Let’s Find Out the Reasons Hamsters want to Escape

Hamsters are small creatures that are easy to escape. Keeping them in their cage can be really challenging. As an owner, you need to be aware of the reasons and ways to prevent your hamsters from escaping as they are safest when they are inside their cages.

Let’s go deeper on each of the reasons why hamsters like to escape.

  • They Don’t Feel Comfortable

Just like humans, when hamsters don’t feel comfortable inside their cage, then they will just try to escape. Moreover, they are really easy to scare, so they will get uneasy in their homes.

The presence of other pets or kids who try to scare them may make them feel uncomfortable.

To handle this, especially if you have other pets at home, make sure not to put your hamsters and other pets in the same room.

Separate the hamsters in a different room so they will feel safe. Also get to know the ways of how to arrange the hamster cage.

Regarding to children who are always on the hamsters when they would need to rest, then you need to talk to them, especially about the space the small animals need and understanding that they don’t always want to play.

  • They are Curious and Want to Explore

Sometimes you may see that hamsters are too shy and easy to scare, however, they are also curious creatures. They want to know their surrounding and everything goes on.

That’s why sometimes you might see your hamsters climbing the cage walls, going all over the place as they try to get to what is happening. You might also find out they chew the bars to show that they are really frustrated to know it.

If this case happens, make sure to give your hamster attention. They do that because they need attention, so you can do some actions to show it.

For instance, you can chop carrots and give in the fresh new piece to sate him and his curiosity. Make sure to provide them these kinds of vegetables that can be eaten by hamsters.

  • Hamsters are Active and Will Explore all over the Place

Hamsters naturally are active animals, and they live a very fast-paced life. They love climbing their cage, running around, and chewing on everything. It is not something you need to worry about, however, you should still keep an eye on them.

Make sure to keep your hamsters “busy” and entertained so they will stay in their cage. You can provide bendy bridge, a hide and seek tube and lots of hiding places.

To make them busy inside the cage, you can consider giving them these best toys for hamster to play in cage.

Another important thing is keeping your hamsters well exercised. You will need hamster wheel for them to run inside.

  • Hamsters Need More Space than you Think

Despite their small size, hamsters need a lot of space to explore. There is a certain requirement for the cage size. For instance, for Syrian hamsters, they need a minimum 24 inches by 12 inches in floor space. That will be around 61 cm by 31 cm for your hamster to run inside.

Giving a lot of space for your hamsters will affect their mood as well. The more space you give them will keep them much happier.

As a result, they will want to escape much less. Instead of having a cage with many levels, it is better to provide them a wide and low cage.

Another thing to consider is the space between the cage wires. Your hamsters might be able to squeeze through them. You have to make sure that they cannot get their head through. Get to know the tips on how to build your own hamster cage.

  • Scared Hamsters

As being told before, hamsters are easy to be scared. If there is something bothering or scaring your hamsters, then they will try to escape. They will even escape if you bring them back.

You have to be aware of what keeps spooking your hamsters. Pets, kids, lawnmowers, visiting family members, it could be anything. Find the reason and figure out the ways to keep them safe.

For instance, you can keep the hamsters in a different room so no one or nothing can bother them and they can sleep peacefully. This will be effective to prevent pets, such as dogs and cats from pawing at the poor hamsters.

Please also beware these following signs hamster is stressed and try to prevent the triggers. Your hamsters want to live peacefully too.