10 Best Toys For Hamster To Play In Cage

hamster toysWhy should you put some best toys for hamster to play in cage? Is it important to buy some toys for them? All your questions will be answered, just look at the following points below. These are 10 best toys for hamster to play in cage that you should know.

 1. The toys make them happy

As the good owner, how to make the hamster is being happy? One way to make them happy is to put some toys in their cage. So, we know that many varieties of toys are so many. But what are the best toys for hamster to play in cage? Before we know it deeper. Toys that are played by hamsters are for them are not being stressed. With toys, your hamster will do some activity such as running, rolling, and even they hide food under his bedding. These activities are what make your hamster active so it becomes healthy. The hamster who actives will avoid any disease.

2. It is lots of hamsters toys

Well, when we see lots of hamsters toys it seems we might buy all of the toys at the pet shops. But, you should know about this that you could choose wisely what is the suit and really needed by your hamsters. While you choose what is the best of your hamster, you should adjust it to the cage that you have. If you have a large cage, you can place 3 or 4 different types of toys. But if you only have a small size hamster cage, it might you only placed 2 different types of toys, these are enough. If you put too many toys in a cage. This becomes bad for them, your hamster can not have enough space for their activities; such as playing around in the cage. It is too limited space for running. This is one of dangerous mistakes that owners always do, put some toys in a cage is good. It will be worse if there are lots of toys that could makes them difficult to moves.

3. Chooses the right toys 

While we go to the pet shop, it seems all the toys of the hamster are adorable. You want it all to put in their cage. However, after all of the toys you that you bought it is useless. You buy toys as the same type as you had before. So, notice this while you want to go to buy new toys for your hamster to make a list. Buy new toys for your hamster needed. Example, the old toy was broken and ugly. You can buy new toys like the old ones or better than the old ones.

4. The spinner wheels

This is the most purchased type of toy to put on a hamster cage. This toy is usually in the form of a circle like a wheel and this toy is usually used by hamsters to run or do sports. This spinner has many different shapes and variants if you have more money you can get a silent spinner where if this toy is used by your hamster at night you will not be disturbed by their noise (while your hamster runs in the spinner) so that you can sleep well.

5. Chew toys

In the second place, there are chew toys, hamsters are rodents they love to bite things on certain things this is to hone their tiny teeth so that they can eat hard food like seeds of dried corn, sunflower seeds, brown rice, nuts etc. Chew toys are usually very suitable given to young hamsters who are only about one months old. The best chew toys are made of wood. You can use the tree branches from your backyards. It is more save than buy in a pet store. The tree branches it is no pesticide that harmful for your little fella. This is one way how to take care them at home, as a beginner owner you should know about this.

6. Hamster tubes

Hamster tubes is a toy and exactly it is as accessories over your hamster bar’s cage. The colors are so colorful, there are red, oranges, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. It is like a rainbow. One by one the tubes are assembled to form a tunnel and lead to a hamster’s house or hamster arena for sliding. Hamsters are very happy to play in the tunnel. This is like the habit in nature, hamsters always make holes under the sand and form several rooms with various functions. It can be rooms full of their foods or rooms for them to sleep.

7. Seesaw

This toy is very small but this is one of the most favorite hamster toys, a seesaw. There are lots of varieties of the seesaw that you find in pet store now. You might find seesaw-like tubes. When your hamster up in there and he plays, he cannot be fall off. However, this seesaw you can make it by yourself without bought it in the pet store. You just find a tube cardboard and one cardboard with length less 10 cm. Stick it together and make it them like a seesaw. It is done.

8. Hamster slider

Yup, hamsters really like sliding. Wherever there is a tube, usually there is always one slider at each end. This slider is usually connected to a tube or ladder. When you have two or more hamster in the cage,put this playground with slider in their cage. They will play together to have fun. At the end of the slider, you can put a  swimming pool’s toys and fill it with its bedding. This is a way to have fun playing with your hamster, you can see how adorable them while play at the playground with the slider.

9. Make your own toys

So, here you do not have any money to purchase some toys for your hamster. You can use your creativity to make your own toys here. See at your back yards, if there are lots of tree branches you can collect them, cleanse them and cut it into several pieces. After all dries, you can put one or two little tree branch to the hamster cage. Hamster will chew it as chew toys. However, you can use popsicle stick turns to swing, ladders, frame, even a hamster house. You just stick it the popsicle sticks together with non toxic glue. Non toxic glue you can find it at pet store, this glue is safe altough bitten by your hamster.

10. How to caring toys

It is very important to keep and caring hamster toys as well. How to take care of hamster toys? First, know what is the toy material that you have. If the material is plastic, you should cleanse them ar less once a week. Do ccleanse their toy as the same you clean your hamster cage. How to clean your hamster cage properly? These tips on how to clean your hamster cage easily , it will help you. Besides if the toy material is from wood you can do clean as the same as the plastic toys. Make sure that wooden toy dried well under the sun. Don’t let the wooden toy get fungus. If you find the toy exposed to fungus, replace it with a new one.

Hopefully, above of 10 best toys for hamster to play in cage could useful for you, beginner owner of hamster. Above types of toys are the best favorites of hamster toys that they loved. So, make your hamster happy with put some toys in their cage. Do clean and keep your hamster toys as well as possible.