Does The Holland Lop Rabbit is A Mellow Rabbit? See The Fact Here

As we know, in the wildlife, rabbits are lived among the woods, forest, and what surprising is, they also could live among dry area! But, these days, rabbits has gained so much popularity among the majority of peoples. They are many people’s favorite pets at any ages. Children, young, and adult, everyone love them. Most of the time people who like to pet rabbit would pick a baby rabbit rather than the adult one. There are many factors why people prefer to take a baby one, but one of them is the easiness to build a bond with the baby rather than the adult.

However, I hope if you already have adorable rabbit as a pet, you would take a good care of them, because not everyone could pet them although they really want it. Why, because apparently some people have allergic on rabbit. Yes, this is very unfortunate event. Furthermore, diligently check up your rabbit health on veterinarian because now days, a lot of fatal illness are disguise and when we found out, it’s already too late for treatment; one of it is cancers. To learn deeper about cancer on rabbit, I suggest you to read this article: ways to indicate typical cancer of your pet rabbit.

The popularity of rabbits not stop only for people who like to pet them, but do not forget that rabbits are also one of the most successful livestock business. There’s a lot of people who raise rabbit for the meat and also the fur – and guess what? Turned out, a lot of people love rabbit meat, not just because the rich flavors on its meat, but also the complex of benefits that contained on rabbit meat. Even more, a research have been held that rabbit meat is good for the pregnant women.

Moreover, there are many rabbit’s species you could pick as pet, and one of it was called Holland Lop – in fact, we are now going to discuss about this particular species: does the Holland Lop rabbit is a mellow rabbit? See the fact here. Hmm.. Could rabbit has a mellow side like us – human? Are you curious my friends? Let’s find out!

Rabbits Characteristic

Presuming rabbit characteristic based on the species is not right my friends. Characteristic of rabbit is not depend on species, but it depends on things such age and environmental. But, apparently many people judge based on the appearance of the animal rather than the personality. That is why, a lot of people were asked which breed is safer around children, but this is not right. You have to learn rabbit’s personality to know better about them. Although the rabbit have a “scary big body and face” that appearances are not an anvil for you to judge.

For the example is there are no “too little space” for rabbit. Often, people thought that having a large rabbit would take more space than the smaller ones. The truth is my friends, a larger rabbit commonly is less-active than the small ones. If you ever imagine that big adorable body would jump around and “fill” your room, then it’s only you imagination. Like us, human, is that fear to judge people by their look rather than their personality? My experienced, a lot of people that “look” scary, turned out have a very gentle personality.

Yes, each individual is born with their own unique characteristic. There’s never had any gene named “safe around children” or “gentle to human”. They would develop their own characteristic as they grown up, but it is true that they were influenced by their habitat and environmental. So, the answer of does the Holland Lop rabbit is a mellow rabbit? The answer is no, every individual of rabbit have their own characteristic, want it or not, as owner you must accept it.

The Personality not The Appearance

There are different ways to observe rabbit personalities if you want to pick the best rabbit for your family. You could observe rabbit’s body gesture and rabbit’s facial. Ordinarily, a gentle rabbit would have gentle facial, and calm body gesture. Body language would never lie my friends, worry rabbit would always look worry. So, the easiest way to indicate that the rabbit is a gentle is, search rabbit that look comfort when you approach her.

A gentle rabbit would dangle in your arm even in the busy room. Then, the characteristic of irritated or naughty rabbit is a crabby face expression – just irritated every time you get close the her, and no doubt to some physical action like pinch. These are the methods you could use to pick pet rabbit if you really worry of rabbit and your family. So, there’s never a term call “Angora personality” or “Holland Lop personality”, because personality depends on each individual.

One of the most dangerous about breed generalization is that people – unconsciously turn rabbit as an object. They would only keep rabbit as a “thing” that could satisfy their desire. My beloved friend, if you truly want to keep rabbit because you love them, you must accept your pet rabbit for who they are. One thing you must remember, animal would react based on how you treat them. If you treat them with the most gentle way and love, trust me, your rabbit would know that you love them, and eventually they would love you back.

But, however, it’s a bit different with dwarf rabbit, and I don’t know why either – this rabbit is easily irritate, and everyone know this. If you want a “safe” rabbit, then one thing you have to make sure every time you want to buy or adopt a rabbit, there’s no record of aggression of the rabbit. Also, make sure that the rabbit is healthy and got the regular vaccination. As you know people, rabies would also exhibit symptom of aggression on animal. So, it would be better to ensure that the rabbit aggression is not caused by virus infection.