Netherland Dwarf vs. Dutch Rabbit; What Makes Them Different?

Netherland Dwarf and Dutch Rabbit. Both are popular types for a pet rabbit. However, some people sometimes get confused with these rabbit names because of it almost the same; Netherland and Dutch. Is there any difference between these two, or is it the same rabbit? Here’s the article to answer the question. 

Netherland Dwarf vs. Dutch Rabbit; What Makes Them Different?

Netherland dwarf rabbit and Dutch rabbit is not the same type of rabbit. To see it, let’s talk one by one. 

Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf is one of the domestic rabbits that originated in the Netherlands, as you can tell for its name. It is also one of the smallest rabbit breeds, that only weigh about 0,5 to 1 kg. Netherland Dwarf rabbit is carrying the dwarf gene, which is why it is called as a true dwarf rabbit. Netherland Dwarf rabbits are definitely looking super cute with their little and short appearance, this is also the reason why they are popular among pet rabbits. 

  • History

The first breed was produced in the Netherlands in the early 20th century. Small Polish rabbits that were bred with smaller wild rabbits, resulting in a very small domestic rabbit in a wide variety of patterns and colors, named Netherland Dwarf. In 1948, Netherland Dwarf rabbits start to be imported into the United Kingdom, and then followed to the United States in the 1960s to 1970s.

  • Appearance and color

Netherland Dwarf rabbits have a compact body with a large head, short face, short eyes, short and upright ears that rounded at the tip, and a pair of cute large eyes. No matter how old they are, Netherland Dwarf rabbits will always look like a young rabbit. This is also known as dwarfism. They don’t have long hair like Angora, their fur is in the normal length, which always returns to the same position even after you brush it in the opposite direction. It is hard not to fall in love with their looks!

As if it is not enough, Netherland Dwarf rabbits also have a wide range of colors. You name it! From basic agouti, red agouti, tan, chocolate, blue, lilac, black, black otter, cinnamon, ruby eyed white, blue eyed white, siamese smoke, tortoiseshell, orange, opal, and more! No wonder why Netherland Dwarf is so popular!

  • Personality

Every rabbit might not be the same, but Netherland Dwarf rabbit usually described as a timid, aggressive, but also loving and gentle rabbit. They are super active and energetic just like the most breed of rabbits, so if you want to keep them as a pet, you have to provide a place and accessories for them to exercise. 

  • Breeding

As we had already mentioned before, Netherland Dwarf rabbits are a true dwarf rabbit that brings the dwarf gene. Other types of rabbit breeds that derived from breeding them with larger rabbits are known as a dwarf breed, for example, Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop, and Mini Rex rabbit. The dwarf breed shared the same rounded head, with a short face, small ears, and large eyes just like the Netherland Dwarf, but usually comes with a larger size than the Netherland Dwarf.

The Dutch Rabbit

Until here, you might be guessing that Dutch Rabbit is also the derived rabbit from Netherland Dwarf rabbit. They shared the almost-the-same name, after all! But, surprise!: It’s not. The Dutch rabbit surprisingly is not technically a dwarf breed, even it has a small body just like a dwarf rabbit. The Dutch rabbit has not any background relation with Netherland Dwarf.

The Dutch rabbit, or also known as Hollander, was once the most popular rabbit breed. It was in the top rank until the dwarf rabbits were developed. But still, the Dutch rabbit has its own spotlight with its distinguish appearance!

  • History

Before you get more confused, you should know that despite they got the ‘Dutch’ name that suggests the rabbit is from the Netherlands, they were actually first developed in England. 

  • Appearance and color

As one of the small type of rabbit (but not a dwarf), the Dutch rabbit usually weighs 3.5 to 5 pounds. Dutch rabbits are easy to identify with their white blaze pattern on their nose, white saddle on the back, and the white collar around their neck. If you see a rabbit with these appearances, there is no doubt that it is the Dutch rabbit.

They also have a compact and rounded body, with a pair of upright ears. Their fur is in normal length, just like Netherland Dwarf rabbit, with a soft underlayer with longer guard hairs.

If the Netherland Dwarf rabbit has a crazy range of color, the Dutch rabbit only has seven color varieties, which are black, blue, chocolate, chinchilla, gray, turquoise, and steel. 

  • Body Size

Dutch rabbit is a 4-class breed. The young Dutch rabbits, or under 6 months of age, are at least weigh 0,8 kg or 1,75 pounds. The older one or 6 months of age and over, are weighing between 1,58 kg to 2,5 kg. The ideal weight for the Dutch rabbit is about 2 kg or 4,5 pounds. See? It still considers a small rabbit, but not as small as the dwarf rabbit. 

  • Personality

Dutch rabbits are usually described as an easygoing, friendly, and smart rabbit. Each of them can be different from each other, but most of the Dutch rabbits are surely lovely and a good companion.

For conclusion, the Netherland Dwarf rabbit and the Dutch rabbit is not the same breed of rabbit. Netherland Dwarf is the true dwarf rabbit, while Dutch rabbit is not a dwarf rabbit at all! Both have a rounded and short body, with cute short and upright ears! Netherland Dwarf rabbits just go crazy with their variety of colors, while the recognized colors of the Dwarf rabbit are only seven. Both have unique personalities: Netherland Dwarf rabbits can be aggressive and extremely energetic, and on the other hand, the Dwarf rabbits are usually calmer and easygoing.