10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Rabbit As Your Pet

In the long history, the relationship between rabbit and human is like prey and predator. People hunted and consumed it as a food animal. Additionally, rabbits have been killed for its fur and experimented on. Even though rabbits being for food and medical information, some people kept it for the game animals. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the development of the rabbit as pet increased. The idea for keeping the symbol of Easter as a pet has been commercial in the pet industry. You can visit How to Gardening Your Rabbit that so easy for beginners to do.

In 2011, rabbits are the third most popular mammalian pet in the UK. There are fairly near 1.7 million rabbits kept as pets. The motivations for buying the rabbit (s), i.e. the parents bought the rabbit (s) as a pet for their kid (s). The bun people bought the rabbit (s) for themselves or for the whole family and as a partner for either another rabbit or a guinea pig.

These reasons why you should choose a rabbit as your pet are:

1. The Vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian and you want a pet? If “yes”, a rabbit will be the best friend in your home. You do not need to get a wet or dry food like you have a cat or dog. You and your rabbit can share the fresh vegetables and fruits. (Read: Easy Steps to Adopt A Rabbit for Beginners).

2. Choose What You Want!

You can either get a rabbit from a rescue center, a pet shop, or a breeder. What the breeders see as a fault, it will be a charm and become different well. The rabbits have many breeds/types, i.e. Lop, Lion head, Netherland Dwarf, Rex, Dutch, Dutch Belted, English, Dwarf lop, Giant Flemish or Continental, Checkered Giants, Harlequin, Chinchilla, Angora, New Zealand, Polish, Californian, Florida, Belgian Hare, Himalayan, and cross or mixed breed. Rabbits breeds commonly are used in research and for meat production are New Zealand White and the Californian. Breeds are used in research are New Zealand White, Dutch, and Florida White.

The breeds vary greatly in size, surface to body weight ratio, fur type, coat color and texture, body type, and ear type. The categories of rabbits in size are large (over 5 kg), medium (2-5 kg), and small (under 2 kg). Representatives of large breeds are Flemish and Checkered Giants, medium breeds, i.e. Chinchilla, Angora, Rex, Californian, and New Zealand, and small breeds, i.e. Dutch Belted, and Netherlands Dwarf. You can choose based on your needs or you can choose the domestic rabbits.

3. The Crazy Fluffy

Some bunnies have the crazy fluffy. Unlike the puppies and kittens, the bunnies have the messy hairs until we cannot see its face. Rabbit fanciers with the smaller breeds have 2 categories, “fur” and “fancy”. It will be a cute looking. All people like the cute animal like them.

4. A Patient Animal

The bun people chose a pet rabbit due to its personality. Most rabbits had a friendly manner when people approached its living area. The rabbits had been known as a calm animal when people handled it.

5. Companionship

Rabbits can live in a family group. If the owner can give it a chance to interact with the human family, rabbits can become very admirable companion animal (s). It lives with other (s) rabbit (s), guinea pigs, cats, dogs, chickens, and pigs. The best way to select a companion rabbit for your rabbit is to set it regarding breeds, sexes, and ages.

Not all rabbits can show a variety of social behavior. Some of the breeds were territorial and comfortable as living alone with the owner. If you want to get a rabbit, spend time with your rabbit every day can bond a strong friendship between you. It will make a happy and healthy companion.

6. The Potential to be The Smart Animal

The owner can train their rabbits’ intelligence. The rabbits can do its owner’s routine. The rabbits are not a smart animal and the fastest animal, but a rabbit had the potential to be. The owner can train it step-by-step to perform a task and it is not impossible for it to can learn a new something. The rabbits can be taught to join the deed or individual with a positive experience. Let your rabbits do some challenges naturally and you will have the cheerful rabbits. In some cases, the owner gave a reward as food. The owners can put some food in their hand and gently the pet rabbit as it is eating. Little by little, it is much better to introduce and train other stimulus or situation your rabbits. The owner can teach the rabbits to use a litter box.

7. A Happy Rabbit is A Busy Rabbit

Rabbits can be as playful as other pets. The rabbits love toys. The rabbits are seeking knowledge and take pleasure in exploring. You can make some toys yourself. Many toys are very important and good to prevent a stress. Let your rabbits interact with you in any games. If your rabbits become stressed, let they touch your hand until they feel confident. A happy rabbit is a rabbit which has the full activities. When your rabbits are happy, they will jump and twist in the air. It is called a binky. The pet rabbit has longevity 8-12 years. (Read: Useful Tips to Make Your Rabbit Busy at Home).

8. The Good Jumper

The rabbits are like the kangaroos. The rabbits have the long hind legs. It will be its benefit for its movement quickly. Some of the rabbits can be trained to participate in a jumping competition. In addition, the rabbits can stand up using its hind legs (its front paws off the ground) for scanning the sphere or if the rabbits are curious about the world around it.

9. The Hutch (s) can be Indoor or Outdoor

If you live in a small house and you have a cat or a dog, you will let it sleep indoor, but maybe it does not work for rabbits. You can house it in outdoor hutches, but you must make sure if the rabbits will save from predators, the extreme weathers, and substances used in chemistry; otherwise, if you have a large room in your house, you can construct an indoor rabbit housing. You can use an X-pen (a dog pen) to border it. You need a tall pen if your rabbits love jumping highly. A rabbit’s hutch can be a beautiful looking construction. Indoor rabbit can enjoy a time in the sunshine and the green grass frequently in your backyard. (Read: Steps to Build A Comfy Cage for Your Rabbit).

10. Big No to Bathe Your Rabbit!

The rabbits do not bathe like other pets. Rabbits are self-cleaning animals. The rabbits like grooming. When your rabbits are dirty, you can brush it using the dry cloth or wet tissue non-alcoholic. A rare few rabbits enjoy the water, but bathing can cause hypothermia, respiratory infections, and heart attacks.

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