11 Best Type of Rabbit That Are Safe For Children

Who are you that don’t love rabbit? Well this cutie animal usually pet at home because many pet lovers falling in love with their cuteness. Besides, they are so friendly and easy to tame, and they love to be socialize with people. Beside dog and cat, rabbit is really popular as animal pet. Anyone who older, younger, moreover kids are loves this animal.

May be you just met rabbit in laboratory as subject for any research or use them as livestock animal, but did you know that there are so many kind of rabbit which has highest level of beautiful and cuteness that you should pet at home?

Well as you know, not every rabbit can you keep at home moreover if you are a parent and have kids. Here are negative thing while you pet a rabbit that related with kids:

  • Actually rabbit isn’t pet animal for kids. You should know that before you decided to bring it at home moreover if you have children. Rabbit is weak animal which really sensitive with move. They are prey animal which usually hunted by another predators. They are in lowest food cycle. So actually they are so sensitive moreover if they are in high place. As we know, kids are so love to lifting something inside their arm. When they carry the rabbit in their arm and try to lift it higher, the rabbit will be move and fight. Rabbit feels so afraid and think that they will be pray for eagle because it placed in high point. When the rabbit is fight, it is surely not safe for kid. Honestly this is the point why not every rabbit is safe for children because their relax level is different each other. Actually, by time passed this sensitive level can be reduced by tamed process. It may not disappear perfectly but still there is a way to decrease it.

But you don’t need to worry because by this change we would inform you about some kind of rabbits which safe for children.


1. Himalayan rabbit

Like Himalayan cat, Himalayan rabbit also popular for pet lovers. People usually choose Himalayan rabbit because they are so friendly. They will not bite or claw you when you carry them. They are so open to hug and lifted and that’s why this rabbit is so safe for children who love to lift and touched them. They have perfectly white feather like snow with black color in their ears and nose. Their eyes are red and the feather on the top of their nail is black and they have rounded posture. Unfortunately, this rabbit is low productive with breeding 3-6 babies per breeds while another rabbit able to breed 8 babies.

2. Sussex rabbit

This rabbit is usually raises for profit. This rabbit is firstly raise in 1980 by combined Lilac and California rabbit. This rabbit usually called as ‘teddy bear’ rabbit, not only cause their feather which brown but also their character which really friendly and loved by people. Actually this rabbit is still rare because they are still ‘newborn’, but during the time people learn how to rises it and that’s impact for their population. Like Himalayan rabbit, this rabbit also has rounded small body and also cute face.

3. Havana rabbit

Havana oh nana.. Half of my heart is in Havana oh nana… hahah you must be really familiar with song called Havana by Camila Cabello, right? Well there is rabbit which named Havana rabbit. But not as their name, this rabbit is come from Europe. The Havana rabbit is really popular in Europe and America because their soft temperament and really calm. There is no historical note that tells about this rabbit, but some theory claimed that this rabbit is firstly breed in 1898 in Netherland and after that took to America in 1916. They have shiny smooth dark brown feather that makes them really popular. Even they have rounded body actually their body mostly made by muscle which makes them weight around 2.75 kilograms.

4. Chinchilla rabbit

Honestly, Chinchilla means of their feathers which looks like silver. Chinchilla has two types, one is silver with white vibe and the second is silver with brown vibe. For first time, chinchilla rabbit is used for consumed but by the time passed this rabbit transform into ornamental rabbit which friendly to people. The standard of this rabbit is 3 kilograms. If you know the main character in zootopia movies, this rabbit is perfectly similar with that.

5. White Florida rabbit

This rabbit has relatively small and rounded body with white feathers as their name. Their ears also stand up straightly which decrease their cuteness. This type is old-type rabbit which founded in 1967.

6. California rabbit

Not only used for pet, California rabbit also used for livestock but still kids friendly. Their whole body is white colored with black touched in their ears, nose, and their foot. The height tends to medium with rounded back, and their side and brow fills with meat.

7. Harlequin rabbit

This rabbit also called with clown of the rabbit because their cute and unique feathers pattern. They have striped color feathers which usually mocca and white color combination. Generally, this rabbit breeds in France before 1880. Their body is rounded and much of muscle, their eyes is usually brown or blue, and their weight can rise up to 3.62 kilograms.

8. Thrianta rabbit

It may be the cutest rabbit by all the rabbits in this list. Thrianta rabbit has rounded fluffy body with brown feathers and black ears. This rabbit is look like whole main character of Peter Rabbit movies. Their weight is 2.5 – 3 kilograms which included in medium. Actually, their name came from their city founder. In 1938 a teacher in Thrianta named H. Andreae breed a new kind of rabbit as gift for Netherland kingdom which the color of this rabbit is orange-redness. Thianta rabbit is crossed by Black tan rabbit, English spot rabbit, and Havana.

9. Palomino rabbit

This rabbit claimed as the easiest adapt with family and another pet animal. Palomino rabbit also popular by their tame habit and good temperament. They have cream color whit white vibe. Their eyes are black and their body tends longer that another rabbit.

10. Netherland rabbit or Dutch rabbit

Dutch rabbit is small rabbit from Netherland. According to historical book, this rabbit also known as ‘The Brabancon Petit’ which shows that this rabbit is the oldest in Netherland. Because of their small body, their weight just 1-2.5 kilograms but not decrease their cuteness of course. The characteristic of this rabbit is two combination black and white colors. Their body is like shared into two sides, black and white. So does their face which has black side in their eyes and white in the middle of face.

11. Rex rabbit

Well this kind is underrated because many people believe that the Rex rabbit is fragile which not kids friendly. But now many people prove that Rex rabbit are also calm and friendly like another ornament rabbit. You better don’t separate the mom and the babies of this rabbit which has many colors.