Cocoon Cat House

The cocoon cat house was a cat house design by designer named Aude Sanchez – the new design of minimalist cat house furniture. Just like its name, cocoon cat house was build in spherical shape – entirely like a ball, with a hole in front of it as the door and the way for the cat to enter the cocoon. The main material for the cocoon cat house apparently was yarn which very suitable and comfortable place to sleep. This yarn was being hardened to make it sturdy.

After the main building ready, they will put the cocoon inside the framework as the support to keep the cocoon steady – not rolling over to everywhere. The framework could be from plastic or wood. The last thing, for the complement, you could add a pillow inside the cocoon.

3. The Artistic Sculptural Cat Houses

The artistic sculptural cat houses basically was a professional design by architect. The structure design of the houses was no different from the real houses (human houses). And perhaps you could only get one of this cat houses by hire an architect or simply buy from them. Often, the design of the cat house would be combine with the owner functional daily life routine.

And I have to admit, the house was incredibly beautiful and attractive. The architect would use variety of material, from wood, plastic, glass, and other common material for house structure.

4. A Tent House for Your Cat

Who doesn’t like to go camping? Imagining to sleep in a tent at night seeing all the beautiful stars which displayed above us, that bring the excitement feeling to our body. So, why not you make your beloved one feeling this too? Well, definitely the stars part would not include for your cat – they would not understand it by the way – but the tent part would be an amazing idea as the design for the cat house.

Yes, you could make a mini tent for your cat as their main house. This design is quite minimalist and simple yet very cute! The material was simple, all you need is a fabric, and a wood or plastic as the framework of the tent. You could also add a pillow inside of the tent as the cat bed. Plus, you could carry this mini tent wherever you go!

5. Space Saving Cat House

The last idea of 5 minimalist cat house design ideas for indoor, is the space saving cat house. If you really have no left spaces enough in your house to build one of the houses above, and considering that the cost which not cheap – you could try this one, a space saving cat house. What is that mean? That’s mean you could re-created one object in your house and make it have a double function.

One object you could use is a chair. If you have a chair (the one which usually used as the foot support), you could perforate the chair (one of the vertical part of the chair) as create it as the house for your cat. This kind of houses would safe-spaces your house, plus would save your money! So, folks, which one you interested more? I would choose the tent one!