8 Monogamous Animals that Only Need One Partner in Life

Within Earth’s wildlife, there are animals known to be very loyal to its partners. You might see these animals live in pairs or groups, mating with only one partner or sometimes even more.

These animals are loyal and will stay with their partner until they die. Such as lovebirds, where these birds are known to be very lovely and loyal just as the name says.

A recent study has shown that animals could even evolve and adapt to become a monogamous animal. Most of these evolved and newly monogamous animals are mammals and most primates.

The studies show that these mammals have evolved to only have one partner so that they could protect their baby and their mate from any potential threat.

If for polygamous animals, the baby and the female might be left unprotected if the male is anywhere else. So evolution also happens to increase the quality of life of these animals. Let’s get down below to know more about monogamous animals.

  1. Wolves

male wolves will always protect their mate and be together with it until it dies. Pairs of wolves would form a group or also known as packs.

So oftentimes, when wolves are seen alone, it is because that wolf hasn’t had a partner yet. Even after their partner dies, these wolves will become lone wolves and survive on their own without finding another partner.

  1. Beavers

Another socially monogamous animal is a beaver. They meet up, they get to know each other and they reproduce. Even after reproducing, the male beavers will always stay loyal to one another.

And besides maintaining the beaver dams built, beavers will also maintain its relationship with its partner. Both the male and the female will care for the offsprings. Speaking of beaver’s dam, read here to know more about the reasons why beaver’s build dam.

Even though they are loyal to one another, beavers will not stay as loyal as wolves are. Beavers will look for a new partner when their old one dies away.

  1. Barn owls

Birds can be monogamous too, and as a matter of fact, up to 90% of all the birds are socially monogamous. These animals are faithful, and they are known to be very generous too. A male barn owl would hunt at night because it is a nocturnal animal.

And when it hunts at night, it will provide food for the offsprings and also the female barn owl. The male barn owl would give dead mice or food as gifts to the female barn owl before eating any themselves.

  1. Bald eagles

This high-speed flier is not only a fast animal, but it is also a loyal one. Bald eagles have to go through long-distance relationships to maintain their love for one another.

Although they are partners to each other, bald eagles fly solo when they migrate to a warmer place. Speaking of migration, read here to know more about migration of birds. Even though they fly solo, they will eventually reach the same destination and reconnect with one another again.

  1. Swans

Who doesn’t know swans? Birds with curvy necks and will be shaped like a heart when two swans face each other. A lovely pair of swans will be as loyal as they can be.

One unique difference from a swan is that the male will also take the role to incubate eggs. Swans will help each other to build nests, if you are wondering about how birds nest making process check it out on another article. And they share their duties so that their offspring would hatch beautifully.

  1. Gibbons

One of Earth’s endangered primates is known to be a very loyal animal too. Gibbons doesn’t spend time finding multiple partners or finding new gibbons to mate with.

A gibbon is also considered as a longest-living animal and with 30-45 years of life span, they would only have one or two mates if the other one dies.

Instead, they show a lot of equality between the relationship such as both the male and the female take care of each other to raise their family.

They both will groom each other, and scavenge for good together. However, there are no perfect couples, right? There will be conflicts, and breakups and divorces.

Nevertheless, a gibbon would most likely spend its life with only one other gibbon.

  1. French angelfish

Surprised that even fishes have their feelings and can be loyal to their mates? Well, it’s true! Although their names are “angelfish”, they are known to be a very aggressive fish. And the best part is that they are aggressive together as a pair.

  1. Octopus

Although it has 8 tentacles, it will only be loyal to one other octopus. An octopus will dedicate and spend the rest of its life with another designated octopus. This is because octopus only has 1-2 years of life span and this makes it as one of the shortest living animal.