How To Take Care A Mommy Hamster After Giving Birth

Many beginners are confused, how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth? So, below here there are some solutions to take care of your mommy hamster at home. Let’s check it out what are the solutions.

1. Take out the male hamster

Please take out the male hamster before mommy hamster giving birth. If you do not take out the male hamster yet, the mommy hamster will be under stress and she will eat her babies. Why? It is because she feels disturbed by the presence of the male.  Mommy hamster really needs focus and her time alone. Nobody should bother her, include you are the best owner of a mommy hamster.

2. The right time to clean the hamster cage

After the mommy hamster birthing her babies, let her nursing her babies alone. At this time, you have no right to cleanse her cage. It is around three weeks only. If you smell ammonia in her cage, just take the wet bedding. After that, renew it with new hamster bedding. However, if you afraid you can add the new hamster bedding in her cage. Besides, if the babies are more than three weeks old you should clean the hamster cage properly. How to do it? You have to read how to clean your hamster cage, this will help you a lot.

3. Gives them extra food

Both while mommy hamster is pregnant and mommy hamster is giving birth, she really needs lots of nutrition and carbohydrate. So, gives her extra food daily, she loses lots of energy after she is giving birth. Feeding her with these kinds of foods such as; sunflower seeds, boiled egg, fish oil, or mixed seeds. Make a schedule list of food for 30 days. If you treat the mommy hamster well, so the babies are well too. They are will be growth health. Notice this, do not give the babies hamster any milk products, or fresh vegetables such as; corn or carrots. Just let the mommy hamster feeding them until the babies entered 10 days old.

4. Change the water bottle

The babies hamster are needed fresh water too, please set the water bottle at a very low high. With this, they can drink the fresh water. Change the fresh water daily as usual. However, if the water bottle is dirty, you should cleanse it, and renew it with new fresh water. Dirty fresh water could make hamster sick. They will be stomachache and diarrhea. Besides, if you want the babies and the mommy healthy you may give some drops of the vitamin in their bottle. It will protect them from any disease.

5. Makes their cage comfortable

It will be safer if you take it all the toys in the cage. It will make the mommy hamster comfortable even it is to prevent her from any accidentally injuring. Please add extra bedding for her,  it will keep them warm. You may put some material nesting, like tissue. It will keep the babies warm. However, you may use a dim light for them. This way can keep the cage warm too. Look, it seems the mommy and the babies are happy, it is so cozy. Furthermore, you can read how to take care of the hamster at home. This will really help you to take care of them.

6. They looks like of baby

The looks like baby hamster have pink colors. Their eyes still close, they are blind. In this case, let her mommy nursing them at around three weeks. On this nursing time, you should check daily the mommy hamster’s food and the fresh drink. Make sure all of she needed always available. You may give the mommy hamster boiled egg, bread, or fish oil. After two days of birthing, the babies will look darker. From the fifth, until the seventh day, you can see the babies hair are growing. At the tenth day, the baby hamster will look like her mother.

7. Her babies can see

The baby’s eyes will open on between 14 to 15 day. In this age, her mommy still nursing them. You will see the teeth of the baby hamster is growing. Now, they can eat like her mommy does. Notice this, if the baby already in 14 days old, you should separate them according to their gender. The purpose of this separation is to avoid quarrels between them. Yes, they are growing so fast. With this separation, you will be easier to take care of them. If the babies hamsters have entered 3 weeks, you can reenter the hamster’s toy you saved.

8. Separate them with their mothers

Now the babies are three weeks old, you can separate them away from their mother. After you separate them away from their mother, you should separate the young hamster according to its gender. This prevents them from mating. An example of a Syrian hamster, this hamster really loves mate even they are in young age. These young hamsters will learn how to be confident and be familiar to its owner. For the mother, she is already to mate with her partner again. In here, you will get the new babies again, just wait and see.

9. Do not watch them too much

Watch a new baby hamster born is really very cute, but if you watch them too much is really can make the mommy hamster being stressed. So, just let go her mother to nursing them. Babies hamster growing so fast, at 2 weeks old the babies turn in like her mother. In this phase, the mother will introduce the food to the babies. These babies learn how to use their sense of smell well. Broccoli, carrots, boiled egg are the best nutrition for these babies hamster. Combine the food with the seeds, like dried corn. Their teeth already growth.

10. Do not touch the babies

The final ways of how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth, do not touch the babies. It is forbidden to touch the babies hamster, it starts from its birth until 3 weeks old. Why? If you touch the babies with your hand, the mommy hamster will eat them. When you touch the baby, the mommy hamster will not recognize the smell of the baby again. That is why the mommy hamster being cannibalism, she eats her own babies. This thing always happens, exactly on the beginner’s owner. If you forced to touch the baby hamster, so you can take it with small shovels or spoon. Make sure the equipment is clean, then takes all them and put them in other cages. This way is a safer way than you touch it directly. For more information, you can read this the several things you should avoid if your hamster has babies

Hopefully, how to take care a mommy hamster after giving birth above can be useful for you, all of the hamster lovers. With taking care of the mommy hamster right,  you will not lose the babies ever.  You can even become a great hamster farm.